Rockman & Forte Music Uploaded to YouTube

If you want to listen to the music here is my playlist: 

I just recently uploaded some more Megaman music to YouTube. I just cannot get enough Megaman. I have to say that Megaman rivals as best platformer ever with Mario and Sonic. With the blue bomber’s powers, I think that our little robo buddy has a slight edge over the plumber and hedgehog. ThiRockman and Fortes time, I have chosen to upload music from a game called “Rockman and Forte”, which is known under other titles such as “Megaman and Bass” and “Megaman 9″. As any Mega fan would know, all the characters in the Megaman series are named after various musical terms. Hence ROCKman, Roll, Bass, Beat, Treble, and Tango to name some. With Rockman and his sister Roll, together they make Rock’n'Roll ;). This music theme with the characters signifies the great Megaman music that Capcom continues to produce sequel after the sequel. The music is still strong after so many titles that Capcom lives up to their name as creating some of the best video game music ever.


In this sequel to the Blue Bomber’s series, you can finally choose another character to play as besides as Megaman. Now you can choose to be Bass/Forte who I actually prefer over Mega for several reasons. I like how Bass shoots his cannon shots rapidly if you hold down the shoot button. Bass cannot charge his shots like Mega, but can aim in several directions including above and at 45 degree angles. Bass dashes forward instead of sliding like Mega which means that Bass cannot pass under tight spots. I like Treble more than Rush/Beat so it is very refreshing to see a new character as being completely playable. Unfortunately, the boss weapons that you acquire are the same for Bass as they are for Mega.


This game resides on the 16-bit SNES and I always liked the 8-bit music from the earlier Megaman titles. Not to say that the music is not good in this game. It is just that the music is not as memorable or as catchy as it once was. The constant reappearance of recognizable Megaman music is definitely was keep the Megaman image strong and alive.

Here are some examples:

Robot Master Theme
Robot Master Victory Theme

Any Mega fanatic will recognize both of these songs right away.

Check out my playlist to hear the rest of the game:

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