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Before Dance Dance Revolution Came the Power Pad

So we have all seen Dance Dance Revolution a.k.a DDR in the arcades right? That game where you dance based on the arrows on the screen on a special pad that recognizes your movements.

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Can Harvest Moon for the Wii Ease Micromanagement?

Another Harvest Moon title is coming out for the Wii this year and it looks like we all get chance to once again run our own farm. If you are unfamiliar with Harvest Moon, this is a series that started out on the Super Nintendo and quickly sequeled onto many other consoles. This game was fun at the beginning because very few ones out there based their plot on trying to run a successful farm. I thought it was good at first until the micromanagement became a chore and you simply did not have enough time in your day to do everything.
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Balloon Fight Resurfaces on the Nintendo DS

Who remembers this game on the classic NES? This was a great simple game where you tried to take out enemies via popping their helium filled balloons. Then you can knock them off the platform before they pump their ballons back up and return to flight. What made this game so fun was that you had to constantly press a button to keep yourself flying in the air or else enemies will swoop down and pop your balloons. Various other obstacles lie in Balloon Fight including big fish that try to eat you if you drop close to the water, clouds that shoot electric sparks that bounce on the screen, and spinning platform that make you lose your control.

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Miraculous Game Franchise Resurrections @ GameSpot

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Before Yoshi Came Kuribo’s Shoe?

Everyone knows who Yoshi is, Mario’s (and Luigi’s) little green dino buddy. With a bottomless pit appetite and steel-toed boots, Yoshi quickly became an icon in the Mario franchise. In fact, Yoshi ends up with his own starring role in Yoshi’s Island. Was there anything in Mario history that could have hinted at Yoshi’s arrival? Was there anything at all that could have foreshadowed that the white egg with green polka dots on it would one day hatch Mario’s newest buddy?

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Wii Virtual Console: Top 5 Favorite Video Games

Nintendo has decided that older Wii gamers should have a chance to relive the days where the NES ruled the video game scene. This also allows the newer generation to experience how Nintendo all started. As a fan of video game nostalgia, I find this to be a welcome addition to the Wii. Being able to replay those old games once again is a great way to relive your past. It is very important for gamers to understand video game history and how its evolution has lead to the creation of today’s next generation games. Of course, these Virtual Console games are not free and must be bought using Wii points.

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What Makes Video Games So Challenging?

When you are out looking for a new video game, you want one that has lasting power. You want something challenging that will test your nerves and patience. To pass these games will both need a high-level of skill and excellent hand-eye coordination. What are certain things that you should be looking out for when getting your next game? Look at this list to see what makes video games so challenging.

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Just How Hard Should Video Games Be?

I know that we all want that perfect video game. Since there are so many of us gamers out there it just is not possible? Every single one of us will find some flaw that will tarnish that once conceived piece of perfection. At least from the time that you buy it to the next one, it will be perfect enough to spend away your hours away on. Now that we currently have our current flavor, just how challenging is the game that you just got? Will it keep you entertained long enough for its sequel (if any) will be released? Or will it just end up being an expensively frustating nightmare? Keeping this mind, just how hard should video games be? I take a look into some reasons why games are easy just to prolong the length of its franchise.

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Megaman’s Returning Arsenal: Analysis and Comparisons

I cannot seem to get enough of Megaman. I can go on and on about the great legacy and empire that he has solely crafted himself. One of my favorite parts about the Megaman series is the various weapons that you can get as each title is released. Every time a new title comes out, I always wonder what new and hopefully inventive weapons Megaman will get from the robot masters this time around. The weapons and the catchy robot master tunes are what makes Megaman a video game icon. I will never forget how much impact Capcom has made on the video game industry due to the prevalance of Megaman.  Megaman’s weapons have been refined and re-tuned as he prepares for his next adventure. Either they balance an overpowered weapon, or give an underused one a little twist or boost to make them more useful. Some weapons are just fine the way that they are and reappear because they are needed once again. I am here to analyze how his weapons have evolved over time and compare how they have changed from prequels to sequels. I will base these comparisons on the first six titles, which all reside on the NES (Nintendo). I will then make a final decision on whether the weapon evolved or devolved from its predecessor.

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King Kanbei Triumphs All

If you are familar with the GBA (Game Boy Advance), then you should be familiar with the popular strategy turned-based game called Advanced Wars. In this map you fight against the forces of evil called the “Black Hole” army using various characters called Commanding Officers. Kanbei is one of these officers, outshining them all. He is the samurai guy.

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