Parodius Revives Classical Shooter and Music

vicviper.jpgAnyone remember Gradius for the NES? Or the two-player Lifeforce? This game features the Vic Viper, the space ship that fough aliens in space. After years of dormancy, a trilogy called Parodius decided to pay tribute to both Gradius and classical music. Parodius literally stands for a parody of Gradius and the musical score here is not only famously recognizable, but also incredibly fun to listen to.

I recently uploaded the music for Pardious v2 which I thought has some of the best music in the entire series.

You can listen to it here:

You can refer to this link to find out more about Parodius music:

Here is a list that links a few of the more popular classical songs to their counterparts in parodius.

William Tell Overture (Finale) - Parodius (Run! Run! Run!)

William Tell Overture (Finale) - Original

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