Megaman’s 20th Anniversary Video

I found this cool video on YouTube that celebrates Megaman’s 20th anniversary.

Video games in order of appearance:

  • Megaman (Cut Man theme)
  • Megaman X (X Intro theme)
  • Megaman Legend
  • Megaman Battle Network
  • Megaman Zero
  • Megaman Star Force
  • Megaman ZX (Zero + X)

My favorite Megaman series would of course have to be the original NES Megaman/Rockman. I saw some of the newer version like Star Force and ZX. Star Force is just a 3D battle network and ZX is just Zero with X. Even though Megaman has transformed a lot throughout the years, his many incarnations still make him popular to this day. I am still glad that Mega is still in the scene after 20 years. As someone who grew with Mega since II, seeing him still outlast time is a sight for sore eyes. The fact that the younger generation appreciates Mega from his humble beginnings on YouTube means that the original 8-bit Mega will never be forgotten.

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