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Wordpress Plugin: Add Your YouTube Video Comments To Your Blog Post

This new Wordpress plugin that I found works perfectly with another one that I showed earlier.

In a previous post, I talked about being able to easily add YouTube videos to your self-hosted Wordpress blog posts using a plugin called YouTube Brackets:

Now I will discuss about a another really good plugin that I discovered while searching on Google. If you have videos on YouTube, you may have added them to your blog. If you have, you might have also wondered about how to bring the comments from your YouTube videos to your blog post. With this plugin called Genki YouTube Comments, you can do just that.

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Convert Video to Audio for Free with AoA Audio Extractor

I was searching online looking for a free and good program that could convert my video game music videos on YouTube in .avi format into music mp3s. I found this great application called AoA Audio Extractor that can take your videos and create mp3s out of them.

You can check it out here:

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Easily Add YouTube Videos to Your Self-hosted Wordpress Blog

I just found a great plugin for your Wordpress blog. You may have had problems embedding YouTube videos into your blog posts. I did and found the perfect solution. If you are currently hosting a blog on your site like I am, you may have found that you cannot use the following notation to embed YouTube videos into your blog:

[ youtube= ]

This code works only if you have your blog at, but not if it is not your site. I just tried out this plugin that allows you to use that simple bracket code.

Get this amazing plugin here, called Youtube Brackets:

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Color Detector: Get your favorite color!

Have you ever been to a website and wanted to know what the hex value was for a certain color? You can use an application called Color Detector, which allows you to capture any hex color value and save it to your clipboard.

You can download Color Detector for free at these places:

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CamStudio: Record your desktop as video!

I just found this great program called CamStudio, which can record your desktop as video. This is perfect if you want to record something that you are doing on your computer as video and upload it to YouTube.

Here is the link for this is really useful program:

If you have found a free download better than this, let me know and I will take a look at it.

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