8-bit Theater Presents the Original Final Fantasy Cast

If you like sprite animation, then you probably have seen lots of Flash that use them.  Sprites are pretty much just graphics used to create Flash movies. When you have a bunch of these sprites together, you have what is called a sprite sheet. Newgrounds is famous for housing sprite animations on your favorite video games including Mario, Zelda, and Megaman. A lot of the sprite animations on that site use 8 or 16-bit sprites. This means that most of the sprites used are from NES, SNES, and Genesis games.

You can check out sprite sheets for various video games here:


While checking out Newgrounds I found a really cool Flash movies that were part of a series called 8-bit Theater that features the light warriors from the very first Final Fantasy. This series makes use of sprite-like graphics that resemble the sheets found at Google. The 8-bit comes from the fact that the original Final Fantasy came from the NES, which is an 8-bit console gaming system. Everyone is in 8-bit theater, your figher, black belt, theif, red mage, black mage, and white mage. My favorite character is the red mage because he is a well-rounded character who can cast both black and white magic. The red mage can also wield a sword unlike his black and white counterparts.

You can watch 8-bit Theater on Newgrounds:


I did some searching and found out that 8-bit Theater has a website that contains a bunch of comics:


They have comics also, which I know used to be popular before the Internet. We used to actually read before the Internet became to rich in multimedia. Now everything is video. =/

Favorite Final Fantasy Party

Since I am revisiting Final Fantasy now, I want to talk about what I believe is the best part for Final Fantasy.

  1. Fighter/Knight
  2. Black Belt/Master
  3. Red Mage/Red Wizard
  4. White Mage/White Wizard

Here is my recommended party of four plus their respective class upgrades. I like having the red mage because of his versatility. The white mage is your primary healer/defensive character since he can leave the highest level white spells that the red mage cannot. The fighter is your tank and will absorb damage while the black belt is a low-cost physical attacker. This is definitely the best party for your first time through the game.



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