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Ajax Live Real-time Chatting System

After experimenting with ajax, I have developed a real-time chatting system where message are updated on-the-fly instantly with no waiting or refreshing:

Start chatting now!

New Ajax Search Example

The last  two ajax examples were actually seperate parts of a whole. This new example combines both where you can search for information and be able to view them at the same time.

Search/Display Information Ajax Example

JavaScript - Number Guessing Game

Try out this javascript game where you try to guess the correct number.

Javascript Number Guessing Game

AJAX Examples

Ajax is a new web technology that allows you to access database information without having to refresh the page. This bridges the gap between web and desktop applications.

User Information

User Search

JavaScript Effects

Here is a list of javascript effect that I have created:

Cookie Detector

Mouse Coordinates

Shopping Cart

Table Cell Highlighting/Expandable-Collapsable Link Menu

Text Counter