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Read Your YouTube Comments Easily @

I have been receiving a lot of YouTube comments on my videos and I was looking for an easier way to read through all of them. Clicking on each one individually has become a time consuming process that must be simplified. So I did some searching on everyone’s favorite engine, Google. I came across a video on YouTube that talks about a website that someone made to make this process easier.

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Latest YouTube Update Failed to Improve Comments

I know that YouTube just updated recently so that the interface for the video was changed. It seems like viewing comments for your videos is still a hassle and the recently update did nothing to make it easier. When I check my e-mail to view my account activity for YouTube. I still receive the same e-mails that force me to click on a link that will take me to my video comment.

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Wordpress Plugin: Add Your YouTube Video Comments To Your Blog Post

This new Wordpress plugin that I found works perfectly with another one that I showed earlier.

In a previous post, I talked about being able to easily add YouTube videos to your self-hosted Wordpress blog posts using a plugin called YouTube Brackets:

Now I will discuss about a another really good plugin that I discovered while searching on Google. If you have videos on YouTube, you may have added them to your blog. If you have, you might have also wondered about how to bring the comments from your YouTube videos to your blog post. With this plugin called Genki YouTube Comments, you can do just that.

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