Can Harvest Moon for the Wii Ease Micromanagement?

Another Harvest Moon title is coming out for the Wii this year and it looks like we all get chance to once again run our own farm. If you are unfamiliar with Harvest Moon, this is a series that started out on the Super Nintendo and quickly sequeled onto many other consoles. This game was fun at the beginning because very few ones out there based their plot on trying to run a successful farm. I thought it was good at first until the micromanagement became a chore and you simply did not have enough time in your day to do everything.

The goal of the game is to build your farm, buy a home, get married, and have children. Like in real life, these goals are no small task and Harvest Moon has done very well in simulating the difficulty in work-life balance. Once you have expanded your farm with fields of crops, it becomes very difficult to maintain vegetables. At least in the SNES version, you have to physically and manually pick up every single piece and put it in your bin or your horse. Let us not forget the daily watering to keep crops growing and the constant fixing of broken fences and cutting of weeds. If you want to rake in the dough you will have to constantly tend to your crops as they ripen and you will run around all day doing this same chores every single day. Maybe micromanagement will either be easier or at least a lot more fun on the Wii.

According to Wikipedia:

“Use the Wii Remote to till soil, water the crops, cut down trees, destroy rocks, and other things.”

I suppose this could be fun for a while. I defintely think using the remote to motion a specific action is better than just pressing a button. The main problem is having to move your character using a gamepad. The gamepad is just too slow and your character should be more like a cursor that you move with the remote. This is why PC games are best for micromanagement. You can move a cursor faster and easier using a mouse than a gamepad as your controller. We all know that RTS (real-time strategy) games excel on a computer for the sole reason that mice offer the best in micromanagement. The remote has the possibly to improve character/cursor movement in micromanagement games. What will make the new Wii version of Harvest Moon better is if you can spend less time harvesting and more time socializing or exploring the town. Growing crops is a large part of Harvest Moon but it would be better if you could streamline the entire process so that the tedious, repetitive, and monotonous crop picking does not become boring.

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