Before Dance Dance Revolution Came the Power Pad

So we have all seen Dance Dance Revolution a.k.a DDR in the arcades right? That game where you dance based on the arrows on the screen on a special pad that recognizes your movements.

Game Pads are Disappearing

I know that you are already familiar with DDR, but I remember Nintendo with something that was a precursor to DDR. I have to admit, DDR is definitely something. The music is really good, my favorite song being “Butterfly” and it got everyone moving for a change. The console gaming scene has definitely changed over the past 20 years. Gone are the days where you just sat in front of the TV with a game pad all day. Now there are new input gaming devices like pads and remotes that are getting you up and moving around. The Nintendo Wii Remote is great in that it makes gamers exert some physical force. Swinging your arms around with the remote is at least better than just button mashing your old game pads.  You might know about the Nintendo Power Pad and how it too is very similar to DDR.

The Nintendo Power Pad

Surprisingly enough, console gaming back during the NES days also wanted their gamers to get up and move around. Check out this commercial for the Nintendo Power Pad.

This pad resembles the one used for DDR in that you step on the button on the pad to control your character. I find this so great in that alternative gaming input devices actually started way back in the 80s. The Wii remote did not just sprout over night. Another interesting observation to point out is the Wii Fit. Instead of a large pad we have a small platform. Wii Fit has the same objective as the Power Pad, to get kids up and moving around. I never had a Power Pad and I do not remember it being as successful because of the limited games that it supported but at least console gaming already had plans to offer alternative to the game pad. Does the popularity of the Wii signify that game pads will eventually disappear? Or at least, evolve to the point where instead of controlling the charcter, you are the character? The Wii remote is definitely heading toward that direction and it is interesting to see how Nintendo had plans for Wii Fit way back then in the ’80s with their Power Pad.

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