Flash Movie: Megaman vs. Snake Man

Since I love Megaman and I just posted Snake Man’s theme from 3, I thought that I would share this Flash movie that I found on Newgrounds. Similar to the one about Quick Man, this time Mega takes on Snake. The music at the beginning of the movie is Snake’s theme and it opens up with Mega blasting those bullet enemies found right out Snake’s chambers. The graphics and animation are really nice. Snake is looking cool as usual with his green viper helmet and lets loose a volley of search snakes at Mega. The music is well done as it is use appropriately throughout the movie. I really enjoy the remixed versions of Megaman music scattered about. I especially like how the movie shifts to Mega retrieving an energy tank that he found at Needle’s stage. Those tanks surely come in handy when you need them, do they not? The ending credits feature Magnet’s original 8-bit theme straight from the NES. This movie is a great throwback to the NES days and I am sure fans of video game nostalgia will enjoy taking a trip back to the past.

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