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Flash Game Review: Super Smash Flash

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is out and I remember this Flash game that I found at Newgrounds about it. This really good Flash game is called Super Smash Flash and you can find it here:

Check out this video on YouTube to see its game play:

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Flash Game Review: Planet Cruncher

Use your mouse to bring the planets together and collect colorful diamonds in this new Flash game from Newgrounds:

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Flash Game Review: Super Biology Adventure

Checking back at Newgrounds, I remember this playing this really good shooter game:


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Flash Game: Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders

Found another great game at Newgrounds called Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders:

This a very interesting game indeed because it combines a puzzle game with some action thrown in. Basically, there are two parts to this game. There is a puzzle board where you connect pieces to collect ammunition. Then you have the second part where you attack the spiders using your weapons. I found this second part to be a really great way to spruce up your traditional puzzle game. I really like how they replaced the timer with a health bar that goes down as spiders slip past you. So there are two things you must do here. You must constantly connect similar pieces together so that your ammo drops to ground so that you can collect it, and you must destroy the spiders that constantly fall down the screen. I will discuss some tricks to help you stay alive and stocked with ammo.

 Lt. Fly vs. the Spiders

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Flash Game: Tactics Core

If you have played Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX/GBA) then you should be familiar which the turned-based chess-like battlemode. This is another great game at Newgrounds called Tactics Core found here:

Newgrounds Tactics Core

This plays almost exactly like FF Tactics, which a wide cast of character classes. You have a team of sturdy knights, the quick fighters, long-ranger archers, devastating wizards, and of course, your all important healer. Tactics Core is very challenging after the first few times. Even though you outnumber the enemy seven to six, this game still requires a lot of strategy and thorough understanding of how each unit works. I highly recommend this Flash game and will provide an overview of some of the more pivotal classes.

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Flash Actionscript Game: V E C T O R

I found another good flash game at Newgrounds. This one is similar to the arcade classic, asteroid where you control a ship on the field and destroy all of the asteroids on the screen. This game is called V E C T O R and is found below:

Flash Game: VectorFlash Game: VectorFlash Game: VectorFlash Game: Vector

 You can view more images and in full size of this game on Flickr: 

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Flash Actionscript Game: Paper Mario World (W1)

I found this new and fun Mario Flash game at Newgrounds that everyone should try out:

Paper Mario World (W1)

Watch a sample of my attempt at this game on YouTube:

The final boss proved difficult 

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