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Megaman’s 20th Anniversary Video

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Flash Movie: Megaman vs. Snake Man

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Nintendo Power Super Smash Bros. Brawl Flash

 I have been cruising around Newgrounds and wanted to share another great Super Smash Bros. Brawl Flash movie with everyone. This one is titled “Nintendo Power” and shows a lot of of Nintendo characters that have been showcased prominently in the magazine. I used to subscribe to Nintendo Power around the NES/SNES days and the animation in this Flash is very smooth and fluid.

You can check out the Flash at Newgrounds here:

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Flash Movie: Mega Man & Pompous Robots

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Flash Movie: Super Smash Bros ST

I just stopped by Newgrounds to check out the some of the Flash there and found some interesting one abot SSBB that everyone might like. I watched the latest episode of this series and I found it to be pretty good. I like how sprites were used, just like on a lot of video game Flash movies. The battle sequences were particularly nice as it mimiced the actual game with everyone’s damage at the bottom so you could keep track of what was going on. If you are into the Super Smash Brothers you should take look into this Flash series. I am always interested in find new video game Flash that pays tribute to all of our favorite video games.

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8-bit Theater Presents the Original Final Fantasy Cast

If you like sprite animation, then you probably have seen lots of Flash that use them.  Sprites are pretty much just graphics used to create Flash movies. When you have a bunch of these sprites together, you have what is called a sprite sheet. Newgrounds is famous for housing sprite animations on your favorite video games including Mario, Zelda, and Megaman. A lot of the sprite animations on that site use 8 or 16-bit sprites. This means that most of the sprites used are from NES, SNES, and Genesis games.

You can check out sprite sheets for various video games here:

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Flash Movie: Final Fantasy A+

I remember another great Flash movie that I found on Newgrounds that has also been uploaded to YouTube. Since the movie is long, you can watch the movie in its entirety here at Newgrounds:

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Flash Movie: Heart for the Hero

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Flash Movie: Megaman Vs Quickman

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Video Game Flash Movie: Zelda - The Return of Ganondorf

I remember this really good Flash movie from Newgrounds where Link from Zelda thinks that Ganondorf is up to his old tricks again. Is it really true? Watch Link attempt to foil Gannondorf’s “plot” to steal Zelda or even worse…

If you want to watch the animation in Flash and discover the easter eggs, here is it on Newgrounds:

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