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8-bit Theater Presents the Original Final Fantasy Cast

If you like sprite animation, then you probably have seen lots of Flash that use them.  Sprites are pretty much just graphics used to create Flash movies. When you have a bunch of these sprites together, you have what is called a sprite sheet. Newgrounds is famous for housing sprite animations on your favorite video games including Mario, Zelda, and Megaman. A lot of the sprite animations on that site use 8 or 16-bit sprites. This means that most of the sprites used are from NES, SNES, and Genesis games.

You can check out sprite sheets for various video games here:

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Classic Beat ‘Em Ups: Streets of Rage > Final Fight > Double Dragon

If you remember these games then you should know that all three of these titles were popular beat ‘em ups back in the day. The most notable ones from this time are Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and Double Dragon. All of these games were at the height of sidescroll fighting around the early 90s. One title definitely stood out from the rest, Streets of Rage (SOR). After someone requested SOR music on my YouTube channel, I was thinking about just how great SOR was compared to the other titles. SOR was on Sega while both Final Fight (FF) and Double Dragon (DD) were for Nintendo. Everytime that I think about gaming in the early 90s I constantly remind myself of the whole Nintendo vs. Sega feud between Mario and Sonic. After Sonic, SOR is my favorite Sega series. Back to beating out the details of these games. What makes SOR so much better than FF and DD are the characters and the music.

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Final Fantasy VI Music: The Decisive Battle

This is easily the best song in Final Fantasy VI/III. I remember listening to this song over and over just because it was so good. When fighting bosses make sure that you have a good physical fighter and magic user. Some good characters to bring are Locke, Edgar, Sabin, and Gogo. Locke is always good to have around to steal rare items from bosses. If you use lore bring Strago. Against really hard bosses that you do not want to level up for, you can always use the vanish and doom trick to beat them.

Video Game Reviews: Contra (NES)

A fun side-scrolling action shooter, Contra is easily one of best games ever on Nintendo (NES). Who could forget the countless hours spent blasting weird and creepy aliens with your best buds? Defintely what makes Contra so good is the two-player simulatenous feature. Making games competitive it what makes playing them fun. Rushing to get the best powerups for yourself or jumping ahead so your friend falls behind and dies are just a couple of things that make this game so fun.

Here is a Youtube video of Contra:

I am sure the title screen is familiar to most:

Contra NES Nintendo

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Video Game Review: Gradius (NES)

You may remember Gradius, a side-scrolling shooter featuring the space ship, the Vic Viper. If you have never heard of this game on Nintendo (NES), you can view a video of it hear on YouTube:

Here is the art for the cover box of Gradius:

Gradius Nintendo NES 

Unfortunately, Gradius is only a single-player game. If you are familiar with Life Force, the sequel to Gradius, Life Force allows two players to play simulataneously. Gradius, however, is still a great game and is similar to the also popular, R-Type.

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Video Game Review: Secret of Mana (SNES)

Another great hit from Squaresoft, Secret of Mana follows the story of a young boy who reenacts the similar Excalibur/Pandora’s Box where he pulls out an old rusted sword that he finds stuck in a rock in a waterfall (Excalibur) releasing evil from the sword (Pandora’s Box). The evil was sealed within the old sword and now threatens the Mana Tree, which is the source of life in the world. You must fight against the forces of Thanatos, who has discovered the evil’s reawakening and is planning to exploit the unleashed evil to destroy the Mana Tree.

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Video Game Review: Final Fantasy VII

I have a site for Final Fantasy VII!

The first 3D Final Fantasy was also one of the most popular. With one of the most widely recognized heroes in the entire series and a unique never done before skill system, Final Fantasy VII (FF 7) is easily one of the best FFs ever made.

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Video Game Review: Final Fantasy VI (III)

I created a site dedicated to Final Fantasy VI! Now onto the review.

Known as FF (Final Fantasy) VI in Japan and III in the US, this was the final game in the series that graced the SNES. Featuring a large cast of characters, Final Fantasy VI was an epic RPG (Role Playing Game) with a deep story of human emotion.

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Video Game Review: Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Easily one of the best, if not the best title for the SNES, is probably the the most popular SNES ever made. Made by none other than Square Soft, CT (Chrono Trigger) featured a battle system that most RPGs failed to rival. The infamous double and triple techs are what in my opinion, made CT so popular. Throwing that in plus a tale of epic proportions, made Chrono, the story’s lead character, one of the most well-known video game icons.

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Video Game Review: Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole Rising (GBA)

Advance Wars 2 is a strategy game that uses happy and fun characters to lighten the mood of what would seem to be an otherwise serious war game. This is not unsual and almost expected as Nintendo is known for targetting the younger audience then say Sony.
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