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Flash Actionscript Game: A Link to the Past Game

I have created a Flash game based on the Legend of Zelda, using sprite graphics from a Link to the Past from the Super Nintendo (SNES).

Click the image below to play the game:

Use the triforce!

Attack the enemies with your trusty boomerang while collecting rupees. Collect all of the rupees to receive bonus points. Please read the instructions before starting.

The music for this game came from OverClocked Remix:

This game can also be found on the popular Flash site, Newgrounds:

Tic Tac Toe

Here is a 2 player alternating Tic Tac Toe game that I made using Flash Actionscript 2.0

Tic Tac Toe

Fireworks + Aerial Blaster

Is anyone up for some more Flash ActionScript?

Set off some fireworks Blast off!

New Flash Demos

I’m expanding my repertoire as I delve into sprite games:

I initially wanted to use projector files because they run without the need for an Internet browser but their file size became an issue. Projector’s make use of fscommand functions which come in handy.

Learn more about fscommands.

Mario - Press space bar to jump
Mega Man - The exit button only work in a projector exe(cutable) file.
Zelda - Long download due to mp3 music.

New AS Flash!

A brand new set of flash AS demos has arrived ready to be unwrapped!


Cursor 2

setInterval Demo

Ping Pong

Demo RPG Engine

Christmas Screensaver

Tween Demo

Weather Screensaver

Word Processor

New Set of ActionScript Demos/Experiments

Just in time for the holidays!

Artificial Intelligence - The square follows your mouse.

Cursor - The cursor shoots objects out in random directions.

Dodger - Avoid the bullets as longs as you can.

Follower - Click the mouse and the circle will follow you.

Horizontal Shooter - Shoot the enemies and get the power up.

Walls - Use the mouse or up, down, left, right key pad. Notice how the mouse moves too quickly.

Volume Controller - Slide the tab or click on the controller to change the volume.

ActionScript - Cursorize

Get cursorized! Check out this mouse cursor demonstration that uses mouse trails to create stunning effects. Roll over the various sections to interact with them and click the left mouse button to rotate through the cursors.


ActionScript Game - Verticality

This one is more developed than the other one:


ActionScript - Mouse Cursor Effect

This time I created a mouse cursor effect where the cursor animates when you move the mouse.

ActionScript - Shooting in Random Directions

An experiment to test how a mouse cursor can be used to shoot fire in random directions.