Entire Megaman 9 Soundtrack Uploaded To YouTube!

I just uploaded the entire soundtrack for Megaman 9 for Wii Ware to YouTube.

Check it out my brand new playlist here:

Megaman has returned to the 8-bit scene where we all remember him from. Back to classic blue bomber style, Mega is back to his roots from his start in the 80s. One of the first things when I heard about this new game was that it was going back to 8-bit again. This is great for chiptunes fans like me who enjoy his music. I must say that the music does not disappoint. Some of my choice tracks include Tornado Man and Hornet Man. Something very interesting about the music selection is that some of the songs from Megaman II return to Megaman 9. Does this mean that Megaman II was the most popular Megaman in the classic series? After I heard the soundtrack I just knew that I had to get the music up on YouTube to share with everyone. You can listen to the entire soundtrack on my playlist.

Tornado Man

Hornet Man

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