Pokey Means Business: Earthbound Music

This is the battle song to your archrival Pokey from Earthbound. The 8-bit NES-like introduction was a nice touch as a throw back to 80s gaming. Yes, I know I mention the 80s a lot, but what can I say? It was the time when console gaming was becoming popular and mainstream. Just look at how good the game were given the limitations at the time. Lots of the video game music around this time was catchy because they were short and looped constantly. Console really knew how to create new music with the restrictions placed on them. Remember not to attack the eye as it reflects your attacks back at you. Launch a Multi-Bottle Rocket at Pokey to quickly put a stop to him. Then when it is just you and the final boss, have Paula keep praying to bring the world together to beat the final boss.

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  1. 1 SeymoreOmnis

    [..YouTube..] Very srs bizniss that should have been a track in SSB:B but sadly wasnt.

  2. 2 UltamiaTasher

    [..YouTube..] I agree… :(

  3. 3 pugsley10uk

    [..YouTube..] i hate the fact earthbound wasnt released in the uk >:( missed so much

  4. 4 UltamiaTasher

    [..YouTube..] This is my favorite… or at least tied with the Battle Against Frank and Eight Melodies :D

  5. 5 malumeneve68

    [..YouTube..] the final boss

  6. 6 Ultima45

    [..YouTube..] They should really release Mother 3 in the US…like right now. :D…

  7. 7 ThatPokemonD00D

    [..YouTube..] yup, uk got cheated…once again…….

  8. 8 snowmint

    [..YouTube..] this song is badass

  9. 9 SmashFiles

    [..YouTube..] they probably arent, so i guess we just have to wait until starman dot net finishes theyre translation…

  10. 10 triforceofgaming101

    [..YouTube..] Why’s it sound a tad…Different? I mean the def…

  11. 11 triforceofgaming101

    [..YouTube..] To SmashFiles:But that’ll take FOR-EV-ER!!! I want it NOW! *Rock part of GIYGAS’S theme starts playing*Or so help me, I’m gonna go in rage with the most badass PSI move I learned…>:(

  12. 12 EarthboundMike27

    [..YouTube..] This is the best song from Earthbound(my opinion)

  13. 13 MasterS720

    [..YouTube..] Vs. Giygas & Pokey(Porky) part 1.

  14. 14 Zkoopa

    [..YouTube..] …PK Starstorm? *shot*

  15. 15 stoner412

    [..YouTube..] Wow.. this sounds way differnet to how i remember it…

  16. 16 bidoof555

    [..YouTube..] Give america the goods of the FUCKIN AWSOME MOTHER 3 or else there will be alot of casualties in japan… >:)

  17. 17 kingman186

    [..YouTube..] when i read the part of you saying the rock part of ggyas’s theme starts playing. it started playing. LMAO

  18. 18 kingman186

    [..YouTube..] yes…. alot of casualties

  19. 19 RurisCervale

    [..YouTube..] Don’t blame Japan, blame Nintendo of America for not wanting to release it for whatever asinine reason.

  20. 20 bidoof555

    [..YouTube..] Okay. ill get nintendo of america instead.Maybe they didnt want the game because of the beta final boss *looks around both ways*

  21. 21 KilobyteBrain

    [..YouTube..] I don’t see why that would be reason not to bring it here. I think nintendo just hates us. For no reason.

  22. 22 dakarus

    [..YouTube..] Jeff fired A Multi Bottle Rocket!Pokey takes 896 HP of damage!

  23. 23 ZblueboltZ

    [..YouTube..] they hate us in uk more. they didnt even realease mother 2 D:thats why I got it on emu >:)

  24. 24 ZblueboltZ

    [..YouTube..] I acctually know why! apparently its cuz mother1 didnt sell well in us…

  25. 25 blueflare77

    [..YouTube..] Mo’ liek Heavily Armored Pokey.I win. :D

  26. 26 spongerock5

    [..YouTube..] Giygas used PSI Rockin ß!Jeff takes 246 damage!

  27. 27 Mast3rNintendo

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, but it still made money.

  28. 28 ZblueboltZ

    [..YouTube..] the psychic shield made PSI Rockin ß!dissepear!

  29. 29 perfectchaos83

    [..YouTube..] Mother 1 was never marketed in the US…Mother 2 is the only Mother game to hit US shores…

  30. 30 KilobyteBrain

    [..YouTube..] Ah, the first time I fought Giygas and beat Pokey, everyone in my party was dead but Ness, who had about 60 HP left and 4 PP left. This is by far the best boss battle ever created.

  31. 31 ChibiFighter

    [..YouTube..] Multi Bottle Rockets don’t work on heavily armored pokey.

  32. 32 rslater882121

    [..YouTube..] -Rips a big one-Awright!!! :cool

  33. 33 rslater882121

    [..YouTube..] Gigyas farted. Jeff dies.

  34. 34 rslater882121

    [..YouTube..] PK fuk yo mama

  35. 35 gamerelite3

    [..YouTube..] I overleveled my team so much when I entered this battle for the first time. None of them died or needed healing.

  36. 36 xXRyokuXx

    [..YouTube..] This is just about the best boss music I’ve ever heard while playing. I didn’t even want to keep fighting, so it’d keep going. D:Looove the bass.

  37. 37 fenixspirit367

    [..YouTube..] i just played the game and i got into it alot, i usually have fun beating giygas and pokey. ness uses psi smash (omega)430 of damage to giygas!mario and luigi superstar saga and pokemon look derived from this game, havent u noticed?

  38. 38 SpitballSparky

    [..YouTube..] Yes they do.

  39. 39 HylianPirate278

    [..YouTube..] *does nerd dance to this*

  40. 40 bidoof555

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means cookies, Lol

  41. 41 Louis

    Heavliy Armed Pokey discharge very horribe gas, Ness starting crying…… Paula starting puking…. Jeff started shiting….. Poo starting pooing..

  42. 42 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] I don’t know how M&LSS is, but the makers of Pokemon were the makers of Earthbound i believe

  43. 43 Terabyte672

    [..YouTube..] Paula tried PSI Freeze Ω!246 HP of damage to Heavily Armed Pokey!

  44. 44 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] then how did i beat him in 2-3 turns?

  45. 45 ChibiFighter

    [..YouTube..] Oh I guess they did last time I was fighting Pokey they would not work for me hmm wierd.

  46. 46 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] they don’t work on giygas in the second phase though, you might’ve confused hem for some reason

  47. 47 Lloydllink

    [..YouTube..] Ness tried Psi Rockin’ Ω!Ness took 762 of mortal damage!854 HP of damage to Heavily Armed Pokey!Ness got hurt and collapsed…

  48. 48 dynamitespoony

    [..YouTube..] Pokemon and Earthbound are pretty similar, though at the same time very different. Pokemon’s gameplay is much deeper, while Earthbound’s story is much better. But they both star a black-haired kid in a baseball cap on a quest for eight items/powers… On that note, why do so many EB fans hate Pokemon? They’re both great games.

  49. 49 geoff daum

    Yep - I would agree with that.. Thanks for the line.

  50. 50 ninjamarioX

    [..YouTube..] Bottle rocket him to death I think…

  51. 51 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] i think you misread my post, someone said that bottle rockets didn’t work on porky, and i said “then how did i beat him in 2-3 turns?”

  52. 52 ninjamarioX

    [..YouTube..] Oh.

  53. 53 Andruth34

    [..YouTube..] I completely agree, if Pokemon wasn’t aimed so much at being child-friendly nowadays it would be one of my favourites - I love the gameplay, it’s really an ingenious concept.

  54. 54 StarmanPhantom

    [..YouTube..] To Lloyedllink:Hey, how’d you guys make that OMEGA sign?

  55. 55 savyna12

    [..YouTube..] The fact that this song was not in Brawl makes me very sad.

  56. 56 HlessHorseman1

    [..YouTube..] Earthbound has a lot of silly enemies. Giygas covers for all the serious stuff singlehandedly. Amazing boss and theme.


    [..YouTube..] Actually I can beat him in 1 turn.

  58. 58 PBalfredo

    [..YouTube..] Why do EB fans hate pokemon? It’s because everyone tries to compare them when they are nothing alike, just because each has a kid in a red hat. Also, when the first Smash Bros came out and everyone was all “Ness? Is that the kid from Pokemon?” EB fans died a little inside.

  59. 59 Nintendavin

    [..YouTube..] I just noticed that in the starman’s… er… “eyes” you see Ness’s reflection.

  60. 60 Rubberman202

    [..YouTube..] Most awesome boss music ever, because not only does it link old-school VG music with new, it sounds awesome, too!

  61. 61 cornjob

    [..YouTube..] because earthbound makes people think pokemon is just some asshole makin’ animals fight

  62. 62 SubspaceTaboo

    [..YouTube..] dx619hey, Pokemon is Game Freak, EarthBound/Mother is APE, inc.But why does everyone say Pokemon games are child-friendly? The last game had Pokemon that would rip the friggin’ universe to shreds. Is it the graphics? Maybe people relate it to the anime dub too much? Not that it matters, I enjoy both Pokemon and EarthBound.

  63. 63 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] but aren’t there some of the same people from the people who worked on Earthbound who also worked on Pokemon, i heard that somewhere, because they have similar battle systems. People who aren’t as game savvy think Pokemon is kiddy, but they only base that on the cartoon, and probably only played them as a kid, and have “grown-up”, yada yada

  64. 64 hawelo1492

    [..YouTube..] Ô: Ness, aren’t you scared now?

  65. 65 name128512

    [..YouTube..] I’m probably going to get thumbs down for this, but I don’t like how it changes style right in the middle of the music. I think they should have picked one style and stayed with it. :

  66. 66 hawelo1492

    [..YouTube..] dan dan da doo!

  67. 67 Kebisher

    [..YouTube..] I don’t know. It feels like there’s two themes in one; one from pokey (the beginning) and one from Gigyas (the end). Anyway, I think this is an excelent end-boss theme!

  68. 68 IMZA1793

    [..YouTube..] Paula used the cup of lifenodles and ness was revived!Jeff used a multi bottle rocket.

  69. 69 InsaneUkraine

    [..YouTube..] You cannot grasp the true form of Gigyas’s attack!!!

  70. 70 PicandPiku

    [..YouTube..] Actually, Nintendo just publishes the games…

  71. 71 X7393

    [..YouTube..] EarthBound will always rule!..Well I liked Final Fantasy 3-2 SNES days. and ActRaiser with Lagoon etc. Its sad that lazy NOJ didn’t give us the Mother games over here as well will in the US they’d be called Earthbound 1-2-3

  72. 72 bridgesmatt

    [..YouTube..] but HAL laboratory was involved in BOTH, as well as Kirby games and Smash Bros

  73. 73 akigawa1

    [..YouTube..] paula prayed from the bottom of her heart!”please…if anyone can hear us…”giygas took 1472 damage!

  74. 74 akigawa1

    [..YouTube..] i’m h a p p y

  75. 75 akigawa1

    [..YouTube..] haha no.the battle systems are completely different!earthbound’s based on weapons, psi etc,while pokemans is based upon changable moves and items. they’re completely different!

  76. 76 Cubivore10

    [..YouTube..] The two are very similar. In fact, they gut who made Pokemon based on Earthbound.

  77. 77 nikoking123

    [..YouTube..] Okay 1.This should have been in Brawl2. Replace Village of the blue maiden,Right there Ride on.3. Bring in Lost Tracks( Who cares about Copyrights? Mother 3 buisness)

  78. 78 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] look i just heard it from somewhere, but they’re both turn based, the way you see the enemy you fight is pretty similar, they flash when they’re hit, the battle menus are pretty similar, PSI attacks are like Pokemon attacks and they both use PP, both have rock candy as an item, both have parties for fights with Pokemon’s different pokemon and EB’s Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo, the highest level is 99, they both don’t have comlicated RPG class systems, etc.

  79. 79 Tailz2k8

    [..YouTube..] pokemons max level is actually 100…

  80. 80 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] oh yeah, i was thinking of other RPGs, but there are still a lot of similarities

  81. 81 ShiningSneasel

    [..YouTube..] Actually Pokemon is a lot more complicated than you would think.

  82. 82 PicandPiku

    [..YouTube..] He’s right. There’s annoying features like Individual Values, Effort Values, and natures that affect the Pokemon’s stats.Other than that (and the fact that you can make Pokemon however you’d like to make them), I’d say that the Earthbound and Pokemon fighting styles are quite similar in some ways.

  83. 83 dx619hey

    [..YouTube..] Maybe now, but not back in 1994, when Earthbound came out

  84. 84 ShadowZX121

    [..YouTube..] you can go higher than 100you can get to level 255on pokmon red,blue

  85. 85 ShadyParakoopa

    [..YouTube..] as most people sayTHIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN BRAWL! serously just watch some of Megaman765 videeos. It fits a battle

  86. 86 ShadyParakoopa

    [..YouTube..] nikoking123 I agree Village of the blue maiden, Right There Ride on, and most of those vocal sonic song tracks. ESPECIALLY SONIC AND THE RUSTY RINGS SONGS!

  87. 87 chao1111

    [..YouTube..] Honestly, if you want to compare the battle system to anything, compare it to dragon quest.

  88. 88 saurfan

    [..YouTube..] really?

  89. 89 ShadowZX121

    [..YouTube..] yup its a glitch inthe games

  90. 90 theluigifan

    [..YouTube..] pokey means business for brawl

  91. 91 dancemastermike

    [..YouTube..] I saw this game in some kind of DDR, it was so kool! (Mispelled cool from excitement) It was like, so cool! I was like, oh my gosh! It looked seriously cool! EarthBound (My second favorite game) music for DDR! (The greatest game ever regardless of what other’s simple mind’s think) It’s so awesome!

  92. 92 luigiscool

    [..YouTube..] whats your FAVORITE?

  93. 93 dancemastermike

    [..YouTube..] (to spongerock5) Giygas can’t use PSI; He can’t use PK Rockin beta! He can’t use PSI! He only does the following:You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’s attack!Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah And finally, BLAH!LOL! Giygas cannot use PSI! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ers7it (Okay…that was totally random…)

  94. 94 dancemastermike

    [..YouTube..] My favorite what? Oh, favorite song? It’s Maxx Unlimited from DDRMAX2. Care to look at the comment I last posted, it’s hilarious!

  95. 95 dancemastermike

    [..YouTube..] My favorite song from EB is THE HIPPIE BATTLE!!! They should put that on DDR!

  96. 96 dancemastermike

    [..YouTube..] Giygas can’t use PSI; He can’t use PK Rockin beta! He can’t use PSI! He only does the following:You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’s attack!Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah And finally, BLAH!LOL! Giygas cannot use PSI! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ers7it (Okay…that was totally random…)

  97. 97 FenixWright747

    [..YouTube..] But his attacks are considered PSI hence why the franklin badge works on some of his attacks

  98. 98 dancemastermike

    [..YouTube..] You are correct, but he really does not have any PP, and if you go to use PK Magnet on Giygas (I’m 99% sure), you won’t get anything…

  99. 99 ratboysgirl1013

    [..YouTube..] Man, this SO should’ve been on Brawl!

  100. 100 DroxSorcerer

    [..YouTube..] Actually, Giygas does use PSI. He is a part of the alien group that created PSI.

  101. 101 sonofpissjuice

    [..YouTube..] where can i find the midi to download?

  102. 102 Linklic

    [..YouTube..] I just noticed that, myself… And I like to think that the Starmen are actually wearing radiation suits of some sort (protection against the darkness of Gyigas? Or space suits used for galactic conquest?). So it’s more like a visor rather than eyes. :3

  103. 103 dancemastermike

    [..YouTube..] Wow, I really didn’t know…yet I was 99% sure…not 100%.

  104. 104 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] Look into Super Starman’s eyes and you’ll see Ness.

  105. 105 lsegomac

    [..YouTube..] This is one of the hardest SNES games. And now i see how hard giygas is to beat.

  106. 106 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] Actually, he’s very easy to beat if you follow these tips. (Before even going to the place) Buy two Night Pendents for Ness and Jeff and buy a Sea Pendent for Paula. (1st phase of the final battle) First turn: Ness - Pk Paralyze - Heavily Armed Pokey. Paula - PK PSI Shield Beta (B) - everyone. Jeff - use the Heavy Bazooka if you have it or just attack. Poo - PK Freeze - Heavily Armed Pokey. Every other turn: Ness - Bash - Pokey. Paula - PK Magnet or Shield B. Jeff - same thing. Poo - PK Magnet.

  107. 107 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] (Second Phase) First turn: Ness - PK Rockin’ Omega (the one that looks like a horseshoe) - Attacks all enemies anyway. Paula - PK Freeze Omega - Giygas. Jeff - same thing, unless Jeff has a bag of dragonite or a multi bottle rocket - Giygas. Poo - Starstorm Omega - Giygas. Other turns: Ness - Bash or heal - to Giygas if bash and heal by using mainly PK Lifeup Omega. Paula - Use up all her PSI. After this, she won’t need it - Giygas. Jeff - same thing - Giygas. Poo - bash - Giygas.

  108. 108 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] (Third Phase) Throughout the battle: Ness - Heal or defend - Everyone. Paula - Pray nine times - um… to everyone they met along the way would be the target I guess… Jeff - unless he has a healing item, he’s completely useless now. Just use defend - Jeff. Poo - use brainshock the first turn on Giygas and then defend and revive anyone who faints with PK Healing Omega - Giygas for brainshock and anyone for PK Healing Omega. And that’s about it. Not that hard when you do this. Trust me.

  109. 109 PheonixOX

    [..YouTube..] PK STARSTORM!Poo is a crazy person.He got all of his linbs choped off 0_o

  110. 110 ikeblike

    [..YouTube..] why wasn’t this in Brawl?!

  111. 111 BlueStar72

    [..YouTube..] It was originally intended for the New Pork City stage but cut out for some *coughinsanecough* reason.

  112. 112 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] How do you know it was going to be in? None of the missing tracks say so.

  113. 113 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] It’s because Nintendo doesn’t want to make a big deal about Earthbound or Mother 3 so they wouldn’t have that many new fans complaining about Mother 3. They want to just really forget about the Mother/Earthbound series because of the fact that Earthbound didn’t sell very well in the US, even though it’s their own fault for their crappy advertisements. And Reggie doesn’t like “slow action” games, so all the fans have to suffer because of it.

  114. 114 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] I forgot to mention that you can buy the Night Pendents and Sea Pendent at the Mr.Saturn store.

  115. 115 NintendoLover64

    [..YouTube..] it sound a little bit better in the game this youtube version is kinda diffrent

  116. 116 all4PigMasks

    [..YouTube..] I don’t care about what everyone else says, this is the BEST piece of EarthBound music ever!!!

  117. 117 kingbeefee

    [..YouTube..] What?!?

  118. 118 PheonixOX

    [..YouTube..] He did I was shocked that they were doing that. The game is super trippy you should play it :D

  119. 119 kingbeefee

    [..YouTube..] I read an article about the EarthBound characters, and it said nothing about any limb chopping. So, who chopped his limbs off?

  120. 120 luigiscool

    [..YouTube..] its the beggining of the battle, PLAY THE GAME

  121. 121 luigiscool

    [..YouTube..] one time poo meditates and the medidation spirit guy chopped his limbs off and took his eyes and ears and then his mind and poo woke up

  122. 122 kingbeefee

    [..YouTube..] Oh, weird. Sorry, I’ve never played EB because I’m a n00b. I’ve never ever played SNES.

  123. 123 PicandPiku

    [..YouTube..] You haven’t? Oh no! You have to play it right now! Quick! Get a Wii and download a random SNES game off the Virtual Console!

  124. 124 kingbeefee

    [..YouTube..] They need to put EB on the VC. NOW!!! Right? LOL.

  125. 125 PicandPiku

    [..YouTube..] It got an E rating, so me, Paula, and pretty much everyone else is praying that it will be on the VC soon.It could be there tomorrow or in a few months as far as I know. Nobody knows when it will turn up on the VC.

  126. 126 trixinator2

    [..YouTube..] I only just now realized Ness is reflected in the Starman’s helmet on the game cover.

  127. 127 BlueStar72

    [..YouTube..] Whoops. Got confused by something else. Nevermind. =/

  128. 128 kingbeefee

    [..YouTube..] I’m listening to this in 3 windows at the same time. It sounds sooo EPIC!!! Note: kind of hard to get it to play simultaneously.

  129. 129 s3n4

    [..YouTube..] Im hoping the speculation of all 3 Mothers being made on DS will happen.. Seroiusly..

  130. 130 Shmegleskimo

    [..YouTube..] epic

  131. 131 IMMAPORKY

    [..YouTube..] I Do Mean Business!

  132. 132 MOUPIMOUPI

    [..YouTube..] Mother 3 DS is more likely and I hope it better IMO

  133. 133 s3n4

    [..YouTube..] Hey MOU! I saw your freaky-ass vid of that ness’s nightmare.. MAAANN would i love to play that.. =]

  134. 134 s3n4

    [..YouTube..] And by Ness i mean Lucas… Sorry =]

  135. 135 con1la

    [..YouTube..] why is ness in that final starman???

  136. 136 KHorbust

    [..YouTube..] It’s his appearance reflected off of the helmet.

  137. 137 KHorbust

    [..YouTube..] I think that after Platinum is released Nintendo may consider a Mother Anthology release. I pray they’ll do it in America too instead of just japan… again…

  138. 138 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] Actually, it looks more like the Super Starmen, but it could be a mix of both.

  139. 139 con1la

    [..YouTube..] naw… i play earthbound and i say its a final starman

  140. 140 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] Well, I played Earthbound too and I say it’s a Super Starman. Sure, the Final Starmen had those spikes, but they weren’t yellow.

  141. 141 seigaihamanaphy464

    [..YouTube..] So do you want me to turn off the “Devil’s Machine”? Well prepare to be amazed!!!!!!

  142. 142 AzndudeMMA

    [..YouTube..] Actually.Starman Deluxe (when you were in the spacial rift where you fought Giyagas)were yellow AND had spikes :)there problem solved, no more argument?

  143. 143 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] There was no enemies in the last part of Giygas’ lair and the only two starmen through the entire lair are the Ghost of Starman and the Final Starman, which had spikes, but it was white (or pink?), not yellow or gold.

  144. 144 gbahole1

    [..YouTube..] in JP ver. of brawl earthbound was a demo/masterpeice

  145. 145 AzndudeMMA

    [..YouTube..] Oh actually you are right, Final starman is pink….Well, my bad :(

  146. 146 tunainoil

    [..YouTube..] Aah, nerd arguing.No offence, since I consider myself a nerd.

  147. 147 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] Then don’t talk.

  148. 148 s3n4

    [..YouTube..] Check out the Remix on my page!!!I know i post here alot since i love this song, but hey, a tiny little hint cant hurt..

  149. 149 buccipburger

    [..YouTube..] the final starman is the ness’ nightmare trophy…

  150. 150 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] I didn’t expect the rock part of the song. I didn’t really thik it was all that possible on the SNES.

  151. 151 Linkred2

    [..YouTube..] What’s that thing on the starman’s visor?

  152. 152 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] Ness’ reflection.

  153. 153 saurfan

    [..YouTube..] i love pokey and teddy my favorite mother characters!

  154. 154 MithrilXSV

    [..YouTube..] When I was younger, I used to think a part of Ness himself created the Starman, and controlled them all.

  155. 155 UltamiaTasher

    [..YouTube..] I thought it was the Mani Mani Statue.

  156. 156 AlmightyGiygas

    [..YouTube..] any way i can download this song?

  157. 157 ybehc

    [..YouTube..] Pokemon and Earthboun( or Mother if your japenese) The two best RPGs, ive never played earthbound, but I wanna, and i play pokemon a lot there so simaler

  158. 158 seigaihamanaphy464

    [..YouTube..] Brawl could not grasp the true form of Pokey’s music…

  159. 159 CyberShadic

    [..YouTube..] Pokemon and the people who made earthbound are also the same people.If you notice, thier are alot of similarities in the games.

  160. 160 JonnyJinx04

    [..YouTube..] Final Starman is golden. Of course, it’s impossible for Ness in his human form to meet a Final Starman. It might be Starman DX, but it isn’t a Super Starman.

  161. 161 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] They aren’t Golden. Go back and play the game again and you’ll notice that they’re sort of pinkish.

  162. 162 supersmashchronicles

    [..YouTube..] oh no you di’int!They are not so similar besides the fact of enemy inspirations and a kid hero. All else is DIFFERENT. EarthBound is way better, and super mario RPG is better than pokemon, therefore you must be a 10 year old, am I correct?

  163. 163 JonnyJinx04

    [..YouTube..] Well, it looks golden to me. It has some pink and red in it, but it’s definitely intended to be gold.

  164. 164 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] Not really. If it was intended to be gold, it would have just been gold, period.

  165. 165 JonnyJinx04

    [..YouTube..] Gold can appear red in some lights, so it makes quite a lot of sense really. Shading doesn’t make it a different colour. And it’s most certainly not white either.

  166. 166 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] First off, it’s just pink. It’s not because of some shading or something. That’s stupid. And second, how could that be a Final Starman when Ness is seen in it’s eyes instead of a robot with Ness’s cap?

  167. 167 JonnyJinx04

    [..YouTube..] No, it’s not only pink. There is yellow in it too. Human Ness in the box art is probably a mistake (though it’d be kinda dumb to have robot Ness in the box art anyway). They probably didn’t really care about what type the Starman in the box art, but I still believe it is most likely a Final Starman. You’ve convinced me that it is possible that it’s a Starman Super and they simply made a mistake with the spikes, but it’s not really important at the end of the day.

  168. 168 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] I never saw yellow in it and even if there was a little in it, then that starman couldn’t be the Final Starman because it’s completely gold.

  169. 169 JonnyJinx04

    [..YouTube..] And it couldn’t be a Starman Super because it has spikes. Personally, I still think it’s a Final Starman, but as I said, it doesn’t really matter.

  170. 170 DarkLink9393

    [..YouTube..] Color is more important than spikes, so it has to be Starman Super.

  171. 171 JonnyJinx04

    [..YouTube..] “Color is more important than spikes”? Um… okay. If you say so.It “has” to be a Starman Super eh? Do you have any proof of that? A Starman Deluxe is at least partly gold and has spikes. I’d say it fits the bill quite nicely, but I can’t say it is for sure a Final Starman.

  172. 172 bowzerpi

    [..YouTube..] No, he knows the definition of “free will.”

  173. 173 vhrunner

    [..YouTube..] gotta say yall are fricken nerds! who the fuck cares what starman it is!

  174. 174 Rocksnd23

    [..YouTube..] Heyfuck you too man.

  175. 175 ybehc

    [..YouTube..] I am eleven and I may like pokemon if i want

  176. 176 ybehc

    [..YouTube..] Yes

  177. 177 shujinco2

    [..YouTube..] I love the transition between 8-bit and 16-bit music.

  178. 178 seigaihamanaphy464

    [..YouTube..] You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack!

  179. 179 TnalX22

    [..YouTube..] I wish there was a quote button on youtube so I could use it.

  180. 180 Linklic

    [..YouTube..] Poo used PSI Brainshock a!Heavily Armed Pokey felt strange…Heavily Armed Pokey released a very stinky gas!Giygas could not stop crying!Priceless.

  181. 181 Tailz2k8

    [..YouTube..] well, with a hack i suppose its lvl 255

  182. 182 Masky64

    [..YouTube..] Malleo has awoken…

  183. 183 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] lol

  184. 184 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] What if we came to your favorite videos and started bashing you for liking what you like?

  185. 185 punisher1295

    [..YouTube..] i will always wonder why this music was not in brawl.

  186. 186 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] Because Nintendo is subtly trying to forget Earthbound. Sheesh just because ONE game didn’t do that great that doesn’t mean you should give up on a series, Nintendo.

  187. 187 punisher1295

    [..YouTube..] yeah if they continued the series they would have a remake of earthbound 3D for the wii and and mother 3 for the DS (earthbound 2 DS)

  188. 188 NEDMcat

    [..YouTube..] japan still likes itsakurai just isn’t a big fan of the games i guess, and they didn’t want to delay the game further so they couldn’t fit in the extra music

  189. 189 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] Kind of a embarassing to know that Picky’s more mature than Pokey.

  190. 190 ClassicToonFan64

    [..YouTube..] I hope this is released soon on the Virtual Console. Thanks for the video.

  191. 191 TendoMan77

    [..YouTube..] This IS coming out in Europe yes?

  192. 192 NecropolitansC02

    [..YouTube..] I think it’s already on the japanese VC. Hope Reggie (Is he called like that?) doesn’t do the same thing as the SNES one…

  193. 193 ClassicToonFan64

    [..YouTube..] Well, I don’t really know, TendoMan, but I’m sure it will eventually.

  194. 194 TendoMan77

    [..YouTube..] Let’s just cross our fingers then shall we?

  195. 195 ClassicToonFan64

    [..YouTube..] We shall, Tendo. We shall.

  196. 196 FAILGET64

    [..YouTube..] I wonder why ANY EARTHBOUND EXCLUSIVE MUSIC was not included in Brawl. Fuck that shit.

  197. 197 FAILGET64

    [..YouTube..] Truly, the finest music in Earthbound. Some say Smiles and Tears, but it’s not. Not with this.

  198. 198 Syrus2006

    [..YouTube..] The US have a slim chance of ANY Mother game being released for them again. And if they have a slim chance what do you think our chances are?Mm. <_<

  199. 199 TendoMan77

    [..YouTube..] I think you just about jixed it for us europeans Syrus.

  200. 200 Syrus2006

    [..YouTube..] Rofl jinx. I don’t believe in the bastarding things. Either we get it or we don’t. All I know is the UK (and rest of Europe) are the arse end of the world. We’re all dumb compared to the USA so we can’t understand games like Mother. D: Boo hoo. <_<

  201. 201 TendoMan77

    [..YouTube..] Traitor, besides we all know that the USA is the arse end of the world, i mean i encounter many stupid americans who insult me on Xbox Live for no reason at all >:(.

  202. 202 Syrus2006

    [..YouTube..] You didn’t see the sarcasm there did you mate? XD And besides that I don’t think ALL Americans are arseholes. That’s like saying all the spanish are rude bastards without getting to know any at all. :p All I was saying was we’re not likely to get Mother. Ever. <_< Phucking Reggie.

  203. 203 zaggs5

    [..YouTube..] I’ll say the same thing I’ve said in the past. It’s not the same thing, but get Snes9x, free download, get the ROM, similarly cheap, and play it. It’s not the same feel, but if you resist the urge to use the turbo button, it still gives you chills. At any rate, it’ll be VCing any day now. Betcha betcha betcha.

  204. 204 Dadevster2

    [..YouTube..] Moral of the story: DON’T MESS WITH POKEY.

  205. 205 NIMPAK1

    [..YouTube..] hey i’ve just noticed something, in the boxart you can see ness’s refection in Starman’s visor.

  206. 206 psyguy08

    [..YouTube..] The song is too awesome to be in brawl. =`C

  207. 207 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] 2 percent. NOA hates Earthbound.

  208. 208 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] Hey, he shoudln’t be mocking his fellow Europeans that’s true, but don’t turn everything on us, we’re not all like that!

  209. 209 Syrus2006

    [..YouTube..] Mm like I said. Very unlikely. XD

  210. 210 nintendoman456

    [..YouTube..] I love the part when it sounds like music on wii.i mean at 0:54I love the part.they was genius!

  211. 211 marluxiaman

    [..YouTube..] C’mon pray Paula PRAY!Epic music and awesome final boss too

  212. 212 teamredbull8384

    [..YouTube..] another moral: you cannot grasp the true form of giygas’s attack

  213. 213 jazzmangodot

    [..YouTube..] OMG! It’s true! O_O

  214. 214 CyberShadic

    [..YouTube..] Uh, no. I never mentioned super mario rpg in any way. And if you would actually pay attention, pokemon’s battle system is just an upgraded one from the eb one. And, they have the similar overworld style. And you must be a ten year old for assuming that just because you disagree/dont believe actual facts that IM just a ten year old <3. Games quality has nothing to do with anything. Im saying they MADE pokemon, not they had complete control over what ever happened.Stupid fuck.

  215. 215 Kevvviiinnn

    [..YouTube..] Actually, Sakurai is a HUGE fan of the Mother series. He even stated so somewhere on the Dojo.

  216. 216 supersmashchronicles

    [..YouTube..] The first part was to the one you replied to. And if it’s upgraded how come it’s worse? THis is all opinion. I could ramble on about it but I won’t.And I’m not a ten year old, if I were my opinions would be ones to laugh at; therefore you are incorrect.It was the same company, not the same people, therefore you are once again incorrect.I don’t understand this last part.All your points have been shot down; have a nice day.

  217. 217 CyberShadic

    [..YouTube..] I said upgraded because the battle system is different. And news flash, that is your opinion as well. Then dont to begin with. You just said I was a ten year old. See how fucking stupid it is to be called a ten year old for no goddamned reason? And opinions are opinions, and facts are facts, Ape now makes pokemon games, however, the guy who made the mother games, still makes the mother games. Your arguing over bull shit simply because you dont agree with me. Shut the fuck up.

  218. 218 Legalus240

    [..YouTube..] I like the 8-bit begining =P Really suits EarthBound in my opinion

  219. 219 theblode1337

    [..YouTube..] When fighting Giygas and Pokey, the begininning really feels evil, but in a comical way, like pokey. Then you actually witness some of Giygas attacks, and the second part of the music really starts to frighten you.THEN THERE’S THAT FETUS D:

  220. 220 ElementalFlameSage

    [..YouTube..] I finally Beat Earthbound and when i was at this part Giygas used PSI Rockin’ Alpha and the music switched over and i was OMFG EPIC didn’t know it changed on its own ^-^;

  221. 221 KoopaEater


  222. 222 joeythewing

    [..YouTube..] pokey means serous business.pokey: im super serous you guys.

  223. 223 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] Best song in all of Earthbound. The game, not the series. But if the vote was for the whole series I’d definately consider this one.

  224. 224 mightyshockwave

    [..YouTube..] Despite Mother being so colorful and lighthearted, it hosts perhaps the most terrible villian that I have ever seen. To see a child, the supposed incarnation of innocence and purity, feel this kind of hate towards another is unsettling. Porky feels greed to the greatest level; he only desires to rule what he cannot destroy. It takes a truly evil mind to ally oneself with a monster and aid him in destroying the world in order to have some petty revenge.

  225. 225 PTp1ranha

    [..YouTube..] I’ve heard of neighbors not getting along but this is just ridiculous, lol.Of course I’m not real surprised Pokey’s helping the final boss.

  226. 226 AntiVillainLucid

    [..YouTube..] I used to play this game years back when I had it on the SNES just to get to Giygas, just so I could hear this music. I’d let it sit there doing nothing for about 10-15 minutes just listening, even now I can’t stop listening to it. Best Boss music ever.

  227. 227 ShynSpryt4

    [..YouTube..] How were you able to get the money for this game? Finding an English version is so RARE!, and EXPENSIVE!

  228. 228 s3n4

    [..YouTube..] This is really poorly recorded for the no.1PMB views…

  229. 229 AntiVillainLucid

    [..YouTube..] I’ve actually had Earthbound since 1997, back then it wasn’t that expensive, about $10 to $20. Still have it, works perfectly, not selling it. Even in the world we live it today, I’d have to say Earthbound is the best RPG game you can ever play.

  230. 230 shujinco2

    [..YouTube..] Well, I’ll have to see about that when I play Mother 1 or Mother 3, but so far, it’s #1!

  231. 231 sectorz33

    [..YouTube..] Man i was so shocked when i heard the whole change in the music. I Was so used to the quirky cool music then BAM! Its all epic rock n’ roll!

  232. 232 sectorz33

    [..YouTube..] Lol your’e so right! Sometimes they walk so slow i just have to tap it to speed things up.

  233. 233 sectorz33

    [..YouTube..] …Ness….. Arggh……Friends….You Cannot grasp the true for of gigyas ’s atttack!

  234. 234 sectorz33

    [..YouTube..] Hand’s down the best boss battle music in a video game. During that time boss music like this was unheard of. They really did a stellar job with this music. So Epic!

  235. 235 KidBuu4ever


  236. 236 joeythewing

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means serious business.pokey: im super serious you guys.

  237. 237 2autmom

    [..YouTube..] giygas:ness….friends…I.f.e.e.l.g.o.o.d….ness ness ness ness ness ness…arggh!…yragg!it hurts it hurts!you cannot grasp from the true Giygas attack!

  238. 238 finaltaru

    [..YouTube..] Pokey: super srs business.

  239. 239 DestructorKoopa

    [..YouTube..] 1:51 to 2:03 has the best guitar.

  240. 240 Jiggsypuff

    [..YouTube..] anyone got an mp3 link??

  241. 241 TheGamerKoopa

    [..YouTube..] Agreed, Sir Destructor, my Koopa brethren!

  242. 242 PoisonInc

    [..YouTube..] Come on Nintendo, release this on VC! In Europe!

  243. 243 rapskallionxyz

    [..YouTube..] this is the most epic boss of any video game

  244. 244 ScarletBlade12

    [..YouTube..] Heh. Nice.

  245. 245 ShynSpryt4

    [..YouTube..] This Song, AWESOME, 8-BIT GREATNESS!

  246. 246 2autmom

    [..YouTube..] Giygas:ness…friends…ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness.g.o.b.a.c.k..arggh!…yrahhg! you cannot grasp from the true giygas attack!

  247. 247 ImmortalRetards

    [..YouTube..] Well Actually NES was 8-bit sorry for being an ass

  248. 248 nintendoman456

    [..YouTube..] This is from kid to adult?i would say teen.Because its some creepy scenes in this game.But i loved this game when i was a child.

  249. 249 NIMPAK1

    [..YouTube..] I fell h a p p y

  250. 250 tistheshiz22

    [..YouTube..] True. NES wouldn’t have supported the music.

  251. 251 supertoastdemon

    [..YouTube..] Gigas still scares me WAY more than those crappy survival games. You will never understand true fear until you have fought against gigas.

  252. 252 seigaihamanaphy464

    [..YouTube..] Funny thing happened on one of my playthroughs…Ness tried PSI Brainshock a!Heavily Armed Pokey began to feel strange…Heavily Armed Pokey is feeling a bit funky.Heavily Armed Pokey discharged a very stinky gas!Giygas’s offense went down by 16!Heavily Armed Pokey’s offense went down by 18!

  253. 253 andymadownzdeadly

    [..YouTube..] I think I first play ed and beat Earthbound at around age 5-8 somewhere around there, now im 16 and giygas still scares the shit out of me

  254. 254 weirdo657XD

    [..YouTube..] The MOTHER trilogy is one of my favorites. Though there are some parts witch scare the bloody hell out of me.(Giygas,MOTHER3 nightmare fight,ect)

  255. 255 ColonelBDXD

    [..YouTube..] I only find Giygas a bit scary. But the mother 3 thing freaks the heck out of me!

  256. 256 Triscuity

    [..YouTube..] My favorite video game boss ever, I wish I had my super nintendo.. I still have my game cart though I kind of want to play again.

  257. 257 Eggbotnik

    [..YouTube..] Freaking awesome Bass line.

  258. 258 Waterwish545

    [..YouTube..] Ness… I feel Happy…You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’s Attack!Me: Wtf If he’s happy, why did he attack!Ness..NessNessNessNessMe: Aww man this isn’t good.

  259. 259 Boom2ickle

    [..YouTube..] Lol, he farted all over giygas, no wonder giygas lost his mind XD

  260. 260 cfvbgddfcf

    [..YouTube..] Giygas:nessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessNess:WAT!!!!Giygas:pokey means business

  261. 261 nerd2max

    [..YouTube..] The SNES is pushed to it’s limits at 0:54

  262. 262 spinkick21

    [..YouTube..] Giygas: NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS NESS.Ness: WHAT?!Giygas: …hi! :DNess: :|

  263. 263 MegamanForWii

    [..YouTube..] Giygas : ness,ness,ness,ness,snes STUPID NAME THAT (suspisiosly) HAS THE LETTERS OF SNES!You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’s Rant!Poo colapses from too much rock!Ness goes into coma thinking about giygas’ rant!Jeff invents a diaper for hiself!THEN Jeff goes into coma!Paula preys :GOD PLEASE HELP US!PLEASE !!Paula’s lungs ran out of air!Paula took mortal damage!Giygas :OMGI KEELEDED THEM! NOW IMA MURDERER !NOW THAT COPS THAT TRIED TO KILL NESS ARE GONNA COME FOR ME!

  264. 264 zomadq

    [..YouTube..] Omg, one of the best battle music ever.

  265. 265 akigawa1

    [..YouTube..] Ness used wire hanger!giygas was aborted!YOU WON!

  266. 266 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] Ness: Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giya–Giygas: WHAT DO YOU WANT?!Ness: *Says nasty stuff to Giygas*Giygas was defeated! You won!

  267. 267 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] Ness: Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giygas, Giyg–Giygas: WHAT DO YOU WANT?!Ness: *Says nasty stuff to Giygas*Giygas was defeated! You won!

  268. 268 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] They didn’t forget Earthbound =PThis song is to epic for Brawl.If they did forget about Earthbound, then what’s with Lucas?

  269. 269 Kebisher

    [..YouTube..] Don’t you guys think that there’s two themes in one in this song? Like, the beginning sounds like Pokey playing in his armored spider and, on the other hand, the ending sounds like Giygas want to kick some asses. I mean, isn’t that awesome? XD

  270. 270 johncplight

    [..YouTube..] God, why did this game never come out in Europe, I have it makes it to the VC, I love this music, part quirky, part epic rock

  271. 271 Tonkintaz

    [..YouTube..] How did one feel when they found out how to defeat Giygas freaking, took me many tries, until i was just angry pressing bottons and wam, oh cool. (kids words)

  272. 272 Citrangish

    [..YouTube..] Giygas: Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Nes-Ness: SHUDDAP!Giygas: :<

  273. 273 bananaman1234445

    [..YouTube..] i must be listening to this song out of context, seeing that ive never played Earth Bound and wouldntve heard about it if not for SSBM or SSBB. After listening to this song, i think its not bad on its own, but in the context of the final battle of the final game, its epic. Although, after listening to some of the other Giygas sounds, it seems like so eery and soo very creepy. Its funny im saying this but Earthbound’s ending has almost a surreal but memorable feeling to it. Awesome song though

  274. 274 Fistofnosehair4ever

    [..YouTube..] Screw one winged angel, this rocks

  275. 275 theobserver20

    [..YouTube..] pokey theme is somewhat based on the 8 bit part of this song i recall hearing some part there

  276. 276 OrochiZetsubou

    [..YouTube..] lol i love that game in SNES ( sorry im no speak good the inglish xP ) Pero me trabe mucho en el lvl de mister saturn sino mas recuerdo ademas de Earthbound el juego Killer Instinc tiene tambien CD bounus de musica ( Gave A CD Bounus In Music )

  277. 277 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] i think the games of poekmno r the only godo stuff. the anime sucks!!

  278. 278 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] i remember when pokemno wasnt really an RPg game, more like an adventure…..naoadays it is turnign into an RPg, which i luv rpg’s, but its killing classic style of poekmon

  279. 279 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] supersmashchronicles: shut up u fail and u suck -_-

  280. 280 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] hell i’ll do that

  281. 281 xxmissxlgxx

    [..YouTube..] Does anybody else think Pokey sounds like Cartman IRL?

  282. 282 foristgom

    [..YouTube..] i had a party

  283. 283 supercolton64

    [..YouTube..] Pokemons ALWAYS been an RPG >_>

  284. 284 SparkyLurkdragon

    [..YouTube..] …I’d like to know which Pokemon games you’ve been playing. Definitely wasn’t that little ditty with the dragon on the cover that proved to be my gateway drug to RPGs.

  285. 285 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] the first two pokemon games weren’t RPG’s. red/blue/yellow and gold/silver were not supposed to be and they werent. crystal kind of was. with suicune and all. ruby/sapphire/emerald yes they were RPGs. and diamond/pearl/platinum NO DOUBT

  286. 286 SparkyLurkdragon

    [..YouTube..] Turn-based battle system. Random encounters. A level-up system determined by experience points. Grinding. So… much… grinding. A party; an EXTREMELY customizable one, but a party. Spell and mana system via Moves and PP, with elemental rock-paper-scissors - a cornerstone of the series from R/B/Y onward.What, exactly, do you think an RPG is? How do the Legendary Beasts introduce RPG elements when the series has been rolling in them from day one? O_o

  287. 287 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] i never really noticed until now…..ok im starting to like poekmon a lot mroe nao lol

  288. 288 mistergamenwatch

    [..YouTube..] “Screw you Giygas, I’m going home!”Haha I could totally see that happening

  289. 289 wiifan921

    [..YouTube..] This alone is a reason why it should be released on VC everywhere. Goddamn it, THIS is what good video game music sounds like.

  290. 290 PoopSlammer

    [..YouTube..] Dude! They put SCARY music in an NES game! D;WHAT THE HECK.

  291. 291 Eggbotnik

    [..YouTube..] Correction, SNES. Check before you post.

  292. 292 SephirothVsKratos

    [..YouTube..] First time hearing this song:Oh wow, so they made the final battle song 8-bit. Okay, that’s kinda cool, I guess. Okay let’s see here…Ness Bash, Paula PSI Freeze, Jeff…0:54 startsOH MY GOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED THIS MUSIC IS SO FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!

  293. 293 ssjdarkfox

    [..YouTube..] The 8-bit part is half of what makes it badass. Because 8-bit is usually related to so much failure, yet this was something which made 8-bit awesome.

  294. 294 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] ino!!! it was so cool!!!

  295. 295 XradicalD

    [..YouTube..] Same here, it really amazed me for an snes game, Go nintendo!

  296. 296 bowlermangigity24

    [..YouTube..] that pretty much explains it!

  297. 297 Eylao

    [..YouTube..] Megaman would like to say hi right about now. Especially Megaman 2,3,9

  298. 298 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] *Ness and cohorts go back in time before Giygas was born and goes in front of Maria*Ness: Hey, Maria. Can I kick your stomach?Paula, Jeff, and Poo: Pleeaaase?Maria: But wh-Ness: Too late!*Starts kicking Maria’s Stomach with Giygas inside*Giygas got killed inside Maria!You won!Nahh… I might get thumbs down for letting Ness kick Maria’s stomach, but okai

  299. 299 SephirothVsKratos

    [..YouTube..] Though of course you DO realize Maria didn’t give birth to Geigue/Giygas, she just raised him…right?

  300. 300 mistergamenwatch

    [..YouTube..] LOL, he probably doesn–wait. Is it Geigue or Giygas? Or Gyiyg?Ach, this is gonna keep me up all night.

  301. 301 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] Lol.I didn’t know that xDI really want to play the first Mother game..

  302. 302 PicandPiku

    [..YouTube..] Don’t forget that Super Mario Brothers 1-3, The Legend of Zelda, and EarthBound Zero also say hi.

  303. 303 Raichu862000

    [..YouTube..] I used to have this as my cell phone’s ringtone for a while. It’s not as awesome when you don’t have many friends that played this game and would recognize it, however.

  304. 304 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] ur dumb he wasnt born by maria Giegue/Giygas captured maria and the guy (4got name) and he was raised by em.

  305. 305 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] You don’t have to say you’re dumb…Just say he wasn’t born by that person…And I wouldn’t know that because I never played the first game.

  306. 306 mistergamenwatch

    [..YouTube..] But you would never want to answer the phone…..

  307. 307 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] theres wikipedia and eartbound wiki. u could’ve looked there. srry bout dat

  308. 308 xXsobaldguyXx

    [..YouTube..] “Come and get me loser! Spankety spankety spankety!”

  309. 309 redsox8333

    [..YouTube..] 0:54 on is insane.

  310. 310 Kaynex

    [..YouTube..] Giygas

  311. 311 mistergamenwatch

    [..YouTube..] I say GEEgusslol

  312. 312 NuclearGanon

    [..YouTube..] I wanna learn this on guitar. Sounds like thrash metal xD.

  313. 313 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] First I though it was Giygas (Gay-Gas), then Giygas (Gee-Gus), then Giygas (Guy-Gus).The gay American commercial pronounced it as Guy-gus, so I should just stick with that

  314. 314 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] i thought it was pronounced Gi-jus

  315. 315 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] The American commercial says Guy-gus, so I say that instead

  316. 316 foristgom

    [..YouTube..] i am never getting earth rolle’d again…(lol)

  317. 317 Drunksonic

    [..YouTube..] I used to say GIGgas.

  318. 318 hypersilverx123

    [..YouTube..] yo crash hiting gurls means ur a wuss and a pink :P

  319. 319 hypersilverx123

    [..YouTube..] i mean punk lol

  320. 320 hypersilverx123

    [..YouTube..] i always luved this song

  321. 321 Carrottime

    [..YouTube..] Hm.I wonder what’d happen if they brought a mirror when they fought Giygas.

  322. 322 coop925

    [..YouTube..] its really gi-gass

  323. 323 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] Guy-gas is how I pronounce it.Gi looks like it’s pronounced Gee

  324. 324 NSTGMO

    [..YouTube..] Gih-Guss

  325. 325 Charmynator

    [..YouTube..] you encountered Gigas and armored pokey1turn1. ness atacked 250 damage to armored pokey2.armored pokey shoot a misle Smashhhhh mortal damage to paula 3. jeff shot a multi bottle rocket 500 damage to armored pokey 4. paula get hurt and collapsed I still remember that figth

  326. 326 YourFirstEmoFriend

    [..YouTube..] lol Giygas’s name isn’t pronounced Jee-sus

  327. 327 Armidillodude

    [..YouTube..] true true

  328. 328 infinite274

    [..YouTube..] 0:54 it goes like wow

  329. 329 Jayfeather113

    [..YouTube..] I say it Gigass

  330. 330 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] gee-gas

  331. 331 DarthMeanie

    [..YouTube..] You do not seem to grasp the true form of Giygas’s attack.

  332. 332 Kanaru92

    [..YouTube..] Guy-guss is how I pronounce it.

  333. 333 NIMPAK1

    [..YouTube..] -Pokey uses PSI Theme Music-Sephiroth is jelious-Sephiroth is unable to move

  334. 334 fieryfrets2000

    [..YouTube..] 1:28sounds like great fucking death metal great theme my fav

  335. 335 Emerl70

    [..YouTube..] Is that Ness inside the head of the starman or is it just an reflection?

  336. 336 kl4969

    [..YouTube..] Ness’s face is reflecting off the visor. It’s made to represent the first-person battle system.

  337. 337 kl4969

    [..YouTube..] -Final Fantasy VII fanboys lost their temper!-Final Fantasy VII fanboys’ offense went up by 8!-Ness threw a New Age Retro Hippie at the Final Fantasy VII fanboys!-YOU WON!-Ness gained 2 experience points.

  338. 338 TAFHUC

    [..YouTube..] I pronounce it Guy-Gas which I think is the proppa pronounciation. But honesty, call it what eva teh f**k you like

  339. 339 MegaMario2007

    [..YouTube..] Giygas? Sounds like Giant Ass to me.Nice song.

  340. 340 MOUPIMOUPI

    [..YouTube..] i love how you bash them while honestly earthbound doesn’t shine thanks to its fanbase.

  341. 341 dmoogle2006

    [..YouTube..] Final Fantasy and Earthbound(or Mother Series, if you prefer) have two different playstyles in terms of how normal RPGs. You can’t really compare the two. They both appeal to different crowds.And yes, I have played(and love) both series. In fact, I’ve played ever game from each series(including all the gameboy crap FF’s).

  342. 342 megabanjo03

    [..YouTube..] ”…I’m…h…a…p…y…!”

  343. 343 nervousboy1111

    [..YouTube..] i always listen to this song before i go and munch on yummy cock =D

  344. 344 Gaaraguy13

    [..YouTube..] Fantastic…Really, just splendid.

  345. 345 0AANG0


  346. 346 AntiVillainLucid

    [..YouTube..] I used to think Ness was inside (rather then thinking it might be a reflection) and I was thinking, “Alright! Giant Starman!” I played the game several times through looking for a Giant Starman. Either my eagerness was overwhelming or it could be the fact I was a 6 year old game fanatic when I first played it, lol

  347. 347 Emerl70

    [..YouTube..] Eagerness + 6 six old game fanatic = winI always thought the unown’s in pokemon Crystal meant something special XD

  348. 348 SlagyTh0r

    [..YouTube..] Screw Pokey, think is GIYGAS’S song.

  349. 349 malak0wsky

    [..YouTube..] gigyas scared the piss out of me as a child lol

  350. 350 mudkipNDS

    [..YouTube..] This video seems to be at a higher pitch than the other videos with the same song. Does anyone else notice this?

  351. 351 FlameDragon400

    [..YouTube..] Yeah

  352. 352 gamecubewiigal1221

    [..YouTube..] Freakin Badass.

  353. 353 s3n4

    [..YouTube..] Sounds like it’s directly recorded from a speaker, which is why it’s pitch is higher.

  354. 354 Popplenator

    [..YouTube..] Really? Interesting, I always said it the way it’s spelt, “Gig-gas”. Maybe I’m saying it wrong. :0 Ah well, that’s the thing about games without voices, you can interpretate how their names are said.

  355. 355 TAFHUC

    [..YouTube..] Yea, it’s Pokemon, I keep calling the Pokemon ‘Suicune’ Swee-cuun but people pronounce it differently

  356. 356 colfranz1278

    [..YouTube..] Well, I always call it Gigyas

  357. 357 Wii4a11

    [..YouTube..] nessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessnessness…

  358. 358 darkshadow854


  359. 359 tk4l

    [..YouTube..] Actually its pronounced Guy-gaas. at least thats how me and my friends pronounce it.

  360. 360 taxe0

    [..YouTube..] I feel… h..a..p..p..y..

  361. 361 dandyzinc

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means a Busy Ness

  362. 362 espio329

    [..YouTube..] ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness nessi feel g..o..o..d

  363. 363 redsox8333

    [..YouTube..] My first time Giygas would kill me (i attacked him) but I figured PK FREEZE POKEY’S BUTT!!

  364. 364 12THE12

    [..YouTube..] Really I say Suicune as Swee-Cane

  365. 365 shadowslicer673

    [..YouTube..] god hearing these songs from the game and watching gameplay of it makes me wish i played earthbound when i was growing up…….or atleast have an nes or snes

  366. 366 FlammieLL

    [..YouTube..] PK.. HAVOC!!!

  367. 367 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] Kick-ass music, such a shame it’s not in Brawl…

  368. 368 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] “Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, NessNess, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness,Ness, Ness, Ness…”"Argh… Yaargh..!”"It’s not right… not right… not right…”You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’s attack!105 damage to Ness!Paula felt a little strange!It did not work on Jeff!Poo fell and collapsed…

  369. 369 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] That would be cool.What about a Giygas Assist Trophy!Everything turns dark. The Giygas Backround comes, and Giygas says,”I Feel H…a…p…p..y…” and then it turns back to an all black screen.Then after a few seconds, in an instant, the Giygas backround comes back for a split second with a girl’s scream, and BAM! 1 hit KO to everyone!

  370. 370 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] you would have to dodge his attacks, fires 5 “you cannot comprehend” waves, adds status effects (metal/curry/flower) and does extreme damage, oh and the box xomes up at the top

  371. 371 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] “You cannot grasp” waves actually. =PLol xDAwesome ideas

  372. 372 LightningrodC2

    [..YouTube..] PoRky means Business.

  373. 373 FinalSquadalah

    [..YouTube..] If Giygas was an assist trophy, he would probably be unlockable, after beating classic with Ness, Lucas, and Jeff.*COUGHHINTHINTCOUGH*

  374. 374 Fuyosa

    [..YouTube..] Effect- INSTANT WIN!!!!

  375. 375 lilbonsly

    [..YouTube..] Giygas:Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, NessNess, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, NessNess:……Giygas:Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, NessNess, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness,Ness: 0n0Giygas:Ness, Ness, Ness, Ness, NessNess: WHAT?

  376. 376 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] This song sounds a bit diabolical at times, though, I guess it was meant to be. In my opinion, it isn’t THAT epic… It’s a song that is creative and on a skill level, it is a bit hard to accomplish, not by alot. It holds a little more than decent melody and harmony, though, I don’t like the song as much as others do.

  377. 377 nolaffinmatter

    [..YouTube..] Apparently you only play Brawl, not Earthbound. His name is POKEY in EB, not PORKY.

  378. 378 HydroDeath

    [..YouTube..] Ahh Earthbound.The game that got me loving metal.<3

  379. 379 LightningrodC2

    [..YouTube..] Brawl is more recent and fixed the Pokey translation error. The pigs? Whatever, I don’t even want to argue about something as stupid as this, I don’t even like Earthbound…

  380. 380 0MSDoll0

    [..YouTube..] I named one of my Tamagotchis Pokey! xD

  381. 381 darthdragoon59

    [..YouTube..] nolaffinmatter:in Japan his name is Porkyin the U.S. it’s Pokeyso……it’s right either way

  382. 382 khlova

    [..YouTube..] Effect-Giving you AIDS

  383. 383 capefeather

    [..YouTube..] I named my Metagross Pokey on Shoddy Battle! XD

  384. 384 capefeather

    [..YouTube..] I think that with this song, as with most of the others, the point is not the music itself but its contribution to the atmosphere. People like these songs because they remind them of their journeys through the game, and people may mistake that for enjoying the music up front, I guess.For this song, I think it’s the fact that it’s like all the others at first but then it suddenly changes. Not a lot of songs do that.

  385. 385 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] *Sigh* It seems people don’t like what I say even if it is positive. I’m just trying to keep an unbias point of view. I’m not saying the song is bad, as a matter a fact, from what I’ve said, this song is good, I just don’t enjoy it much is all. “-_-

  386. 386 capefeather

    [..YouTube..] I wasn’t really saying anything about you, just about others in general.

  387. 387 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] translation mabye? Even so it really has absolutely zero effect on the game, like calling Ness, Frank or something like that. No effect whatsoever

  388. 388 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] I know, sorry, also, mostly likewise as well. I mean in general as well, however, it was somewhat directed towards you as will in response to what you had said earlier.

  389. 389 Wii4a11

    [..YouTube..] im…….h…..a…..p….p….y……

  390. 390 lilbonsly

    [..YouTube..] Ness:Thanks for telling me.

  391. 391 TheFingerTrapMaster

    [..YouTube..] No. In brawl for some reason they call him Porky. Even though in all games he has appeard in his name is Pokey. I used to call him Porky befor I saw earthbound.

  392. 392 spanky812

    [..YouTube..] His name was porky in the Japanese version of mother 2 and that’s what people call him in mother 3 (only in Japan) So I’m pretty sure that’s his actual name.But the first game I played in the series was Earthbound and he was called Pokey so that’s just what I’m used to calling him.

  393. 393 Dumbodog4

    [..YouTube..] same here

  394. 394 Dumbodog4

    [..YouTube..] also same

  395. 395 Loiamidude

    [..YouTube..] Maybe you wouldn’t have such bad luck if you left miserable people alone? Seriously, your name pops up everywhere on these vids’ comment sections.P.S. No, I’m not calling all EarthBound fans miserable. I’m not miserable, am I?

  396. 396 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] I didn’t say that people were miserable, anyhow, what makes you think that I’m going to stop NOW? Seriously, 60 people have told me to stop this, what makes you so special? I don’t care of Shigeru Miyamoto told me to stop, I’ll still fight on, and I don’t feel like I have bad luck, quite the contrary, I feel lucky to be able to control myself in this situation and not curse out someone illogicallyLove and Peace

  397. 397 elguaro3

    [..YouTube..] mother 3 and earthbound comparation:pokey mean business = fassad mean serius

  398. 398 Loiamidude

    [..YouTube..] Never did i ever accuse you of calling anybody miserable. You SOUNDED kinda upset about how people felt about your P.O.V., and consequently, I was offering you a piece of friendly advice. I wasn’t gonna fight with anyone, I wasn’t trying to come off all high and mighty or trying to shut you up. Not everyone is a concieted S.O.B.(P.S. No, I wasn’t implying that you were, either, in case that’s what you were thinking.)

  399. 399 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] ? I’m a bit confused now , why was the word miserable mentioned? Also, I never stated that you were conceited XD Anyhow, I’m more or less upset about their actions than them not seeing my P.O.V. Anyhow, I apologize if I offended you or anything, but it’s more the responses of “SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU BITCH” I don’t like rather then them not seeing my side of things. Some have argued their case well enough and I acknowledged their point of view. Anyhow, it’s the ad hominem D:

  400. 400 POGOPUNK32

    [..YouTube..] Best song on Earthbound =D

  401. 401 MysteryAC

    [..YouTube..] This song seems simple and old school, and I l-*0:54 rolls around*HOLY SH# IT JUST WENT HARDCORE!

  402. 402 willuseonce

    [..YouTube..] nah second onnet’s better

  403. 403 POGOPUNK32

    [..YouTube..] Oh dear I must of screwed up.I meant Best Song on SNES. Sorry for the confusion.

  404. 404 wetterdew

    [..YouTube..] I am no expert on the matter since I haven’t played these games, but I do know some Japanese.In Japanese, both “Porky” and “Pokey” would be spelled (and pronounced) in the same way. It sounds like it was meant to be Porky and there was just a mistranslation that led to it being “Pokey” instead.

  405. 405 ZeppelinMan04

    [..YouTube..] This game is very underrated. It beats the shit out of final fantasy and this is not opinion, this is a statement.

  406. 406 KrodoProbuctoins

    [..YouTube..] sux ballzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  407. 407 PankeymanProductions

    [..YouTube..] Hell. Freaking. YES! I totally agree, there’s more originallity in EB than the entire FF series, it’s criminally underrated. When I first saw EB, I thought “Wow, what a bad FF rip-off.” but when I played it my mind was blown, it was an amazing experience and then became one of my most favourite games ever. It saddens me to see the constant milking of games like FF VII while EarthBound doesn’t get the slightest acknowledgment. But we have one of the best fanbases ever, and that’s what counts.

  408. 408 narcolepticchairftw

    [..YouTube..] This game beats the CRAP out of any Final Fantasy game out there. This is a true fact.

  409. 409 Metalheadgamingnerd

    [..YouTube..] AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like Megadeth or Metallica or something. I’m a metalhead and a nerd in one. Metal+ Video Games= HEAVEN!

  410. 410 lazyboyclark

    [..YouTube..] it’d be cool if I could make this my ringtone lol

  411. 411 howcansheslap1

    [..YouTube..] thus tune scared the shit out of me back in the day…the title of the music is very appropriate.

  412. 412 Nintendofanboy01

    [..YouTube..] Did you find out that it’s nothing like FF?

  413. 413 PankeymanProductions

    [..YouTube..] Yes and I loved it for that.

  414. 414 Nintendofanboy01

    [..YouTube..] Good!^^

  415. 415 SuperLuigiI28

    [..YouTube..] Pokey is quite an aggressive businessman!

  416. 416 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] It’s on one of the most popular SNES games out there today if not the MOST popular SNES game. How is it “underrated”? That IS your opinion by the way, and alot of people jerk off to this game because of Super Smash Bros. and at least I could provide evidence to this.

  417. 417 WorldWalker128

    [..YouTube..] when this song first started out I was like “I fought my way all the way here, which took me nearly a year and a half, and all I get is this cheap goofy stuff for boss music???Then the good part hit and I was like WOW! (I jumped because I turned the volume up so I could hear the first part better and the burst of sound startled me)

  418. 418 WorldWalker128

    [..YouTube..] I wanted to get it off of the downloads for the Wii, but stupid-as-heck Nintendo hasn’t put it up yet!They’d make another million bucks worth of Wii cards if they did!

  419. 419 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, I know… It does suck, however, I think it might not be Nintendo’s fault. From what I hear, there’s copyright reasons why they can’t put it up. It wouldn’t really cost them anything to put it on the Virtual Console, so I’m sure they would if there wasn’t some reason, you know? I heard Mother 2 is on Japan’s VC, though I could be wrong… Anyhow, I’m sure something would be worked out.

  420. 420 harbourlunatic23

    [..YouTube..] ya i wouldnt answer just to listen lolzers

  421. 421 SuperLuigiI28

    [..YouTube..] Not really. Nintendo is just worrying about a lawsuit about the soundtrack being similar to other songs. So they’re just being retarded and worrying for no reason. Or at least that is my understanding, so correct me if I am wrong.

  422. 422 darthdragoon59

    [..YouTube..] “How is it ‘underrated’?”well..back in the 90s rpgs werent realy popular here in the us yet and in that huge box with the game and strategy guide costed around $70-$80 (WELL WORTH IT NOW) and the slogan u cant forget it “This game stinks!”(love that slogan :D)

  423. 423 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] *Sigh* Perhaps, at least you gave a good reply. Still, in today’s society, it’s one of the most popular SNES games still. Also, I heard that back in the day that the price lowered so much that you could have gotten it for 3$, however, those could be lies or something. Anyhow, I still feel like it’s getting overrated currently, you know? I mean, it’s a great game and I do love it very much, however, it feels like the jump was made only because of the influence of Super Smash Bros.

  424. 424 darthdragoon59

    [..YouTube..] true that probably how most fans like the series due to the smash series

  425. 425 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] Yeah *Sigh* Alot of them think I’m wrong about that or something, but don’t give any reason. Hell, I even gave reasons, true examples, and provided some evidence and they STILL didn’t like my idea that the influence in liking the game was made by the Smash Series. I’ve met 21 year old kids laughing at Earthbound and saying it’s hilarious when the humor was intended for much younger age groups. *Sigh* Anyhow, to be honest, I don’t like how the Earthbound fanbase has grown into this… “-.-

  426. 426 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] most people about it probably never played anything like the real game. they’ll all think that the most powerful thing’d be PSI Starstorm, nope, Multi Bottle Rocket (In single hits) ~800 to ~2300?

  427. 427 bobaneko

    [..YouTube..] what will happend if…..squar enix help on earthbound

  428. 428 Talchat4

    [..YouTube..] It would turn the nugget of gold that is Earthbound into the pile of shit that is Final Fantasy 7. If you were serious with your comment, then PLEASE get off the internet for at least two years.

  429. 429 JillSandwich93

    [..YouTube..] Do you really want the universe to explode that much? D:

  430. 430 cjn1414118

    [..YouTube..] Mother 2 is on Japanese VC.

  431. 431 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, I know XD I remember hearing that you could play the demo on the Japanese Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and I remember that the demos were made for games that were on the VC already, but they took it out since America didn’t have it. Japan doesn’t have to do with some of the crappy laws that America gives.

  432. 432 bobaneko

    [..YouTube..] he i just give in idea. shighs…

  433. 433 ChaosAura15

    [..YouTube..] Uh, no it’s not.

  434. 434 cjn1414118

    [..YouTube..] “Uh, no it’s not.” What’s not? Are you saying that Mother 2 is not on the Japanese virtual console, because it is on the VC there, just not in the U.S… or anywhere else for that matter.

  435. 435 bobaneko

    [..YouTube..] hey one question what u think if squar enix work whit a game of earthbound for a remake ?

  436. 436 cjn1414118

    [..YouTube..] I think that would be absolutely awful.

  437. 437 HelpfulFortress

    [..YouTube..] At this point, you should just go and kill yourself you FF cock sucker.

  438. 438 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] Then what was once an original and great franchise would be fucked up the ass. Like shitting on lobster thermidor.

  439. 439 ChaosAura15

    [..YouTube..] It’s not on VC anywhere in the world including Japan. On the Japanese site for Brawl, there’s a side note that says that Mother 2 is the only Masterpiece that still hasn’t been released on JP VC. It still hasn’t been released on VC anywhere as of yet. (And at this point, it looks like it won’t ever be released anywhere, due to copyright problems.)

  440. 440 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] Nope, I heard ESRB rated Earthbound.

  441. 441 cjn1414118

    [..YouTube..] That doesn’t mean anything at all.

  442. 442 cjn1414118

    [..YouTube..] Oh, then I must have heard wrong, my interpretation was that Mother 2 was released the day that Brawl came out in Japan. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  443. 443 Kingdom56

    [..YouTube..] This song really fits its name like first it has 8-bit epicness then it goes metal on you epicness

  444. 444 xXJaysonQXx

    [..YouTube..] Easily my favorite song from Earthbound. It has a very menacing and eerie feel to it.

  445. 445 InvaderZim897

    [..YouTube..] ESRB did rate EarthBound, but did you hear the news later on that it was a mistake? Really sucks, because once you hear that, you just think “Woah, it has a rating on the Wii platform! That tears it! There’s no way it’s not coming out! NO WAY!!”It found a way. =(

  446. 446 misanthropiclusion

    [..YouTube..] man final fantasy 7 is not bad but its true that is overrated as hell i still prefer FFVI tough but from my point of view from FF7 to *every ff to date* the pile of crap is just getting higher and higher

  447. 447 shadowslider11

    [..YouTube..] I remember the first time I heard this…I was like aw how cute *then the metal starts* HOLY SHIT!!! YEAH!!!

  448. 448 blaziken1234

    [..YouTube..] No really.Why doesn’t Nintendo just release Earthbound on the VC already?Law suits? Why are they worrying now? Half the references or songs that game has put in are already too old to be a HUGE copyright… Infact, they managed to release Earthbound in the first place, so why is it that 10 BLOODY YEARS LATER, Nintendo of America is worried about being sued?

  449. 449 JordinaryDude

    [..YouTube..] lmao, yeah.

  450. 450 GeneralCane

    [..YouTube..] The transition caught me off-guard when I was 6. Nearly shat myself. XD

  451. 451 Crash22203

    [..YouTube..] For some reason, I find Lier X. Agerate funny…(You get it?Lier X. Agerate?)

  452. 452 SegaMario

    [..YouTube..] The Scary Giygas Image maybe?

  453. 453 blaziken1234

    [..YouTube..] (Which was also in the original EB that was already released 10 years ago…)NoA freaken sucks. D:

  454. 454 BLARGHALT

    [..YouTube..] Pokey and his mech will fuck you up.

  455. 455 SephirothVsKratos

    [..YouTube..] Watch it bro. Earthbound is amazing, and I prefer it over FF7, but there’s no reason to hate on it man. It’s still good stuff, I think what people hate is the fanbase moreso than the game itself.

  456. 456 Dumbodog4

    [..YouTube..] noj rulez STUPID NOA IM MOVIN TO CANADA!

  457. 457 Airking4321


  458. 458 muserockshysteria101


  459. 459 SuperWiintendo

    [..YouTube..] I concur. You win a dumpster burger.

  460. 460 xXJaysonQXx

    [..YouTube..] Crash22203, I always found him hilarious, too… being that I lie about random, unimportant stuff too just to get a laugh.

  461. 461 gamer4567

    [..YouTube..] The only resort now is emulaters. same for Mother 3.

  462. 462 InvaderZim897

    [..YouTube..] Or eBay. Emulators are pretty much the only resort for Mother 3, though.

  463. 463 Airking4321


  464. 464 SuperWiintendo

    [..YouTube..] Oh, don’t worry. I’ll eat one for you to save you the trouble of deciding which to throw out.

  465. 465 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] I’ll give you your dumpster burger back thenBOO NOA.

  466. 466 SuperWiintendo

    [..YouTube..] :(Yea, I wish Mother 3 was in the US.

  467. 467 Dadevster2

    [..YouTube..] holy shit, annotation overload!

  468. 468 bubbadoo10

    [..YouTube..] 0:12 look at the bottom screen for my anosiosons (i promis you it is funny!!!)

  469. 469 SgtSmilies

    [..YouTube..] OH GAWDsooo many anotations!

  470. 470 SuperSaiyanSonix


  471. 471 TheNati4

    [..YouTube..] First I was like “wow, cute 8-Bit music! :D”But then.WOAH.IN.YOUR.FACE.Pokey seriously means more business than you’ll ever know.

  472. 472 luisete22

    [..YouTube..] Awesome song. And all of you looks like n0oBs putting that stupid annotations.

  473. 473 Iampigmask

    [..YouTube..] Holy shit on a pig.This video got raped hard by anotations.Oh and 96% of people “Like” earthbound because of this song and giygas. I bet if they played the damn game they would hate it.

  474. 474 Kmaster197

    [..YouTube..] Who the hell is HEATHER!!!!!!!! XXXXXXDDDDDDDD

  475. 475 Spectacular66

    [..YouTube..] Weirdest final boss fight ever. Creepy too…

  476. 476 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] You know i think the title should be renamed “the annotations mean business” because i think they stole the entire song, and i think pokey can’t really mean business with full screen annotations saying “PINGAS PINGAS PINGAS”(i know the snooping as usual joke)

  477. 477 Fryman28b

    [..YouTube..] Why do you think they would hate it? It’s a great game…

  478. 478 Iampigmask

    [..YouTube..] Well Because 90% of Earthbound’s Fan base only likes the game because of the music and giygas and not the for the gameplay. :(It makes me sad people just like this game because of the red RAAAGGGEEING face.This is just my opinion on this.

  479. 479 Damamee

    [..YouTube..] This song honestly got me interested in the Mother series. Although I haven’t played Earthbound much at all… Probably because compared to Mother 3 its realllly long.But yeah, the games,stories, characters and humor are awesome. “The Barrier Trio struck one final pose.It was spectacular.”

  480. 480 jumpman9793

    [..YouTube..] I’ve played through this game so many times I lost track of how many times I did it!

  481. 481 Iampigmask

    [..YouTube..] The -1s on both my comments say everything.Bashing = Bad. NonBashing = Good.Opinions? on youtube?GUESS NOT.

  482. 482 ilovemarioparty7

    [..YouTube..] i turned the annotations off after the giant one that said penis… O_e it was hella raped!!some people only do like it for this!

  483. 483 BronzeSoldat

    [..YouTube..] I played it and loved it.

  484. 484 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] alright,up vote me if you believe EARTHBOUND SHOULD BE RELEASED ON VCi want to see just how many people here really want it

  485. 485 truehiphop809

    [..YouTube..] fuck reggie.GO EARTHBOUND!!!!!!!!!!!YEA!this song is hardcore. cubed.

  486. 486 Airking4321


  487. 487 LindsayLethal

    [..YouTube..] I can’t beat this part on EarthBound… too many freaking enemies in the Cave of the Past.

  488. 488 ninjahacker2

    [..YouTube..] 3:28 Thats why this is called Mother

  489. 489 InvaderZim897

    [..YouTube..] I think it sounds a lot cooler on a SNES.I mean, that’s to be expected, but it sounds different in a few ways…

  490. 490 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] i want an actual SNES again for this and super metroid.

  491. 491 takanuva114

    [..YouTube..] AirKing4321, I’d give thumbs up but I’m on my wii.

  492. 492 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] oh thats too bad.try getting computer maybes XD

  493. 493 dandamaniac848

    [..YouTube..] If u look closely that is a FINAL STARMAN being piloted (WTF) by Ness…

  494. 494 shadowmanEXE3000

    [..YouTube..] Actually, dude, that’s Ness’s reflection in the Starman’s visor, my girlfriend pointed that out to me :) he’s at a lower angle looking up at the Starman.

  495. 495 ElectroBlade

    [..YouTube..] That Ness’ reflection.

  496. 496 obentozai

    [..YouTube..] Reggie doesn’t have balls.If he did, We’d have MOTHER 3 By now.

  497. 497 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] idk wut type of starman that is but that maybe when he first saw a starman with buzz-buzz trying to go bk from the meteor.

  498. 498 bobmaster321

    [..YouTube..] I think that he is call a Super Star man that does Pk Star Storm Omega and can kill you whole party if you don’t heal or beat him fast enough. Its been awhile since i played it so im not 100% sure.

  499. 499 BloodyGrovyle

    [..YouTube..] Mother 3 to America/Europe!!WE DONT WANT TO PLAY IN EMULATORS!!

  500. 500 20Set08

    [..YouTube..] YESSSS

  501. 501 KomaruMedare

    [..YouTube..] “Giygas is Wounded” was supposed to be in there too, but it made the Game Testers cry.

  502. 502 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] Then Nintendo could make even more money! Yay for business sense!

  503. 503 L0rdDeLtA

    [..YouTube..] That Starman is actually Final Starman. He is encountered in the Cave of the Past.

  504. 504 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] my cat is fat,my mom called her porky.i said “no, porky MINCH”she was like O_o-_-

  505. 505 InvaderZim897

    [..YouTube..] Huh. So Ness’ reflection in the visor should be robot Ness, not human Ness… I think it could actually be Starman Deluxe for that reason.

  506. 506 mario12345h

    [..YouTube..] fun fact about porky/pokeyThis is the slang definition for porky:A derogatory nickname applied to obese people.now Porky/Pokey is a bit obese, so this may be where his name came from.

  507. 507 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] ORLY?

  508. 508 tailslover3

    [..YouTube..] What did Reggie do, exactly? Copyright issues, or something?(Now Dali’s Clock is another thing altogether….)

  509. 509 SoulTheHedgehog

    [..YouTube..] nintendo arent gonna realese earthbound because of major copyrite lawyer issues, when NOA heard of this they had a meeting with NOJ. NOJ said they wont edit or change the game at all so they arent going.The dali clock,the pop and bettle references,stone henge and even the dungeon man song is a remix of sergeant chilli pepper (hope i got the band name right) is all copyrite.

  510. 510 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] Starman DX was silver., the one on the cover is gold, so it has to be starman super.

  511. 511 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] Sergent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Anyhow, The Beatles would honestly not care, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starrs aren’t fags who would do that. Also, a Landmark shouldn’t have copyrite laws, not sure about the Dali Clock thing, and the Blue Brothers wouldn’t exactly give 2 shits either I don’t think. Anyhow, Nintendo probably just hates the fanbase, but I don’t blame them much for doing so.

  512. 512 InvaderZim897

    [..YouTube..] Starman Super isn’t covered with spikes, though. Only Final Starman and Starman Deluxe have those. Final Starman is pinkish, though, not golden. Who knows, maybe it’s supposed to be the lighting. I still think it’s Starman Deluxe.

  513. 513 sonyvssnes

    [..YouTube..] i found that too XD

  514. 514 metaXzero

    [..YouTube..] You don’t THINK. Key word: think.NOA just doesn’t like the thought of getting sued for a fanbase. And unlike Capcom recently, they won’t try and work stuff out stuff with the copyright holders.

  515. 515 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] What do you mean I don’t think? If NOA actually take a second to think, they would know that if they went to Paul MCcartney and Ringo Starr about the issue, it’d take them little or no effort to get their approval. The Beatles are not douchebags. Anyhow, don’t make unnecessary statements just to put me down, it doesn’t make you look good, besides, after the disappointment of Street Fighter 4, I don’t care what the Hell capcom does.

  516. 516 metaXzero

    [..YouTube..] I was quoting your “I don’t think”. As in uncertainy.Some may not care, some MAY. If at least one copyright holder (just ONE) isn’t happy about their stuff being in Mother 3, it’ll never come to America.I brought up Capcom because they did manage to work everything out for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom to get released over here. But then, Capcom loves their fans more then most companies.

  517. 517 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] Sorry bout that, you didn’t make it quite clear. Also, Capcom wouldn’t have made so many flaws with Street Fighter 4 and put so much mainstream if they actually cared about their fans, it tore my heart apart. Anyhow, I assure you The Beatles would not give 2 shits if Earthbound came to America, and they would probably even find it heartwarming to know that the game was named after a song by Lennon. I’m sure there’s another reason Nintendo doesn’t want to bring it over… Though I won’t say what

  518. 518 metaXzero

    [..YouTube..] Well with SFIV, they were trying to get the success that SFIII (great as it is) didn’t. It’s director had a hard enough time getting the green light since Capcom’s attitude was “SFIII didn’t succeed, so no more Street Fighter” :/Well that’s one holder. But the Beatles aren’t the only ones who have the ability to sue here. Like I said, all it takes is one holder to say “I don’t want my music in that game” or “I don’t want my likeness in that game” and Mother 3 will not fly.Other reason?

  519. 519 Siberianhusky89

    [..YouTube..] Personally, I think that Nintendo of America isn’t too fond ot the Earthbound fanbase, then again, they haven’t been going at it too well the way they have. Anyhow, I think that’s a main reason why Nintendo of America isn’t giving in to the Earthbound fanbase, or else they would have gone around trying to do something, but that’s just my theory, I could be wrong.

  520. 520 metaXzero

    [..YouTube..] If it has anything to do with the fanbase, I assume NOA has this presumption that Mother’s fanbase is too small to profit. They might still be sore about how Earthbound bombed back in the 90s and just think the Earthbound series won’t sale over here.

  521. 521 Mephiles200108420

    [..YouTube..] Three minutes and thirty nine seconds of pure epicness!

  522. 522 mediamaster127

    [..YouTube..] such a cool song, specially that metal cosplay (if that’s the right term)

  523. 523 DaFox765

    [..YouTube..] DaFox765 uses PK Thunder Ω on FFVII fanboys!SMAAAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!!!!!! 99999 damage!SMAAAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!!!!!! 99999 damage!SMAAAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!!!!!! 99999 damage!SMAAAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!!!!!! 99999 damage!O-O-O-OVERKILL!You won!DaFox765 gains 1337 overkill points.DaFox765 gains 1 XP.

  524. 524 Mattdamaster

    [..YouTube..] Man, that song is badass. It starts off as a classic song and then breaks out into metal! xD

  525. 525 Quakeulf

    [..YouTube..] ǝǝɹɥʇuoןoɔ :3

  526. 526 Quakeulf

    [..YouTube..] Colonthree. Colonthree. Call on three. Colonthree. Colonthree. Colonthree. Colonthree. Columnthree. Colonthree. Colonthree. Collonthree. Colonthree.

  527. 527 DevinsFavoriteVideos

    [..YouTube..] Oy,I missed,this theme,Full of win!Full of,WIN!

  528. 528 shinkenneth

    [..YouTube..] I thought cosplay is dressing up as a fictional character. =/

  529. 529 ElectroBlade

    [..YouTube..] Fail comment is fail

  530. 530 Bonechill734

    [..YouTube..] It may actually have to do with the sheer amount of stuff you can get away with in Japan- e.g. Frank’s obsession with knives, the KKK-like Happy Happy cult and the Energising Mushrooms and coffee that send you on acid trips- that you can’t get away with here. I reckon it would take quite a bit of screwing with the program to change these, and by the end of it, Earthbound would be barely Earthbound at all.

  531. 531 DaFox765

    [..YouTube..] And this is another reason I hate the shitty youtube comment rating system.

  532. 532 Yurikon3

    [..YouTube..] Never underestimate your nosey neighborhood-kid!

  533. 533 Yurikon3

    [..YouTube..] Earthbound is… Very interesting. It was same time very cute and childish, enemies we’re usually like ‘Whopi-Dopie’-pals from ‘Dinka-Dinka’-land, but especially in the end, the game showed up its uber-dark side with its images of children fears, which can’t be helped. Other game, which is kinda alike is Yoshi’s island. Usually cute but also little scary.I myself played it on emulator and though it didn’t zooped to my top ten faves, I must say it was… Well, emotion at least… Beautiful game.

  534. 534 MilanJ4

    [..YouTube..] I wonder if there are guitar tabs for this? I really wanna play this.

  535. 535 MilanJ4

    [..YouTube..] I gotta learn how to play this, this is awesome!

  536. 536 Rooty98

    [..YouTube..] 1:20

  537. 537 guatedude13

    [..YouTube..] oh dude! this would be so good! so…it starts out with a not too distorted guitar playing, then you know how the song becomes more heavy? then the guitar should be distorted to a metal level. enough to where you can still hear the notes clearly

  538. 538 noeyedeer2jk89sx

    [..YouTube..] The coffee wasn’t drugged :P,Mr Saturn was the embodiment of innocence, his text font was that of a little girls, the coffee wasn’t drugged, it was simply one of the typical pschadelic backgrounds to lighten up the major dialogue going on at the time and some cool music.

  539. 539 garfocus

    [..YouTube..] Yeah sure pokey means buisness, but not as much as giygas!!!

  540. 540 OsakaLover

    [..YouTube..] And in this case, the nosey part hold true xD

  541. 541 chosentonessournotes

    [..YouTube..] What the fuck are you talking about?


    [..YouTube..] LMAO. That was my reaction too.

  543. 543 guatedude13

    [..YouTube..] -_- stfu….

  544. 544 AnonymousVoid

    [..YouTube..] A remix for the song.I once found a rock version that came close to that. Hhowever, when it should start to get heavy, it just switches tunes rather than to get a boulder on snares.

  545. 545 1kingclover

    [..YouTube..] giygas is serious fucking business.

  546. 546 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] i kinda can…the main theme, but not the background at the same time….

  547. 547 Cappy7359

    [..YouTube..] i love how it starts out 8 bit then turns into 16 bit metal

  548. 548 Zabuza1981

    [..YouTube..] I’d like to learn how to play drums,just so that I could play this song in concerts…

  549. 549 Duklaham

    [..YouTube..] why does every one like this music so much its not as good as the music where you fight giygas by him self you know the actual final boss music

  550. 550 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] I like them both…

  551. 551 POTATOESLOL

    [..YouTube..] Listen to the kick pedal at 1:31. SO FAST…

  552. 552 DisasterScar

    [..YouTube..] Have you guys noticed that the Star men always have their arms on their hips? I mean are they pissed off or something? You can’t tell by their eyes cause you can’t see the dang things.

  553. 553 garfocus

    [..YouTube..] Neither pokey nor giygas mean buisness MR SATURN means buisness! Dakota!

  554. 554 Kaythekiller1

    [..YouTube..] Zip! Zoom! Boing!

  555. 555 robloxandpikminfan

    [..YouTube..] porky means buisness. chuck norris makes it his.

  556. 556 Unknownperon1


  557. 557 Musicman11389

    [..YouTube..] The first time I ever fought Giygas, he used “PSI Rockin’” RIGHT at 0:54. Scared the $h*t outta me

  558. 558 Febattle

    [..YouTube..] If you look closely at his visor… you can see Ness crapping himself. I’m serious.

  559. 559 garfocus

    [..YouTube..] Giygas could not grasp the true form of his own attack!he slapped pokey!Pokey turned into weegee!Ness: That’s it i’m outta here.

  560. 560 EdtheBlueNinjaYoshi4

    [..YouTube..] Should’ve been in Brawl.

  561. 561 supermario64RULEZ

    [..YouTube..] oh i see…the black dot thingy in his visor…lol

  562. 562 LinkDaBoss

    [..YouTube..] this song is…. HOT. i’m currently fighting Giygas now.

  563. 563 tarantula707

    [..YouTube..] lemme think…DUH

  564. 564 LinkDaBoss

    [..YouTube..] that’s ODD. that happened with me too!

  565. 565 gregrox101

    [..YouTube..] who is inside the starman

  566. 566 FrameRate22

    [..YouTube..] Ness

  567. 567 POTATOESLOL

    [..YouTube..] ness

  568. 568 kowsky1

    [..YouTube..] Damn that would be awesome

  569. 569 MilanJ4

    [..YouTube..] Hes not inside, its his reflection from the visor.

  570. 570 TheBoffboy95

    [..YouTube..] im pplaying this game on emulator-its freakin hard!!

  571. 571 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Sorry to break it to you guys but unless you have a ton of cash to buy an old copy, piracy like Emulation and ROMs are the only way you’ll ever get to play Earthbound, you see due to stupid legal issues with the game’s music and pop culture refferences and Nintendo of Japan not letting Nintendo of America change anything, Earthbound is going to remain buried, don’t feel bad about having to resort to piracy a lot of the EB fans were force to do that in order to play the game.

  572. 572 BronzeSoldat

    [..YouTube..] That’s why Nintendo sucks complete dick up the butt.

  573. 573 farimer888

    [..YouTube..] I got lucky with this game. I stillhave the origainal version on the SNES.

  574. 574 tlay10

    [..YouTube..] weegee used begalNESS toke MORTAL DAMAGE PAULA toke MORTAL DAMAGE JEFF toke MORTAL DAMAGE POO shat bricks

  575. 575 bitemytail

    [..YouTube..] took

  576. 576 Elaunikum

    [..YouTube..] just started playing the game on emulator, and i love it. Wish i could play the snes version. :(

  577. 577 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] i am!FINALLY.

  578. 578 xenowing85

    [..YouTube..] this song was the perfect intro to the final battle with giygas.

  579. 579 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] No don’t blame Nintendo not the American branch or Japanese branch, Nintendo of America’s lawyers are just trying to keep the company from being sued, going to court costs a lot of money and add that on top of all the people who want to sue them and they could lose a lot of it, they are willing to release it if they could make changes,. also don’t blame the Japanese branch either as they just want people to have the same overall experience on Virtual Console as the people did *2bcont.*

  580. 580 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] as they just want people to have the same experience on the Virtual Console that the one on the SNES one gave people, its no one persons fault, if you want to place blame blame it towards how copyright laws are handled these days and the people who would sue Nintendo for Earthbound’s music sounding similar to their’s for it. I mean you know how stupid copyright laws have gotten these days, just look at how this website, Youtube itself has gotten due to how dumb that law has been getting.

  581. 581 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] A better question is, why weren’t any tracks from Mother 2 in Brawl? They had ones from Mother 1 and Mother 3, but they didn’t have a single music track from the second Mother game, they could have at least let Fourside’s theme come back on the Onett stage or something but they didn’t even let that theme return.

  582. 582 tlay10

    [..YouTube..] that creepy as hell

  583. 583 BronzeSoldat

    [..YouTube..] That makes absolutely no sense at all.

  584. 584 namanicha

    [..YouTube..] on the onett stage there is mother 2 music, only one song but hey, there is at least 1 mother 2 song and thats better then none right?

  585. 585 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] There actually were not any Mother 2 tracks in Brawl. When I say Mother 2 music, I mean music that originated from Mother 2 and the two tracks in the Onett stage’s music (Pollyanna, Bein’ Friends, Eight Melodies, and the tune entering a battle) all originated from Mother 1, in fact I even saw for Myself that there wasn’t one Mother music track that got it’s start on Mother 2 and not Mother 1 or Mother 3, I think there might be some lost tracks from it but I don’t know.

  586. 586 juan5557903

    [..YouTube..] Pokey looks creepy when you battle him.

  587. 587 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Are you still talking to me? If you want I could send you a website and one Let’s Play Mother 3 video that both explain it better than I can, in fact I’ll just go ahead and do that, because its really not Nintendo’s fault. Both sides would be willing to release it for VC but just disagree on things concerning changes (you know one side wanting to change stuff to avoid lawsuits the other not wanting them to so the experience can remain the same).

  588. 588 carrs11

    [..YouTube..] I really hope they release Earthbound for VC! We never got to play this game in UK! :D

  589. 589 BronzeSoldat

    [..YouTube..] Maybe you should calm down and listen to the truth, all that shit is bullshit.

  590. 590 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Fine, delude yourself, ignorance is bliss anyways, I’ve got better things to do than try to talk some reason into someone with such a hard thick head who refuses to listen or accpet the fact that the music from the game sound similar to old famous songs or that the game has Beatles’ references, personally I’m not going to place blame on Nintendo, you can foolishy still do it if you want but I’m not going to make an idiot of Myself.

  591. 591 BronzeSoldat

    [..YouTube..] But thats the thing, the game REFERENCES to the Beatles and such on purpose, that doesn’t make Nintendo unable to rerelease the game on the VC. I mean, it just doesn’t make any sense.

  592. 592 Kaythekiller1

    [..YouTube..] i can 99.999999997% gaurentee it wont.

  593. 593 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Heck thats the whole point, I mean sure the reason is stupid but its not Nintendo’s fault that these stupid famous people want to sue them. I mean is it the people who upload parody videos using footage of shows that are on Viacom’s networks fault that their videos parodying the shows are taken down and their accounts deleted because Viacom has Youtube take down anything that has even the least bit of footage from their shows? Same thing with Nintendo, its not their fault but the famous artist’s

  594. 594 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Yeah unless you’re playing on an emulator, I kind of wish I could hear it how it was supposed to sound, I really wish stupid legal issues weren’t preventing a virtual console release so I could hear the tracks the true way they were intended to be heard (we all know the Wii would emulate the game almost exact as to how it was on the SNES all the way back).

  595. 595 meca6499

    [..YouTube..] epic!

  596. 596 SaltyGrogDrink

    [..YouTube..] Who knew the evil in Porky’s heart (what littlehe had) could corrupt him so far. After the effects of Giygas were gone, he just turned back into a selfish brat-whose mind had tasted the ultime evil.This theme threw me when i first heard it-it didn’t have that had bass to it most Starmen related songshad-then i did. Ha! I was shocked.

  597. 597 gregrox101

    [..YouTube..] hah now i see. ness looks excited to see him

  598. 598 psyguy08

    [..YouTube..] good thing I still own the snes and earthbound

  599. 599 Dragnorok1

    [..YouTube..] I often feel like this song was a heavy influence in me eventually liking metal music as an adult. I was a big country music fan when this game came out… lol\m/ Metal \m/ I’m gonna listen to this again and bang my head.

  600. 600 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, I kind of did the same thing with My N64 concerning Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie as I would never be able to afford and Xbox 360 and I followed Nintendo all the way to the generation of the Wii anyways. Still cherish that copy of Earthbound and that SNES, and even though the game is worth a ton don’t ever sell it, you’re one of the lucky few who still has the game and can play it the way it was meant to be. But people like Me who hate the legal issues would do anything for a re-release.

  601. 601 psyguy08

    [..YouTube..] I would never dream of selling Earthbound. I got it the day it came out

  602. 602 link123175

    [..YouTube..] Worst part is its not going out on VC for wii….

  603. 603 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] but that’s why i saved up $150 in a week and bought a snes and earthbound and now i’m playin it and it is so FUCKING AWESOME!!1!!11

  604. 604 FirestormChameleon

    [..YouTube..] The Heavily Armed Pokey discharged a very stinky gas!

  605. 605 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] He’s actually pretty easy if you went well prepared like DarkLink9393 is telling you how to be, if you did go well prepared then only the experience of the fight is intense (I mean its a mindf**king one) but the battle in terms of beating him is easy, and if you think this SNES game is hard you need to check out its prepared to be localized yet never came to be NES Prequel: Mother 1/Earthbound 0. That game is much harder than Earthbound/Mother 2, Earthbound is a cakewalk compared to that game.

  606. 606 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Well I guess that would mean you also got the Players guide and scratch ‘n’ Sniff cards (unless they were thrown away) but anyways I guess those things have to be one of your most vaulable and cherished (if not your most valubale and cherished) treasures in the world to this day, heck I know it has to be one of the most important things in the world to you. I’ve looked at the guide online but I’m kind of glad I don’t own one as it would have wound up in terrible condition like My other guides.

  607. 607 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Ok, why did My comment get thumbs downed? If its because I said I played Earthbound Emulated, I’d like to tell you I don’t have much choice, I mean do you see how much people charge for a copy of the game and how rare it is to find it and thats not even counting if it came with everything it did back then. My family isn’t exactly wealthy to be able to afford everything and the current state the economy is in doesn’t help either and niether does the games legal issues, so I don’t have much choice

  608. 608 CaptainWindie

    [..YouTube..] I would REALLY love to hear this theme on a pipe organ. Especially the first part.

  609. 609 psyguy08

    [..YouTube..] Yeah I still have the guide and the scratch n’ sniff things we’re in the guide itself. they still have a stench to them too :D

  610. 610 jamieburnin

    [..YouTube..] Dont they have the shop song from mother 2 or is that also the shop song from Earthbound Zero I forget I havent played it for a while

  611. 611 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] If you mean “Humoresque of a little dog”, well I got confused with that one too, that shop music also originated in Mother 1/Earthbound 0 its just it wasn’t played too much throughout the game and not a whole lot of people have played the first Mother so they get confused, so no, there are no Mother songs that originated from Mother 2 in Brawl, there might be some lost tracks of ones that did but they could also just be Music that could have worked that people just think are lost tracks.

  612. 612 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Ah, well I hope they’re both in good condition and not all thrashed like My Banjo-Kazooi eand Banjo-Tooie guides from being overused for playthroughs of the game too much, though knowing you you probably have taken care of them as if they were one of your body parts required to live, though since I can’t smell (My nose is always nearly clogged) the scratch and sniff cards probably wouldn’t be much use to Me, I do wonder what each was supposed to smell like as I only know the mystery Pizza one.

  613. 613 earthBoundify

    [..YouTube..] I love this song it is one of my favorite videogame songs

  614. 614 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] there is, just look at tah RELATED videos and click on the remix with the RED background

  615. 615 Diamondkid777

    [..YouTube..] Ness’s Offense went down by 12Paula’s Offense went down by 15Jeff’s Offense went down by 10Poo’s Offense went down by 7,985 lol

  616. 616 porkyminc

    [..YouTube..] Porky music is hot

  617. 617 pieboy6000

    [..YouTube..] When i first heard this, it was on a video someone was doing and i thought, oh boy, 8bit music, then it went to rock type part. I fell in love with it. The 8bit like part (maybe 16bit IDK) is kinda nice. I love this theme :)

  618. 618 lawarsi

    [..YouTube..] i am going to cover this. so far ive figured out about half the parts

  619. 619 Armalizilto

    [..YouTube..] Oh no, it’s the fat-ass’s 8-bit to ultra kick-ass villainy song!

  620. 620 lozzaaa15

    [..YouTube..] lol

  621. 621 lboy9889

    [..YouTube..] has anyone ever noticed ness’s reflection in the starman visor?

  622. 622 2autmom

    [..YouTube..] giygas tried psi rockin omega100 hp damege to DavidAmy toke mortal damge100 hp damge to Richard100 hp damge to christineAmy is down!David tries psi fire89 damge to giygasRichard uses bottle of rockets90 hp damge to giygaschristine tries psi roblox1000 hp damge to giygas

  623. 623 fludd121

    [..YouTube..] y is the princes name poo?XD lol rofl

  624. 624 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] Porky has actually meant(did) business twice.Everyone who has gotten past Scaraba will understand what I mean.I loled so hard…

  625. 625 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] Christine is Ness?David is Paula?Richard is Jeff?Amy is Poo?-_-

  626. 626 2autmom

    [..YouTube..] NOme is nessamy is paularichard is jeffand christine is poogod!because me and christine have psi roblox! and psi fire is psi move noob!

  627. 627 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] whatevs.

  628. 628 Mutough

    [..YouTube..] One of the single greatest pieces of video game music.

  629. 629 guatedude13

    [..YouTube..] XD you can still smell it! it’s still not that old you know..

  630. 630 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] And that it’s the only rememberance left of Porky, and it sums up his character pretty well…

  631. 631 arkides

    [..YouTube..] I can never unsee it.

  632. 632 girrocks12

    [..YouTube..] mother 1 and mother 2=enemy is gyigasMother 2 and Mother 3=Enemy is pokey/porky

  633. 633 Megamaniac610

    [..YouTube..] this song is fucking metal

  634. 634 linkinman84

    [..YouTube..] lol did anyone notice that you can see Ness in the reflection of the Starman’s helmet/visor thing? i just noticed.

  635. 635 MrtIstheLionKing

    [..YouTube..] Buzz Buzz- NIGGAH STOLE MAH FUTURE

  636. 636 vihannes3

    [..YouTube..] and Mother 2 is Earthbound.

  637. 637 gent777

    [..YouTube..] yeah…maybe that’s why the title was named that.the 8-bit part was like, “meh, i can kick pokey’s ass no sweat.”then it goes into rock mode, “OMG!!! he’s really serious about killing us!!!”

  638. 638 mrohnoes

    [..YouTube..] This is ULTIMATE PWNAGE, especially the rock part

  639. 639 Pcfan11

    [..YouTube..] I’ve noticed this sounds like pokeys theme, which sounded like the starman theme

  640. 640 Gaomon752

    [..YouTube..] Jokey means busiNESS Master Dorky’s theme

  641. 641 WolfyPsycho

    [..YouTube..] Damn! No wonder Gregg likes Pokey! THIS MUSIC FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!!! *bangs her head in the air*

  642. 642 WolfyPsycho

    [..YouTube..] Yes I do! I’m like, “UGH! Gross! LOL!”

  643. 643 chosentonessournotes

    [..YouTube..] I plan on getting a tattoo of Giygas. I mean, how much cooler does the embodiment of everything evil get?

  644. 644 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] Well there is a rug of Giygas…so…

  645. 645 Drouge87

    [..YouTube..] If only he didn’t break his own mind with his power!

  646. 646 Gaomon752

    [..YouTube..] pokeys just mad cuz ness stopped hapyism so pokeyz not famous anymore and he is jealous of ness cuz he gotta girlfriend and appeared in all the ssb games

  647. 647 Ultim874

    [..YouTube..] Captain Falcon? Mr. T? Saxton Hale?

  648. 648 SirJamster

    [..YouTube..] Do it.I might get one too.YOU CANNOT GRASP THE TRUE FORM OF THE GIYGAS TWIN TATTOOS!

  649. 649 RyanSharp

    [..YouTube..] Pokey officially starting meaning business at :54

  650. 650 Andrewxx20

    [..YouTube..] Coolest person in that is buzz buzz.. come on guys.. he was bad assR.I.P BUZZ BUZZ!!!

  651. 651 xheartlessx3

    [..YouTube..] HE DIED WHEN YOU BEARLY MET HIM!That aint cool.

  652. 652 thewarriorforce


  653. 653 saturnmason

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means buisness**buisness as in his crap lying out in the middle of Scaraba.

  654. 654 Metalheadgamingnerd

    [..YouTube..] Damn, headbanging to video game music. Bit different.

  655. 655 PikminOxidane

    [..YouTube..] Giygas and its cohort attacked!5 of 5 stars.

  656. 656 pieboy6000

    [..YouTube..] Because of Pokey’s Mother.

  657. 657 CalebTheTimeTraveler

    [..YouTube..] Part of the reason every 12 year old shit their pants during this battle is because it changes from Snes Beeps and Boops to a Mother Fucking Metal song, while this fucking distorted screaming face hits you with something you can’t understand.

  658. 658 noeyedeer2jk89sx

    [..YouTube..] Maybe she’s more powerful than Giygas D:

  659. 659 xheartlessx3

    [..YouTube..] I know. :/

  660. 660 dude5639

    [..YouTube..] pokeys a bitch

  661. 661 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] “you can’t grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack!”

  662. 662 YoMomma868958

    [..YouTube..] wow. Original.

  663. 663 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] sarcasm. i know everyone says it but i couldn’t resist :)

  664. 664 YoMomma868958

    [..YouTube..] Neither could I, lol sorry. No hard feelings.

  665. 665 thewarriorforce

    [..YouTube..] i want to play this game… does anyone have any links to play this game?

  666. 666 Luigifan2000

    [..YouTube..] Powerglove should cover this!

  667. 667 cofeewolf

    [..YouTube..] besides the fact that your fighting in the interior of a vagina against an evil fertilized egg cell……no i`m not shiting you…this time

  668. 668 Noheartless

    [..YouTube..] Just dowload a Snes emulator, and get the rom…easy <3

  669. 669 Ronso158

    [..YouTube..] Pokey Means business in the final battle and in Scaraba XD

  670. 670 CalebTheTimeTraveler

    [..YouTube..] Technically a Fetus can’t be Evil. But that’s just a Theory. The Mother Fucking Metal song is a known scary as fuck fact.

  671. 671 genowhril809

    [..YouTube..] Pokey trys to kill ness an his friends but ness killa giygas and nearly pwns pokeythen in mother 3 pokey…*avoids spoiling*

  672. 672 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] none taken

  673. 673 nintendork67

    [..YouTube..] because pokey’s mom’s a bitch.

  674. 674 Denthedragon

    [..YouTube..] Don’t you just hate it when they tear into you?

  675. 675 MilanJ4

    [..YouTube..] Not much cooler man, go for it!

  676. 676 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Ohhh sorry, unless you have a SNES and a ton of money to afford a copy on eBay or somewhere your best bet is emulation and roms but I can’t tell you where to get such things as they’re illegal, yeah I know that sucks doesn’t it? Well you can blame the greedy people who would sue Nintendo for the tracks that sound similar to their music and other issues for it not coming to Wii VC, though honestly the ROMs and Emulators aren’t hard to find if you know where to look, and thats all I’ll say.

  677. 677 thewarriorforce

    [..YouTube..] dont wrry i download emulator and game BOING

  678. 678 MajorD23

    [..YouTube..] i own a nintendo 64 emulater legelly cuase i have one since i was 6 or 4 and im 11

  679. 679 Konrad14113

    [..YouTube..] I don’t think it works like that.

  680. 680 mariobrosfan1995

    [..YouTube..] pokey did his buisiness in Scaraba if you know what i mean

  681. 681 PuppySeizure

    [..YouTube..] The best part is defintely when the guitar rolls in.

  682. 682 Pro21xx

    [..YouTube..] something wrong with the theme, like a little more peachy nosie i hear in the background.

  683. 683 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] Ok could we please stop thumbs downing My comments when I mention emulation, I don’t like suggesting it or playing that way anymore than the next person, I would gladly play Earthbound a legal way if I could, heck as soon as I had enough points I would buy it off Virtual Console as soon as I could, I really want to be able to say there was an easier way to play and be able to play legally but just look at the price of the thing on eBbay and if you look at how much it costs when it comes *2bcont.

  684. 684 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] and if you look at how much the thing costs if it comes with everything it did when it first came out its even worse and really bad when it actually is brand new (with the exception of only one copy) I wish I could say it’s going to be released on Virtual Console but just look at Earthbound Central’s Earthbound and Legal issues stuff and the list of stuff there isn’t even all the legal issues the game has, so the game isn’t coming to virtual console anytime soon *2bcont.*

  685. 685 Gleasonator

    [..YouTube..] Yes, it is illegal to download this game.However, I do not feel it is morally wrong. The original artists, Nintendo, no longer have any way of allowing their fans to purchase the game. The only way to obtain it is to purchase it from a third party, in which no money goes to Nintendo. No, it is not the same as stealing a car. Files can be replicated, cars can’t.

  686. 686 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] so the game isn’t coming to Virtual Console anytime soon (or pretty much ever if copyright laws don’t change or Nintendo takes the chance to go to court and use the parody act as an excuse which is highly unlikely as it costs a ton to go to court and with all the similar sounding things and other stuff that means multiple visits and the last one is if Nintendo of Japan allows changes which is also unlikely as they don’t want the game’s experience ruined) I’d like to be able to *2bcont.*

  687. 687 Thenumber1yoshi

    [..YouTube..] I’d like to be able to play legally and for there to be a way for others to legally play that wasn’t so expensive as much as anyone in fact I even swore if Earthbound saw a Virtual Console release I’d stop playing Emulated and play the right way, but seeing how many problems there are in the way its understandable why I choose Emulation , believe Me I’m only one of the many, I would play legally if I could but theres too much issues with pricey old copies and legal stuff preventing a VC release.

  688. 688 KIRBYofUNKO

    [..YouTube..] DEATH METAL!!!

  689. 689 atza20

    [..YouTube..] actually this game is gonna come to virtual console

  690. 690 memoriesofrem

    [..YouTube..] *hugs his copy of Earthbound*

  691. 691 luckjes112

    [..YouTube..] Gyigas looks kinda like a sabletooth tigerbut anyway awesome music and stuff

  692. 692 soldier24456

    [..YouTube..] mother 3 was gonna be on nintendo 64 but it faded then we got gameboy

  693. 693 genowhril809

    [..YouTube..] *game stops due to giygas’ epicness*FUCK!

  694. 694 zooyorkchild45

    [..YouTube..] Ness:Pokey you stupid fuck your in for it now pokey rreleases Vicious gas ness , paula , poo , jeff un-effected poo tries to transform into giygas . . . IT WORKED pokey : HOLY F*** IM OUTA HERE Poo: oh no you dont yah backstabbing bastard Poo unleashes fury . . . does 11200 damge to pokey Giygas: OHH SNAP

  695. 695 Darkraiworld

    [..YouTube..] Did anyone here know that pokey means buisness?

  696. 696 randomfan1

    [..YouTube..] You can not grasp the true form of the sequel, thats why it didnt come out in America.

  697. 697 crosswire40

    [..YouTube..] *Becomes Jelous and wishes he had his own copy of Earthbound*

  698. 698 randomfan1

    [..YouTube..] Hehe, I just bought an origional copy for $90 :P

  699. 699 CaptainZef

    [..YouTube..] I got mine from a garage sale the other day for like, 10 bucks.xDD;

  700. 700 foamyfan231

    [..YouTube..] Gameboy Advance to be specific but still WTF! Never got in US that sucked

  701. 701 Darkraiworld

    [..YouTube..] Too bad this wasnt brought out in the UK…WHY!?!? *Goes on mental rage*

  702. 702 randomfan1

    [..YouTube..] You lucky bastard! Oh, and the guy who sold it for 10 bucks is a f*cking STUPID bastard.

  703. 703 YoMomma868958

    [..YouTube..] No.

  704. 704 billy1273

    [..YouTube..] And you… will be just another meal to him……*Game Freezes*Well time to restart!…[Saves Deleted]

  705. 705 DerCruiseShip

    [..YouTube..] I love how in this song you can FEEL the change over. At the start its still the fun, quirky game you’ve been playing, facing off against your neighbor. It follows through with the music, a throwback to the old days of NES music. Then the battle goes on and slowly your life starts to go down…Then you realize this isnt some silly, quirky game anymore. Your neighbor wants you dead. The epitome of all evil stares you in the face, through your own face. Then the real song kicks in.

  706. 706 Ominona001

    [..YouTube..] 0:54 and on. OH. MY. GOD.

  707. 707 Ominona001

    [..YouTube..] Now I know.

  708. 708 MarkusKratz

    [..YouTube..] I got my copy from a pawn shop and luckily I got it for $25

  709. 709 a1ez11

    [..YouTube..] i thought this was giygases theme

  710. 710 sonyvssnes

    [..YouTube..] that happened on kirby dream land 2 once

  711. 711 edracon

    [..YouTube..] it is.. but Pokey Means Business is the name of the song.

  712. 712 a1ez11

    [..YouTube..] k, might as well call it porkey means serious buisness, {porkey is his true name right ? }

  713. 713 rocker1296

    [..YouTube..] this song plays during first phase so it’s the battle theme

  714. 714 a1ez11

    [..YouTube..] i know, cant you believe it ?

  715. 715 rocker1296

    [..YouTube..] yes

  716. 716 a1ez11


  717. 717 katfromoutside

    [..YouTube..] omfg it’s pokey’s theme let’s just say that…

  718. 718 a1ez11

    [..YouTube..] alright cool

  719. 719 katfromoutside

    [..YouTube..] haha (not trying to sound mad cause i’m not cause that would be dumb if i were mad about this…)

  720. 720 a1ez11

    [..YouTube..] k….

  721. 721 katfromoutside

    [..YouTube..] :P haha

  722. 722 GaseousNobility

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means business? Giygas means more business than Pokey ever thought of.

  723. 723 YoMomma868958

    [..YouTube..] So true…

  724. 724 a1ez11

    [..YouTube..] lol 0:54 snes death metal at its finest

  725. 725 redstar993

    [..YouTube..] Giygas doesn’t mean business. Giygas is the entire economy.

  726. 726 YoMomma868958

    [..YouTube..] You cannot comprehend Pokey’s business!

  727. 727 whichDude

    [..YouTube..] what other snes game has metal in it? i can not grasp the true form of what you are saying!

  728. 728 a1ez11

    [..YouTube..] true metal, snes or none !!!

  729. 729 FretsawOrion

    [..YouTube..] That explains… well, everything.

  730. 730 killaman777

    [..YouTube..] Battletoads?

  731. 731 Ekunaht

    [..YouTube..] Too bad everyone glorifies this song way too much.Try “You’ve come far Ness”

  732. 732 Chibistic

    [..YouTube..] We glorify this because it’s insanely awesome (especially for an SNES song).”You’ve come far Ness” is okay, but not as good.

  733. 733 Ekunaht

    [..YouTube..] Maybe I just like the slow songs better.

  734. 734 smilyfacekilla

    [..YouTube..] :30 - :46 is my fav

  735. 735 shroopliss

    [..YouTube..] I wonder if Porky’s Porkies was made Retro just because part of this song was, too?

  736. 736 Jazzthefictional

    [..YouTube..] This song is 16-Bit EpicNess!!

  737. 737 zsternin1

    [..YouTube..] im mad at myself for laughing at that.

  738. 738 zsternin1

    [..YouTube..] No. And no.

  739. 739 YoMomma868958

    [..YouTube..] Why are you mad?

  740. 740 a1ez11

    [..YouTube..] k…

  741. 741 ultimatechimera11

    [..YouTube..] epic win of a song(:epic win of a soundtrack(:epic win of a game(:

  742. 742 DarkTheYoshi

    [..YouTube..] I cant get enough of this song

  743. 743 juan5557903

    [..YouTube..] This tune is sinister.

  744. 744 RCT3Crashes100

    [..YouTube..] I think thats true. But, Pokey’s Porkies is a Remix of Mr. Batty’s Twist as well

  745. 745 RCT3Crashes100

    [..YouTube..] NessQuick!

  746. 746 shroopliss

    [..YouTube..] Yeah I wish they had made something more unique for the fight against the Porky Bots.When I used to live in Brazil a few years back you could get a copy of EB for about $15 used…and then I go on Ebay and some crazy feller’s selling it for $1,000. Wtf?Must go back there and get a copy…only then will I die H….a….p…….p..y…

  747. 747 KIRBYofUNKO

    [..YouTube..] DEATH METAL EVER!

  748. 748 JadeDude09

    [..YouTube..] Yes. And yes.

  749. 749 KHorbust

    [..YouTube..] My life will not be complete until I get a working Snes, and a copy of this game permanently glued to the inside of it

  750. 750 Negative1One

    [..YouTube..] I don’t think that’s good for the game or the SNES.

  751. 751 earearman

    [..YouTube..] hehe i bought mine for $5 good conditon

  752. 752 Meatfortoeat

    [..YouTube..] Wouldn’t it be eazior to just download zsnes and get the ROM ?

  753. 753 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] well ive done that, and yes, my life is complete.or at least it will fully be so when i get mother 3 too.

  754. 754 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] i love music that has a great beat to it that i can move to and yeah, i DO like some rap songs…but THIS song… right at 1:47… is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PART, i love this song!

  755. 755 starwars96

    [..YouTube..] yeah. but ive looked everywhre. the snes, oh thats decintly priced, about $80.00 max. but the game is about $75.99 at the LEAST where ever i look.

  756. 756 BushidoMH

    [..YouTube..] A kid with a baseball bat beats the crap out of the final boss while death metal plays??This game is the fucking shit.

  757. 757 LotusGramarye

    [..YouTube..] lol yeah. and I’ve always found it funny how if whejn you’re talking about something and you add “the” before “shit” it’s complementing it….lulz.

  758. 758 LotusGramarye

    [..YouTube..] best thing about this song is how it suddenly changes from 8-bit to metal/rock/w/e the hell it is.

  759. 759 SideSmash

    [..YouTube..] The beginning reminds me of another track on another game…Someone fill me in please?

  760. 760 Chamillionare64

    [..YouTube..] Sounds like Castlevania but it’s 100% original like the wonderful series.

  761. 761 AgentGreen5

    [..YouTube..] Aww I miss this game

  762. 762 mastercaptainevan

    [..YouTube..] Maybe an NES game. Possibly EarthBound 0. Or Maybe Mother 3.

  763. 763 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] not to mention that kid with the bat’s brain is inside of a muthafuckin robot at that point too.and the final bosses cohort is your annoying-as-hell fatass neighbor.this game owns.

  764. 764 YoMomma868958

    [..YouTube..] shizninithiuthuorujsdfiosfjklfnmkjzdghsdrjknhyti.lgsrjghil4jerio56sygioersjidfgfsfksd9figjoer9ujgr09ierk00e9i09exjcusex,,z,oirjnuiosfdhgfuonfgfgnfounfdkfgnsdjkl.sfosf#SA{f;S}FGR}S@GE~TH>T>H>RT?RE@?GE~R>SGRGG?~Et;’r';’;'r;gr,gkrjgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggtiodgkp;ok;kll;kl;kl;lkgkgtui3458

  765. 765 TearGrande

    [..YouTube..] Lol, thats funny and true… a Kid with a Baseball cap, a girl in a pink dress, a “nerd” as some have called him(not me) and a prince who shares his name with turds… they save the world and get bad-ass fin.. I mean bad-ass battle themes galoreLike you said, this game IS THE FREAKING SHIT, IT’S AWESOME AS HELL!

  766. 766 MajorD23

    [..YouTube..] earthbound zero

  767. 767 hayakain

    [..YouTube..] amen to that

  768. 768 FuckedYourDad

    [..YouTube..] DU DU DA DUUUN

  769. 769 chincherrinas

    [..YouTube..] so fucking impressed this didn’t make it to brawl

  770. 770 Entity4two

    [..YouTube..] what would have been a fantastic stage in brawl would be the devil’s machine from earthbound and as time passes the machine breaks away to reveal Giygas. Giygas would then do things to play with your mind like switch bodies, slow time, dispell gravity and reverse the screen. That would have been a good excuse to use this music.

  771. 771 shujinco2

    [..YouTube..] I wish I could play this on loop. :’(

  772. 772 LotusGramarye

    [..YouTube..] don’t you mean depressed?

  773. 773 vata235

    [..YouTube..] think about it-a kids and 4 friends,one named Poo(???)goes into what looks like another deminsion while your fatass neighbor is working a machine that holds an enitity that is the embodyment of evil.then the kid with a baseball bat goes crazy and hits giygas like crap.meth is one hell of a drug.

  774. 774 afroman10496

    [..YouTube..] just makes me imagine a fat kid bobbing his head to this :-)

  775. 775 KirbyChan

    [..YouTube..] Oh jeez…First part of the song…8-bit EPIC :DThen it gets all hard-rock and awesome…*passes out from epic-ness of song*

  776. 776 chincherrinas

    [..YouTube..] and the 4 friends are in robot suits…

  777. 777 chincherrinas

    [..YouTube..] no more impressed than everything. I mean, it impressed me that the humoresque of a little dog shit made it and this epic song didn’t. the humoresque song is silly, and this song is epic, and ssbb was made to be epic… the next ssb game should be 100% fan based.

  778. 778 RCT3Crashes100

    [..YouTube..] go away.

  779. 779 Cooltuber453

    [..YouTube..] Solving a town’s zombie problem, saving a girl from a cult obsessed with the color blue, saving an alien race from a talking pile of puke, and defeating a police force, who’s captain uses “Super Ultra Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot martial arts.” on you.Seriously, best fucking game ever.

  780. 780 genowhril809

    [..YouTube..] a kid with a baseball bat kicks the shit out of some organic spider thing with his dick of a nighebour inside well a biant ball with his face on it sits there.then the thing inside the ball turns out to be a giant red twister thing.then you get the girly girl to pray and make it die.that is the definition of epic

  781. 781 Vectorben

    [..YouTube..] Hahahaha

  782. 782 Naeneko77Inikina

    [..YouTube..] That it is.

  783. 783 MetalGearZet

    [..YouTube..] This battle theme is the shit, I’m not going to lie.

  784. 784 Kevingast

    [..YouTube..] AWESOME~~~~~~~~

  785. 785 Kevingast

    [..YouTube..] AWESOME!!!!!!

  786. 786 stickguy703

    [..YouTube..] ¨This all cause of a Raping scene? Wow…

  787. 787 Drunkeninja131

    [..YouTube..] And it wasn’t even a raping scene. Itoi just thought it was as a kid.

  788. 788 dumbasspauldentonkin

    [..YouTube..] Thank you! Hardly anyone realises this.

  789. 789 TheMaskedMan09

    [..YouTube..] do dod od odododo ndod do do dodsnabghqer

  790. 790 lisamoat

    [..YouTube..] it was just a scene of the girl being choked, but i guess since he was young the slight boobage totally altered his outlo.ok on it as he grew older

  791. 791 Maxelguai1125

    [..YouTube..] 0:53 the music turns “evil”

  792. 792 acidjoker21

    [..YouTube..] i know its the best part

  793. 793 dumbasspauldentonkin

    [..YouTube..] Oh yeah, I forgot about that… in an interview, he makes references to “the distorted breast”, which is bloody creepy. No rape tho.

  794. 794 n30l1nk

    [..YouTube..] Yeah, when you’re a kid and you watched something that was particularly impacting you may distort it in your memory later on. I only know from experience; when I was like 7 years old I watched the final episode of Sailor Moon and always thought that the main character appeared completely naked with huge breasts and large nipples. Turns out you only see her skin, no nipples, aureoles, or any other sexual organ, like a skin-colored jumpsuit. And I realized this like a year ago, I’m 18. XD

  795. 795 YoMomma868958

    [..YouTube..] Here’s how I felt:0.00 to 0:53: XD0:53 to 3:40: 0_o

  796. 796 marthmo

    [..YouTube..] Did anyone notice, Ness is either inside the head of Starman. Maybe he’s in his sight?

  797. 797 MetalGearZet

    [..YouTube..] I never did understand why he was there, anyone wanna spill was he was there?

  798. 798 azxten2327

    [..YouTube..] When I ended up sitting around the house all day anyway I decided to try making some money online in the mean time.. you should check out the free lessons from soloemployee . com

  799. 799 Entity4two

    [..YouTube..] Ok, Quiz time! what is the most deadly? A vile pig boy armed with an organic spider mech? or A swirling vortex of pure evil that could tear your soul apart with a mere thought? Hmmm….. I’m gonna have to say neither because that kid with the red cap has a really large baseball bat.

  800. 800 Car0den

    [..YouTube..] So a boy beats the final boss with a bat while metal plays…Holy…Shit…

  801. 801 Chrono355

    [..YouTube..] Pretty sure it’s the Starman > Looking down at Ness

  802. 802 Chrono355

    [..YouTube..] That seems like the most logical answer, considering Ness is looking UP

  803. 803 subjectnamehere93

    [..YouTube..] Pokey’s the only video game villain I know that can be a complete monster and a whiny little brat at the same time. :3

  804. 804 skawt24

    [..YouTube..] it’s a reflection.

  805. 805 olinar90

    [..YouTube..] i beat this game today

  806. 806 zymmyiscool

    [..YouTube..] great game

  807. 807 olinar90

    [..YouTube..] do you have it?

  808. 808 zymmyiscool

    [..YouTube..] yep i have it for super nes and i still have the huge instruction book that came with it i paid 30.00 a year after it came out

  809. 809 luigirulezsti

    [..YouTube..] it’s a like a slayer song

  810. 810 blackdoom2009

    [..YouTube..] merge this with poerkys theme from mother 3 you got the next giygas

  811. 811 OgnarPliskin

    [..YouTube..] Super epic final battle music.

  812. 812 lljdude

    [..YouTube..] And the kid in the robes has a sword…

  813. 813 kissapoikanen

    [..YouTube..] EarthBound: Nothing scary in this game. Enemies are mostly animals and strange people. (New Age Retro Hippie is a good example)Then you fight Giygas

  814. 814 saydur

    [..YouTube..] It’s not right… not right… not right… I…feel…g…o…o…d… Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness!Paula’s callwas absorbedby the darkness.So great. All this kid-friendly stuff with punks and zombies and dinosaurs, then suddenly, nightmare fuel.

  815. 815 boredmuskoxen

    [..YouTube..] Earthbound/Mother 3: because we find lulling you into a false sense of security hilarious.

  816. 816 chrisbg99

    [..YouTube..] It starts out like a regular song that breaks into a heavy metal style riff.Love it.

  817. 817 diamondlancer

    [..YouTube..] Exactly…Giygas is probably the freakiest final boss in any game I’ve played, and I’ve played my fair share.

  818. 818 deathfiresword

    [..YouTube..] im …. h….a….p….p…y

  819. 819 yosterX6

    [..YouTube..] Not scarythen u meet Giygas.

  820. 820 yosterX6

    [..YouTube..] And…you will be just another….meal…for HIM!…..

  821. 821 Nintendork172

    [..YouTube..] That should’ve been their slogan. >:)

  822. 822 john580r

    [..YouTube..] at the begining it sounds 8-bitish

  823. 823 mford1996

    [..YouTube..] Because it is.

  824. 824 Kerokittycat

    [..YouTube..] Snes is 18 bits. not 8 bits.

  825. 825 Kerokittycat

    [..YouTube..] 16, actualy x3 Typo ~

  826. 826 UltamiteLifeForm360

    [..YouTube..] The first part sounds like the final boss in a NES game…the second part is, something you’d expect from a PS2 or Xbox game!!!

  827. 827 Taienverdain

    [..YouTube..] I think the opening is a cut from the NES original “Mother” kind of as a homage to that game…Earthbound is actually “Mother 2″

  828. 828 EinherjarLeo

    [..YouTube..] 0:00 ~ 0:53 - Silly 8-Bit Tune0:53 - WTF?

  829. 829 UndeadDanny82

    [..YouTube..] there’s nothing wrong with the first 53 seconds right>? why do everything call it silly and stuff like that.

  830. 830 AkumaUchitoru

    [..YouTube..] This song is PSI Rockin’!

  831. 831 TheProjectZeta


  832. 832 urltrayoshimario5000

    [..YouTube..] and they call this a k-a game?(45-1:10)and do i hear a screaming cat around 50-1:00?)

  833. 833 zombierobopirate

    [..YouTube..] its a reference to the prequel

  834. 834 megamiun

    [..YouTube..] It’s not 16 bits?

  835. 835 Maxelguai1125

    [..YouTube..] When I was killing Giygas I saw somethin strange. And now I know……Giygas is a background!

  836. 836 ClausBound

    [..YouTube..] This song IS Pk rockin.Pk Rockin and I Pk Love it!

  837. 837 GenerationNS

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means more Business now.

  838. 838 Denthedragon

    [..YouTube..] NessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNessNess

  839. 839 dong2512

    [..YouTube..] I feel happy!

  840. 840 xDeathInFirex

    [..YouTube..] Gets pretty brutal at 0:50 or so.

  841. 841 Dazreiello

    [..YouTube..] I’d say that the first 53 seconds are the best part of the song XD the classical genre it spectacular and plus its traditional

  842. 842 Gotmilk0112

    [..YouTube..] Is it just me, or does the volume get louder and louder as the song goes on? O.o

  843. 843 leland276

    [..YouTube..] i feel h…a…p…p…y…

  844. 844 ToonLinktheFairy

    [..YouTube..] You mean “PSI Rockin” and “PSI Love,” dude.

  845. 845 GodzillahGodzilla


  846. 846 ClausBound

    [..YouTube..] PK… PSI… it all means the same thing in the end lol

  847. 847 Droctogonpus

    [..YouTube..] An “all mighty idiot”!

  848. 848 ddevans96z

    [..YouTube..] Actually, its PSI Rockin and PK Love

  849. 849 TuucciZ

    [..YouTube..] …Who sneaked the extra sound cartridge into the SNES, guys?

  850. 850 ryanwizard7

    [..YouTube..] Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness Ness

  851. 851 radwalrus

    [..YouTube..] ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness ness

  852. 852 br9ty12

    [..YouTube..] ness ness ness ness mess HUH

  853. 853 ninjamario412

    [..YouTube..] No-one did,THATS THE FUCKIN’ POWER OF PSI ROOOCKKKIIIN’bitch.

  854. 854 PebbPounder2000

    [..YouTube..] this should have been on SSBB

  855. 855 supersayensonic

    [..YouTube..] Ness x100

  856. 856 Xalmuster

    [..YouTube..] That’s because the time machine that Dr. Andonuts had created didn’t permit flesh to pass through time, and he put their souls in the bodies of robots so they could go back in time.

  857. 857 darknut79

    [..YouTube..] WTF was this not in ssbb???

  858. 858 RaustBD

    [..YouTube..] Seriously, this is the only battle theme in the game that actually sounds like a battle theme. the others don’t sound like battle themes at all! Don’t get me wrong, the music in the series kicks ass, but they really phoned it in on the battle music.

  859. 859 UndeadDanny82

    [..YouTube..] wow this is kinda scary, i wanted mp-3 of this so i put it in my converter, but i get errors all the time, maybe giygas is destroying my converter from inside out… O.o

  860. 860 RichardHeuleIII

    [..YouTube..] If you have a pirated version of Earthbound, on the final battle with Giygas, it will quit and go back to the saves and they’ll all be empty. It will also show the message, “Giygas ate your save file!”

  861. 861 CaptainOlimar1

    [..YouTube..] If Giygas is a boss in the next Super Smash Bros. . . Really, Giygas should be the final boss. And if Giygas was. . . The Wii would not be able to grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack. (Your Wii has been absorbed by the darkness. . .)

  862. 862 CaptainOlimar1

    [..YouTube..] Also, this song is PSI Rockin.

  863. 863 GodzillahGodzilla


  864. 864 Chamillionare64

    [..YouTube..] Because Nintendo only likes to please it’s current faggier generation of gamers, thus leaving us the real gamers from the 90’s down.

  865. 865 Djsimonroc88

    [..YouTube..] The way the song starts out at first sounds like the song in zelda the Oracle of seasons.. Anyways EarthBound is my favorite game.

  866. 866 ElCazadorDeGlitches

    [..YouTube..] Chamillionare64SOFRIKIN’TRUE

  867. 867 ddevans96z

    [..YouTube..] If I ever do a lets-play of a game and need to speed something up, this song is going in

  868. 868 BizzarreProductions

    [..YouTube..] Yo, Sephiroth, I’m happy for you, and I’mma let you finish, but Pokey Minch has one of the greatest boss battle themes of all time!

  869. 869 TekmonX

    [..YouTube..] Ness and the scout would be UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!

  870. 870 TekmonX

    [..YouTube..] Dang dude :P, I heard it runs for about $400

  871. 871 earearman

    [..YouTube..] agreed, i dont like earthbound that much, but the theme is lame after the 8 bit music stops playing

  872. 872 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] actually thats why i like the song

  873. 873 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] What people dont know is that the embodiment of evil is indeed a BACKGROUND

  874. 874 ChrisResidentEvil5

    [..YouTube..] 0:53 I guess Pokey really does mean business.

  875. 875 Strwrsgeek14

    [..YouTube..] Anyone who wants Earthbound on the Virtual Consle, thumbs up on this comment.

  876. 876 garfocus

    [..YouTube..] You can finnaly grasp the true form of giygas’s attack! It’s Psi lovestormfirenessoffensedefensedamage3264537673nessandhisfriendsherfriendshfiroeybrgfequoyrbgfqouyrgbfqouyrgbfoqeyrbqoeybrgfo

  877. 877 NewPorkCity1

    [..YouTube..] 00:01 to 00:08This it it nowI will beat you00:09 to 00:10This is it nowThe final battle00:11 to 00:14We will duel nowin the battlefield now00:15 to 00:22This is it nowThe great battleof our destiny00:23 to 00:29 I will winI will defeat you I will be the cool king

  878. 878 NewPorkCity1

    [..YouTube..] 00:30 to 00:46I will win in this long battleI will come out on topYou can’t defeat meGo home to your mommyI can destroy youWith my spider mechI am awesomeI am Porky MinchI am so cool00:47 to 00:53If you ever doubt meYou can meet my new friend00:53 to 1:00Meet my dark friendHe is Giygas

  879. 879 NewPorkCity1

    [..YouTube..] 1:01 to 1:09He can destroy youYou will die1:23 to 1:28You will lose tothe Embodiment of evil

  880. 880 garfocus

    [..YouTube..] 0:01 -to 3:39EPIC WIN

  881. 881 Ocarinaofsong

    [..YouTube..] ……….Epic

  882. 882 Atomflux

    [..YouTube..] i liked the part at 0:00-3:39

  883. 883 tonykattvc

    [..YouTube..] Me too!

  884. 884 overseer06

    [..YouTube..] There are three reasons why I’m completely quiet while listening to music: those that bore me to the state where I approach a comatose state, those that I’m forced to be quiet, and those where I’m so blown away I have to remind myself to exhale after every breath. This song falls in the last category.

  885. 885 buuski

    [..YouTube..] i didnt like the 8bit part nearly as much as the metal part.

  886. 886 buuski

    [..YouTube..] @overseer06 I just lost the 2nd game. thanks a lot.

  887. 887 garfocus

    [..YouTube..] @buuski AHHH! I JUST LOST THE GAME!!!

  888. 888 buuski

    [..YouTube..] @garfocus you also lost the 2nd and 3rd games.THE CHAIN BEGINS….

  889. 889 kissapoikanen

    [..YouTube..] I tried listening to this in High Quality but it made this sound crappier. Strange.Whatever, this song is awesome :DAnd the battle is simultanously awesome and terrible. You know why

  890. 890 VUDUsm

    [..YouTube..] Fave SongFave Villain(Giygas)Fave’d

  891. 891 LightHero03

    [..YouTube..] THIS SONG ROCKS!!!!!

  892. 892 zalina03

    [..YouTube..] Only the real gamers have played the older nintendo consoles and know how to use them!

  893. 893 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] bizzare, did you quote kanye west?awesome if ya did

  894. 894 BizzarreProductions

    [..YouTube..] Of course I did. ;)

  895. 895 Airking4321

    [..YouTube..] but i dont think porky will let sephiroth have his speech in the end(lolz idk who sephiroth is)

  896. 896 BizzarreProductions

    [..YouTube..] Unfortunately, I think Sephiroth can kick Porky in a fight any day of the week because of the sheer amount of power in his game’s world.

  897. 897 videonfan

    [..YouTube..] busi+ness=business :D

  898. 898 churlyryan

    [..YouTube..] This song sucks.

  899. 899 kurkkuz

    [..YouTube..] Giygas!

  900. 900 NessPeppyTails

    [..YouTube..] This song can go down in all of video game’s history of best music, in 1st place!

  901. 901 supersonicseed

    [..YouTube..] whats that in the starmans head?

  902. 902 Darkyoshi23

    [..YouTube..] It’s a reflection of Ness. He’s probably looking down at him or something like that.

  903. 903 supersonicseed

    [..YouTube..] doesnt look like nessmaybe its pokey?

  904. 904 blackychiny

    [..YouTube..] Ness: Pokey cant be serious-pokey means business plays-Ness: Ok he means business

  905. 905 RudojiLape

    [..YouTube..] Why isn’t this in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?Really… of all the EarthBound/Mother themes to miss.

  906. 906 eeektavius

    [..YouTube..] Sounds like J.S. Bach 8bit and metal!


    [..YouTube..] They have a lot from Mother and Mother 3, but NOTHING from Earthbound, which was the only one the US got!

  908. 908 RIFDPSI

    [..YouTube..] There’s something i can’t undestand. If nintendo said that the ESRB Rating for the VC version was a mistak, why the ESRB didn’t erase the data from the website (yeah, it’s still there). I still have faith that EarthBound and Mother are going to be in the VC.

  909. 909 buuski

    [..YouTube..] @RudojiLape i cant see this in ssbb… maybe the rock part, but not the 8bit part

  910. 910 buuski

    [..YouTube..] PokeySrs bsns

  911. 911 RudojiLape

    [..YouTube..] @buuski They remixed plenty of themes much older than this. It just surprised me that a song with this much gravity missed their list. Too much Mother 3 stuff >3

  912. 912 luckjes112

    [..YouTube..] dudojilapewhell… they already have the theme of pokeys return!

  913. 913 GoldenPickaxe

    [..YouTube..] Mother 3. For. Wii.GIMME.Who else notices both U.N. Owen and Porky means Buisness have epic guitar parts, and they are both sung by Ronald McDonald?

  914. 914 Luiginator13

    [..YouTube..] I…..Feel…..G-O-O-D……

  915. 915 stikofdeath

    [..YouTube..] EarthBound Nintendo Everyone No Descriptors WiiEarth Bound Nintendo Everyone No Descriptors Super Nintendoconfirmed that the esrb stands by its rating of E even though by far this should be rated T according to todays standards >.>

  916. 916 LamentOfInnocence1


  917. 917 RCT3Crashes100

    [..YouTube..] busiNESS!

  918. 918 nintendoman456

    [..YouTube..] this is business.serious business.

  919. 919 UndeadKoopa

    [..YouTube..] All of this because pokey got grounded and wasn’t allowed desert for a whole decade :/

  920. 920 MarkTeePee

    [..YouTube..] I never noticed that before but theres a little dude inside the starmans visor :O

  921. 921 mford1996

    [..YouTube..] @MarkTeePee It’s actually the Starman looking at Ness, not Ness inside the Starman.

  922. 922 genowhril809

    [..YouTube..] well,the part in the U.N Owen music that has the guitar isnt actually part of the offical music. its more of a famous remix.whoever made Mcrolld meshed it in with the original and made Ronald steal your soul.

  923. 923 UltimateYoshi2008

    [..YouTube..] Like Chuggaaconory said 8-BIT STYLE GREATNESS in the beggining

  924. 924 darknut79

    [..YouTube..] Whoooo! This is my favorite Earthbound track by far- Love 8-but music!!!

  925. 925 jetemerdeconn

    [..YouTube..] Porky is badass

  926. 926 darknut79

    [..YouTube..] *bit. I meant 8-bit…..

  927. 927 maxtomczuk

    [..YouTube..] This is officaly my life theme

  928. 928 grifflent


  929. 929 Blackthehedgehog2

    [..YouTube..] lol

  930. 930 mariomariofan1

    [..YouTube..] me 2 me 2

  931. 931 Earthboundfan33

    [..YouTube..] Porky was a good kid BLAME THE PARENTS!

  932. 932 Earthboundfan33

    [..YouTube..] And also listen to pokey theme earthbound you can hear the Intro for this battle

  933. 933 3picHobo

    [..YouTube..] This is 16 bit.8-bit is NES

  934. 934 LoneAlchemist

    [..YouTube..] wow i never noticed but you can see ness on starman’s visor!

  935. 935 darknut79

    [..YouTube..] @ 3picHobo: Oh…..sorry. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I can’t really tell….Just, I love retro video game music. Let’s leave it at that.

  936. 936 darknut79

    [..YouTube..] Everywhere I go, I always hum this song to myself—- If any video game music was my theme song, it would be this one— the song’s totally badass.

  937. 937 3picHobo

    [..YouTube..] I agree, retro VG music is pro.Whether its 8bit, or 16 bit :P

  938. 938 darknut79

    [..YouTube..] @ lampigmask: But….music is part of what makes a game good…..and yes, Giygas pwns……

  939. 939 Pokemariofan107

    [..YouTube..] I’ve always wondered how they got a heavy metal part into a 16-bit game.

  940. 940 devil19x

    [..YouTube..] yes it weird but it not the only game

  941. 941 Pokemariofan107

    [..YouTube..] What other game has that?

  942. 942 devil19x

    [..YouTube..] @Pokemariofan107 megaman x storm eagle and i don’t really know

  943. 943 Pokemariofan107

    [..YouTube..] @ devil19x ok then

  944. 944 LoneAlchemist

    [..YouTube..] Earthbound has no limitations

  945. 945 Pokemariofan107

    [..YouTube..] @LoneAlchemist yes, but the snes has some.

  946. 946 xDeathInFirex

    [..YouTube..] Fucking hell, this is the most metal vidya song there is. I hear blast beats.

  947. 947 OcarinaOfTime554

    [..YouTube..] SPOCK SPOCK SPOCK SPOOOCK!best video game song everother than Pollyanna

  948. 948 Thief8Bit

    [..YouTube..] this is some headbangin’ music!!!

  949. 949 Sttarman

    [..YouTube..] First time I heard this, I was like: OK, they can have better music quality than that… maybe just for the sake of 8-bit ga- yup. yup.

  950. 950 AplG7Rocks

    [..YouTube..] @Sttarman Listen to 0:53

  951. 951 Sttarman

    [..YouTube..] Exactly my point.

  952. 952 anenemyplayer

    [..YouTube..] WOWyou can hear the fucken bass drum

  953. 953 scratch799

    [..YouTube..] Or. Earthbound has no bounds.

  954. 954 Jelley0

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means busi-ness

  955. 955 sonic1285

    [..YouTube..] Pokey is srs bizness

  956. 956 DarkLink3365

    [..YouTube..] My favorite song in the whole game

  957. 957 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] my favorite part of the music was the one when Porky meant business

  958. 958 VGTazzlyn

    [..YouTube..] Would you mind checking out my cover of it and telling me what you think? Thanks! :D

  959. 959 juan5557903

    [..YouTube..] Why is Porky blue?

  960. 960 kissapoikanen

    [..YouTube..] Have you noticed that all human enemies (except cops) in Earthbound are blue? That’s because they are under the control of Giygas. That’s also the case with Porky. I think

  961. 961 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] @kissapoikanen or it could be time travel abuse, as his overworld sprite wasn’t blonde

  962. 962 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] In Japan, it is known as “Porky, Armed and Dangerous”suckers >:D

  963. 963 Dylan4477

    [..YouTube..] When Pokey meant busines, he really ment business. Here’s the proof: he made a song for himself!

  964. 964 awefgowefaw

    [..YouTube..] This song is so good that the only only reason I don’t see it on top 10 video music lists is because all the other songs need a chance.

  965. 965 ChosenOne5747

    [..YouTube..] i think that ness is in the starmen-thing

  966. 966 7URTY

    [..YouTube..] just think of fighting sephiroth to this theme.

  967. 967 CherryLugia300

    [..YouTube..] @ 7URTYSephiroth used Supernova!999 hp of damage to Ness!999 hp of damage to Paula!999 hp of damage to Jeff!999 hp of damage to Poo!Suddenly, a crazy fangirl flew across the screen!Sephiroth took mortal damage!YOU WON!

  968. 968 7URTY

    [..YouTube..] ROFL

  969. 969 rederci939

    [..YouTube..] man this brings back memories from when i had an snesi think ill go fire up my snes9x gx and play for a bit :)

  970. 970 pirateludwig

    [..YouTube..] When someone is under control by Giygas they are blue.

  971. 971 juan5557903

    [..YouTube..] Creepy….

  972. 972 Aardwolf001

    [..YouTube..] I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be the reflection off his visor

  973. 973 ZombiesOnIce

    [..YouTube..] @ChosenOne5747 Lol he is xD

  974. 974 SilverTan252

    [..YouTube..] Pokey= Serious Bussinezz

  975. 975 Meatfortoeat


  976. 976 Disembob

    [..YouTube..] @Meatfortoeat Ness and SNES freaky

  977. 977 jaderoseofchaos

    [..YouTube..] Such a freaking awesome song!!!

  978. 978 yosterX6

    [..YouTube..] don`t mess with pokey cos he means business

  979. 979 TheMasterNull

    [..YouTube..] I could just imagine Porky in his Spider Mech playing along with the first part.

  980. 980 DANTEPLYX

    [..YouTube..] @Disembob DudeScramble SNES and NessIts the same thing

  981. 981 Awesomo4003

    [..YouTube..] I love how it pretends to be 8-bit and then its serious business.

  982. 982 22SolidSnake

    [..YouTube..] haha I always read the title wrong. I always thougth it’s called “Pokey means buisness”

  983. 983 sp0nge1337

    [..YouTube..] @22SolidSnake it is.

  984. 984 22SolidSnake

    [..YouTube..] No, it’s says on the title: Pokey Means Business, but i always thought its Pokey Means BUISSNESS

  985. 985 dumbasspauldentonkin

    [..YouTube..] @pirateludwig Is it coincidence that the Happy Happy Villager’s aim was to make everything blue?

  986. 986 ssbmmasterxyz

    [..YouTube..] I hate people like you, who always spam their videos in the comments. What a douche move.

  987. 987 AustinTheGeek

    [..YouTube..] Wait a second… Ninten, Ness, Lucas=Nintendo, Snes, Claus… all the main character’s names have hidden meanings!

  988. 988 Israfel777

    [..YouTube..] Just me saying that this is one of the best songs in EB simply wouldn’t do it justice. It’s just that good. XD

  989. 989 VGTazzlyn

    [..YouTube..] You’re right, that was a terrible thing of me to do. This was the only video I did that on. Sorry for imposing.

  990. 990 mford1996

    [..YouTube..] Actually Claus and Lucas’s names are a reference to characters in the book “The Notebook”

  991. 991 AustinTheGeek

    [..YouTube..] Oh yeah, forgot about that.

  992. 992 maxtomczuk

    [..YouTube..] Ness + SNES

  993. 993 ThingxHulk

    [..YouTube..] I dont see how Lucas and Claus work with a Nintendo-related theme…

  994. 994 MarioStar19

    [..YouTube..] I am writing a book called EarthBound Academy. It has the character’s from EarthBound and Mother 3 in it, but the story is COMPLETELY made up by me (there wasn’t a psychic school in EarthBound or Mother 3, now was there?) The book will get published in 2011 but will ONLY be sold in the US. So keep waiting EarthBound/Mother fans, soon the United States will experience the thrilling fiction story know once and for all as, EarthBound Academy!

  995. 995 AdmiralBobbery123

    [..YouTube..] ninten-nintendoness-anagram of sneslucas- anagram of claus

  996. 996 putitse

    [..YouTube..] Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanakaare fuckin’ geniuses for composingthe Earthbound soundtrack.SMAAAASH!!

  997. 997 andrixbooom

    [..YouTube..] nice idea.but,you published this on the net.some one may steal your idea…

  998. 998 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] Ness is also NES with 2 S(o rly?)

  999. 999 Hemley1

    [..YouTube..] Ninten-NintendoNess-Anagram of SNESLucas-LucasArts

  1000. 1000 mindzombi3

    [..YouTube..] Nice connection, but I don’t think LucasArts was associated with the making of this game…LucasArts=Everything affiliated with Star Wars/Indiana Jones, not Earthbound/Mother…

  1001. 1001 WebEOStudios

    [..YouTube..] A question…. how do you pronounce Giygas?Is “Gi-igas” or “Giwaigas”?

  1002. 1002 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] Guy-gas is how you pronounce it, apparently… but I sometimes pronounce it Ge-a-gus…

  1003. 1003 zolken35

    [..YouTube..] failure

  1004. 1004 bluebluerule

    [..YouTube..] I say Gig-as :P

  1005. 1005 SHARKHEADKID

    [..YouTube..] The most famous song in Earthbound…

  1006. 1006 hiddends

    [..YouTube..] @bluebluerule me and my brother do too. you’re not the only one :P

  1007. 1007 GoldenPickaxe

    [..YouTube..] I pronounce it Gih-g-ass.

  1008. 1008 blesstheiphone

    [..YouTube..] i pronounce it gi-y-gas

  1009. 1009 Klonny

    [..YouTube..] For a final battle, this music really captures the game well. I’ve always felt the 8-bit chiptune part is symbolic for reflection, past events. The music sounds like a classic NES game and makes for a nice metaphor for the game. Basically I mean its saying ‘you’re at the final battle, you’ve come a long way’ with a humorous feel that twists into something more demented, as if catching you up to the present. Kind of conveys the entire concept of Earthbound.

  1010. 1010 MegaGamer50

    [..YouTube..] i pronounce it Gay-ass

  1011. 1011 FlammieLL

    [..YouTube..] Gai-Gash!

  1012. 1012 boomkinblugill

    [..YouTube..] i pronounce it gi-Ya-Gas

  1013. 1013 Fredinosaur

    [..YouTube..] I pronounce it the WAY YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO!Guy-GasIt even says Guy-Gas in the commercial/infomercial.

  1014. 1014 ChosenOne5747

    [..YouTube..] Gee-gus i don’t know.

  1015. 1015 TheFlyingAtheist

    [..YouTube..] Gyg-us, thats the original Japanese pronunciation. Know your shit.

  1016. 1016 SuperMetaKnight100

    [..YouTube..] its GIYGAS (guygas)pronounced woa the part at 0:53 gets really trippy

  1017. 1017 JoshWhiteable

    [..YouTube..] i say Guy-Gas

  1018. 1018 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] the best Earthbound music that should have been used on Brawlin fact,should have been used on Melee!why there are NO Mother 2 song on Brawl?

  1019. 1019 SuperMetaKnight100

    [..YouTube..] there should of been a stage where there is giygas’s lair and giygas in the background in SSBB huh just saying.thumb me up if you think this is a good idea.

  1020. 1020 Willowhick56


  1021. 1021 Perfectedidiot21

    [..YouTube..] Guy- Gas

  1022. 1022 EBdrago

    [..YouTube..] giygas was going to be a boss in ssbb

  1023. 1023 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @CaioNV This and the EarthBound Zero Eight Melodies. As for the EarthBound music, there is a SONG titled MOTHER 2 in Melee AND Brawl…

  1024. 1024 PigMask1

    [..YouTube..] In my language it would be Gi-y-gas, in english it’s probably guy-gas.

  1025. 1025 xDoctorxFaustusx

    [..YouTube..] Pokey discharges a very stinky gas!Everyone’s attack goes down!(?)

  1026. 1026 cjn1414118

    [..YouTube..] @TheFlyingAtheist Hmm… Okay. Know my shit? The original name was Giegue (Gee-goo) or Gyig (Gee-ig). Giygas is an entirely different name, so the Japanese pronunciation has no bearing. But the name IS pronounced: Guy-gus / Guy-gas

  1027. 1027 sheimisheimi1

    [..YouTube..] Imagine you would be fighting Giygas instead of Tabuu! :D

  1028. 1028 seismicdisaster

    [..YouTube..] Is Earthbound ever going to become available on the Virtual Console?

  1029. 1029 TheFlyingAtheist

    [..YouTube..] Woah woah buddy, i didnt say that to you D;

  1030. 1030 cjn1414118

    [..YouTube..] @TheFlyingAtheist …Well, I feel stupid… XD. Youtube said that was a reply to a comment of mine, strange. But Youtube’s reply system IS faulty, so it is to be expected.

  1031. 1031 churlyryan

    [..YouTube..] This song is too overrated.

  1032. 1032 Nintendavin

    [..YouTube..] Pokey should open up a business.I mean, he DOES mean business.

  1033. 1033 Kokiriboy2008

    [..YouTube..] @churlyryan <.< Obviously you haven’t played earthbound.

  1034. 1034 supermario1232

    [..YouTube..] two words BAD ASS!!!!

  1035. 1035 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] Hopefully, but to be honest… I think all nintendo really want to do is erase this entire game from all memory, that’s why Mother 3 was only released in Japan, uh think so…

  1036. 1036 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] If you don’t like it then why endure this to post an un-needed comment?

  1037. 1037 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] That’d be AWESOME!!!!

  1038. 1038 UltamiaTasher

    [..YouTube..] Sadly, no… Copy right issues over the Dali’s Clock and what not.

  1039. 1039 Peachtotheinfinity

    [..YouTube..] You are wrong! No Earthbound dong is overrated!

  1040. 1040 mariomario6446

    [..YouTube..] guy-g-ass

  1041. 1041 MysticKeyblader

    [..YouTube..] Giygas was originally meant to be in Brawl, but I guess he didn’t make the cut. He would’ve been perfect for the Subspace Emissary.

  1042. 1042 ankson

    [..YouTube..] And how do u know? Or are u just making it up to look smart? Jackass…

  1043. 1043 MysticKeyblader

    [..YouTube..] @anksonI read it on an Earthbound forum. And how would that be trying to look smart? It’s just a little info I found on the internet.

  1044. 1044 sayastra

    [..YouTube..] @Zodiarkmaster i think they were pissed because this game wasn’t successful after they put all the money into it’s promotion - i mean like a straight off hit, not a slow burn word of mouth cult classic. They should have just realized that RPG’s hadn’t fully “hit” america yet.

  1045. 1045 sayastra

    [..YouTube..] @UltamiaTasher i’m pretty sure Dali is public domain…. i’ve seen it referenced in “tiny toon” with the dodo……. i did hear this song sounds like another song…. i don’t know which one (one of my friends was trying to say a Beatles song…. i don’t know what he’s talking about)

  1046. 1046 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] @sayastra Yeah, but If they’d shipped it over here (England), the sales would have gone Crazy up. We’d been swallowed whole by RPG’s thanks to Final Fantsy and Pokemon.

  1047. 1047 sayastra

    [..YouTube..] @Zodiarkmaster Final Fantasy and Pokemon were hits here as well- but FF didn’t catch on until FF7 for the play station, this was before all of that (1995) and well, the game doesn’t look all that great (it’s fair but not mind blowing/leaving you gobsmacked) it works for it’s story line and characters though….. but the story line and humour is great, not to mention gigyas and…… wait, you guys didn’t even get Earthbound at all!?!

  1048. 1048 sayastra

    [..YouTube..] @sayastra sorry there is a small bit that apparently sounds like “goodmorning” by the beatles- even though it much less obvious in this game then in earthbound zero/mother

  1049. 1049 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] @sayastra I’m playing it on an emulator.Besides, you’re right, It might not be the best looking game ever, but that doesn’t stop it being good. I hate people like that, thinking games are only good if the Graphics are.

  1050. 1050 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] @sayastra nope. I managed to find a couple of sites with it as an emulator but none for the GBA version which wasn’t released here either. I could just play it via Zsnes.Anyway, I’ve seen screens and it’s not the best looking Snes game ever made but that doesn’t stop it being a good game. I hate people who think games are only good because the graphics are.

  1051. 1051 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] @SuperMetaKnight100 Never would have happened though, Nintendo really want nothing else to do with Giygas cus’ he was apparently so disturbing

  1052. 1052 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] I kinda loved this music titlePokey/Porky in fact does means business >:D

  1053. 1053 sayastra

    [..YouTube..] @Zodiarkmaster graphics are a pretty good cue to the amount of effort put in…. but it’s sort of like a person you meet who isn’t that well put together but turns out to be really cool…….. Earthbound succeeds in it’s writing that is both funny, and emotional. As well the music is awesome, and eclectic, showing off the SNES customized sound chip better than much of there library…. anyway, yeah, it’s a good game.

  1054. 1054 Abc1362

    [..YouTube..] In the picture, look for Starman’s eye! It’s Ness!

  1055. 1055 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @Zodiarkmaster I agree. Though the graphics are not the best, the Mother series is STILL the BEST RPG series known to man, even those only known to robots…

  1056. 1056 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] @sayastra Double post much?anyway, Yeah. It is a good game with an awesome soundtrack.I think we both agree on that.

  1057. 1057 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] @yosterX6 Yes, yes he does.

  1058. 1058 Zodiarkmaster

    [..YouTube..] @7URTY it would make him slightly better, but he’d still be crap.

  1059. 1059 StuffedMBros

    [..YouTube..] this is srs biznus. XD

  1060. 1060 KingN641994

    [..YouTube..] I can’t believe this song isn’t in SSBB

  1061. 1061 AllHailUnicron

    [..YouTube..] Srsly. Epic business

  1062. 1062 TheWunn76

    [..YouTube..] I consider earthbound an “initiation game”, as in it has awesome plot, dialogue, humor and gameplay, so if someone dismisses this game because of its graphics they should switch off their console and throw it out the window IMMEDIATELY.

  1063. 1063 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @KingN641994 I know, right?…

  1064. 1064 KingN641994

    [..YouTube..] I so know, like all the mother games had great music, but they put the one’s that were the least memorable. Like the onette one was ok, but there was way more better ones on all the mother/earthbound games.

  1065. 1065 eternalholiday

    [..YouTube..] This is one of the most underrated games ever. I confess that I only know about it because of the SSB games, but after playing the actual game, I really wish I did as a kid. It’s very original and has extremely memorable moments. I wish they would make more.

  1066. 1066 PKFreakz

    [..YouTube..] shut up giga bowser, master and crazy hand and tabuuPoker means REAL business and in mother 3 he does!

  1067. 1067 PKFreakz

    [..YouTube..] pokey = bus-in-ness

  1068. 1068 FatalKitsune

    [..YouTube..] I love how this starts as a typical boss battle theme and then about a minute in it suddenly goes metal. Man, there is NOTHING like SNES game music. Games like EarthBound, Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI all have really memorable, unique themes.

  1069. 1069 boogiebot125

    [..YouTube..] Earthbound: Rated K-A for Kick-ASS!

  1070. 1070 EvilLurker121

    [..YouTube..] I absolutely love this one.. I mean its SNES.. and it has double bass…. Who does that. xP <3333

  1071. 1071 HotelMetaKnight

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means business. Business means Pokey. Giygas means business. Pokey means Giygas.

  1072. 1072 Willowhick56

    [..YouTube..] I mean it.

  1073. 1073 Tyureas

    [..YouTube..] you know, if you actually notice on the cover of the game, there is a bonus game guide. It must show that the game must be complicated….and it is….

  1074. 1074 Tsuta

    [..YouTube..] @HotelMetaKnight wat

  1075. 1075 MrTTar

    [..YouTube..] this still impresses me that they managed this on the SNES’ soundchip

  1076. 1076 sonicatlas

    [..YouTube..] @Tyureas Ha it’s not complicated when you’ve played through it over ten times like I have.I know the game front and back XD.

  1077. 1077 luckjes112

    [..YouTube..] @SuperMetaKnight100 HEY!!! that was my idea

  1078. 1078 Meatfortoeat

    [..YouTube..] Ran ran ran ruuuuu!!

  1079. 1079 Meatfortoeat

    [..YouTube..] @TheWunn76, yeah. And besides, i found the graphics to be simple yet beautiful.

  1080. 1080 metallicaxjavoxmcr

    [..YouTube..] @sheimisheimi1 that would be the perfect final boss for every single game O:!

  1081. 1081 luckjes112

    [..YouTube..] PK AWESOMENESS!awesomeNESS

  1082. 1082 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] this music is so darn epic it could not be remixed for Brawl

  1083. 1083 ph33rt3hn00b

    [..YouTube..] 0:53shit jus got real

  1084. 1084 xAzureIzumix

    [..YouTube..] This song is too epic.

  1085. 1085 Gavin1000124

    [..YouTube..] Pokey:SERIOUS BUSSINESS

  1086. 1086 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @sheimisheimi1 Hmm…Sonic’s call for help was absorbed by the darkness.Wolf’s call for help was absorbed by the darkness.Falco’s call for help was absorbed by the darkness.Fox’s call for help was absorbed by the darkness.Sheik’s call for help was absorbed by the darkness.Meta-Knight’s call for help was absorbed by the darkness.Lucas’s call for help was absorbed by the darkness.That’s okay, we still have capable people.Ness’s call for help was absorbed by the darkness.WE’RE DOOMED!…

  1087. 1087 GamingAwesome1

    [..YouTube..] @MrTTar I agree, when I first heard it I thought Itunes had fired off while I was playing, the transistion made me think a different song had started playing and I couldn’t believe what i was hearing came out of the SNES!

  1088. 1088 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] pokey/porky is officially my hero(I know he is a villain)

  1089. 1089 argentumsprisma759

    [..YouTube..] @littlemacaddict I can’t imagine Meta-Knight calling for help…

  1090. 1090 Morbidcrab

    [..YouTube..] @littlemacaddict Peach is wanking herselfMario is on mushroomsLuigi is getting high off of his final smashMarth is having sex with ikeWario is raping zero suit samusSnake is trying to race against Falcon but fails epiclyolimar is high on weedDiddi kong is also highWERE FUCKED!…

  1091. 1091 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @argentumsprisma759 Meta-Knight would wet, well, the equivalent to his pants if he saw Giygas…

  1092. 1092 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @Morbidcrab Don’t give up yet!littlemacaddict came to the world of Smash Bros.littlemacaddict used Healing Ω!Ness was revived!Ness, littlemacaddict, and littlemacaddict’s Friend combined their power (PK Rockin, Love, and Drama, respectively)!Giygas was instantly killed!

  1093. 1093 Spagettieater9000

    [..YouTube..] @littlemacaddict We still have Mega Man.Mega Man: Fuck NO!!!Why not?Mega Man: Cos I wasn’t in SSBB.Well then I’ll hack it so you’re in it.Mega Man: And turn me into a Samus clone? NO THANKS!!! GIYGAS CAN RAPE YOU IN YOUR WET DREAMS FOR ALL ANY ONE GIVES A SHIT!!!master chief?……….

  1094. 1094 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @Spagettieater9000 Master Chief drew near!littlemacaddict use PK Love Ω!899 damage to Master Chief!Master Chief was defeated!Au-I mean littlemacaddict’s Friend and Spagettieater9000: Why did you do that?!He was going to revive Giygas…

  1095. 1095 Morbidcrab

    [..YouTube..] @littlemacaddict Dr.Mario used punch little macaddictdied FOREVER!

  1096. 1096 Morbidcrab

    [..YouTube..] @littlemacaddict Morbidcrab used pk ♣ Giygas took 1 damage…….. Morbidcrab Just shit a brick PAIN MY RAW ASSHOLE IS OPENING RAW PAIN!!!

  1097. 1097 Abc1362

    [..YouTube..] @KingN641994 Because Giygas is dead!

  1098. 1098 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @Morbidcrab littlemacaddict’s Friend used Healing Ω!littlemacaddict was revived!littlemacaddict used PK Starstorm Ω!Morbidcrab was destroyed!YOU WIN!!!

  1099. 1099 Mycatisbigfoot

    [..YouTube..] THIS SONG KICKS ASS!!!!!

  1100. 1100 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] I really don’t understand how they did a mega-kick-ass song with the SNES limits

  1101. 1101 lightdiviner

    [..YouTube..] @KingN641994 It would have made kids cry for their mommy and daddy and wet their pants!….as Porky would say.

  1102. 1102 EckoNike1

    [..YouTube..] The Heavy Metal Version part is better IMO

  1103. 1103 Mygoodmusicchoices

    [..YouTube..] This song is so ridiculous amazing.

  1104. 1104 wingedmario64

    [..YouTube..] The 8-Bit part should’ve been the final boos theme for Mother 1

  1105. 1105 MiniDiminix

    [..YouTube..] I hate those guys who thinks this is Giygas theme!!! btw awsome song so much love to earthbound<3

  1106. 1106 Severe777

    [..YouTube..] some pretty bad ass nintendo music… shit, some of this old school video game music like earthbound, super mario rpg kicks the shit out of the video gaming music now.

  1107. 1107 EckoNike1

    [..YouTube..] Pokey: After all, Business is Business

  1108. 1108 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] Mother + SNES = Epic Win.

  1109. 1109 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] that’s how Nintendo warned us that Giygas is very creepy, with a kick-ass tune

  1110. 1110 MrtIstheLionKing

    [..YouTube..] Did you know that this song’s Japanese translation is Cease to Exist?

  1111. 1111 rederci939

    [..YouTube..] @KingN641994i’m working on thatjust google Kittty Corp-Meow Mix and look on their site for “Brawl Vault”i should have it up there in a couple hours

  1112. 1112 hobocajobo

    [..YouTube..] best super nintendo song ever

  1113. 1113 Kentucky709

    [..YouTube..] How was this song not in SSBB it is awesome!

  1114. 1114 Lindbum

    [..YouTube..] @SuperMetaKnight100 Just an added thought giygas should attack you while your fighting kinda like Dialga and Palkia in spear pillar

  1115. 1115 Zapalta

    [..YouTube..] @Lindbum But you can’t comprehend Giygas’ attacks D: Would you just randomly take massive damage (because you can’t see or comprehend the attacks)?

  1116. 1116 farimer888

    [..YouTube..] when they make a new ssb they should put in a giygas stage and music, afterall you fought pokey from mother 3 AND had his song, so they should have a boss for Ness, so they sortof fucked up with ssbb with no giygas boss or stsge or music

  1117. 1117 IAMNGIN

    [..YouTube..] @farimer888 They probably wouldn’t allow Giygas in the new SSB even if Shigesato Itoi worked on it, because Nintendo gave Itoi a ‘one-off’ on Giygas’ weird shit in EarthBound. Maybe they would allow Giygas if he was as in EB0.

  1118. 1118 Droctogonpus

    [..YouTube..] @farimer888 I doubt they’ll put in a Giygas stage- but the music I think is just a must. I mean- they give more music from a Japan-Exclusive game than they do from a game released in the U.S. That just isn’t right. Of course in Japan, that’s all right because M3 was a HUGE hit over there.

  1119. 1119 Nessplayer90

    [..YouTube..] @sheimisheimi1 Epic win

  1120. 1120 SitarKnight

    [..YouTube..] @hobocajobo Best Super Nintendo song ever

  1121. 1121 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] why Heavily Armed Pokey has 999 of PP if it never uses PSi?

  1122. 1122 IAMMILITRON

    [..YouTube..] I remember one time during this fight when Paula used a normal attack and inflicted 666 damage upon Pokey. O_O Coincidence?

  1123. 1123 TheArca9

    [..YouTube..] thi theme is annoying for me ¬¬

  1124. 1124 YTPrule

    [..YouTube..] @farimer888 but da g@m3$ still g00d(game’s still good)

  1125. 1125 darkheronate

    [..YouTube..] @IAMMILITRON i don’t think so, but i find it ironic since she prays

  1126. 1126 Th3Skull3r

    [..YouTube..] @sheimisheimi1 What they should have done was leave Tabuu as the “final boss” but upon 100% completion, reveal the true final boss to be giygas himself. That’s partly why 02 is so darn epic in K64.Giygas as a surprise boss in brawl would have been the best way to put him in. Simply because I don’t want to see lame sonic being the one to undermine giygas….

  1127. 1127 Ratherion

    [..YouTube..] @KingN641994 I can’t believe they didn’t put Giygas in as a stage. Wouldn’t he make a kick-ass stage?

  1128. 1128 LunaMan1996

    [..YouTube..] @boogiebot125 I don’t get it T_T

  1129. 1129 YTPrule

    [..YouTube..] @KingN641994 i think it is.

  1130. 1130 poopmanyes

    [..YouTube..] @LunaMan1996 The game is rated K-A as in Kids to Adults but then boogiebot125 made it a joke by making it stand for Kick-AssHoped that helped : )

  1131. 1131 poopmanyes

    [..YouTube..] @KingN641994 unfortunately, no its not

  1132. 1132 KingN641994

    [..YouTube..] @Ratherion You know what it would make a pretty cool stage.

  1133. 1133 GameRaterAlpha

    [..YouTube..] It wouldn’t matter. The people of Nintendo Hate Giygas and say that He is never to be in any game again due to the epic defeat in Earthbound.

  1134. 1134 valzilla1000

    [..YouTube..] @GameRaterAlpha But they let Bowser die over and over again!

  1135. 1135 GameRaterAlpha

    [..YouTube..] @valzilla1000 Nintendo doesn’t hate Bowser! That’s why He always comes back. Nintendo only allows villains they like to return from the dead and the key word was: NINTENDO HATES GIYGAS!!

  1136. 1136 rayden1212

    [..YouTube..] The first time I heard this I said “Good remix!” then a week later I find it this isn’t a remix and I’m like “HOLY SHIT THE BEST SNES MUSIC OF ALL TIME!!!”

  1137. 1137 theKidHedge

    [..YouTube..] earthbound is the only game in the world that evreybody should know (especialy ppl who never heard of giygas) so it should be rated 999999999999999999/5

  1138. 1138 rayden1212

    [..YouTube..] Thumbs up if you think earthbound should be put on the VC!!!!

  1139. 1139 TheXPSGamer

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 @rayden1212 As much as we all want this to happen, it never will. Theres alot of copyright issues that would need to be sorted out, and Nintendo doesn’t want to take the time to do that (What a stupid move NOT to do it) but yeah, no EB on VC. :( Now what would really be cool is what they did with Chrono Trigger, and imported it to the DS.

  1140. 1140 TheXPSGamer

    [..YouTube..] @TheXPSGamer @rayden1212 (continued) Unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t think it would sell, despite there being websites like Starmen.net that have thousands of members that would buy it. I dunno, Nintendo is making an awful move by not releasing this in my opinion.

  1141. 1141 sonicdsfan1

    [..YouTube..] @TheXPSGamer but imagine if we had earthbound on the big tvs we have today. Epic

  1142. 1142 TheXPSGamer

    [..YouTube..] @sonicdsfan1 We still can if you have the original cart like I do. :P

  1143. 1143 TheNewCockroach76

    [..YouTube..] Fcuk porky. GIYGAS means business.

  1144. 1144 sonicdsfan1

    [..YouTube..] @TheXPSGamer well good point but if you dont have that game or an snes or fctwin you have to spend alot of money.Earthbound goes for over $50 on ebay. So it would be more convinent to have it on vc (sorry for the long rant :))

  1145. 1145 piplupsingularity

    [..YouTube..] YEAH! METAL!

  1146. 1146 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] When the Mother series would actually do great in America, NoA is being lazy and not taking care of the lawsuits that are of the game…

  1147. 1147 polarseizure

    [..YouTube..] I was all like no way, this is the final boss music. And then at 0:54 I was all like Yup, I expected this.

  1148. 1148 Headrush13

    [..YouTube..] @TheXPSGamer It would take more than thousands of sales to convince me to release a game.

  1149. 1149 jamasianman

    [..YouTube..] Goes hardcore at 0:55!

  1150. 1150 linkpwnsevery1

    [..YouTube..] just downloaded it and play it on psp like i do or a better way play it on your wii big screen hell yeah. i got mother 1 and 2 on my wii ftw!

  1151. 1151 Wobuffet3

    [..YouTube..] does any1 notice ness’s reflection on the starman’s helmet?

  1152. 1152 samtendo

    [..YouTube..] @Wobuffet3 I always thought it was ness inside the starman controlling him but now that I look at it it does look like a reflection

  1153. 1153 CherryLugia300

    [..YouTube..] Whoever thinks this game is childish and cutesy…has never played EarthBound all the way to the final boss.

  1154. 1154 weaponsofsalvation

    [..YouTube..] Your right! NINTENDO MUST PAY >.<

  1155. 1155 Gobeldeg00p

    [..YouTube..] @CherryLugia300 I though earthbound was a game for 10 yr olds and crap like that; until i saw Giygas and how messed up the idea of him was, and now I think it it could give an 18yr old goth nightmares…. o_e

  1156. 1156 Cagedand3nRaged

    [..YouTube..] @CherryLugia300 Lol, Earthbound is quite possibly one of the most twisted games in existance.

  1157. 1157 ShadowXRouge

    [..YouTube..] The Final Boss of this game is one of the horribly fucked up ideas for a boss. Giygas is the just PURE evil, his mind crushed under the weight of his own power, it’s sort of sad yet terrifying.

  1158. 1158 MsSeaKittens

    [..YouTube..] @ShadowXRouge There have been arguments that Gigu is anything but horrible, but rather completely innocent. Some say the final battle is an abortion of sorts.

  1159. 1159 Morbidcrab

    [..YouTube..] @weaponsofsalvation Legal issues remember If your’e a true fan you have visited starmen and known about this a long ass time ago seriosly it’s never gonna come out

  1160. 1160 NE0MEW

    [..YouTube..] we all need to do our part in making our voices heard, nintendo needs to know how much everyone loves this game and wants it to come back again. come on nintendo give us back earthbound again plz. its 15 years and e3 is coming up. if your going to e3 plz ask nintendo about earthbound we mustn’t give up.

  1161. 1161 darkstreak100

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 Yeah, come on Nintendo! What the fuck’s keeping ya?

  1162. 1162 Silventolin

    [..YouTube..] When I first played this I damn near shat my pants when the heavy part kicked in.

  1163. 1163 micale66

    [..YouTube..] @MsSeaKittens They say its an abortion because you can see a fetus outline in the boss battle and youmust go back in time before hes much to powerful. Lots a people say the base is the inards of a person and the thing giygas comes out of is the womb

  1164. 1164 KingN641994

    [..YouTube..] u know some one could make a fan made version of this. I think I can do it if only I had the master collection for the CS5. Like I read all of the pages of videogame development for flash macro media (it’s a K-A book to read and very enjoyable). Also I have an idea of how my version of Mother4 will turn out. Like I got the plot, the world map layout, the 4 main protagonists characters and dog, and the beginning and ending of the game. I don’t have the software, or a idea on the middle/sidequests

  1165. 1165 KingN641994

    [..YouTube..] yah but like Morbidcrab said overall it’s those greedy copyright people. I know this some real bogus stuff especially that it’s only 16 bit music (not freakin HD 1-3 music)!!!! Also I wonder why would these kind of people would freak big money for this kind of sites? It’s like they hate this game and they care so deeply about not releasing this game rather than shutting down a website that gives out free songs; to me that BS.

  1166. 1166 corgal2

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 You bet your life it should! the game is freaking awesome!

  1167. 1167 olivierfromricochet

    [..YouTube..] Wow, that’s a real intro.In 95% of teh cases the intro is better than the song, this one tho

  1168. 1168 BRomega2900

    [..YouTube..] Who are the 19 people who dislike this song?

  1169. 1169 Chinchilla2

    [..YouTube..] @BRomega2900 they are the 19 who either have never played Earthbound or could never beat it.

  1170. 1170 joeythewing

    [..YouTube..] Quite serious indeed.

  1171. 1171 JakeHaydenDJ

    [..YouTube..] And I’m still stuck at Franky… :(

  1172. 1172 YTPrule

    [..YouTube..] @Severe777 Tho sumstuff like SMG(super mario galexy) r better( NINTENDO FTW ) but all that **** on Xbox & PS stand no chance.

  1173. 1173 Droctogonpus

    [..YouTube..] Seriously, 19 dislikes? this should have like -OVER 9000 dislikes and Chuck Norris likes.

  1174. 1174 1jim3bob

    [..YouTube..] Should’ve been in brawl.Or is it?

  1175. 1175 Roboguy9000

    [..YouTube..] You like this video. Thanks for the feedback! See more videos you liked.Ratings for this video (641 total)Number of likes 622 Number of dislikes 19 Want to share your favorites, ratings, or comments to Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader? Connect your accounts! (You control when messages are posted.)Connect Accounts Not interested now

  1176. 1176 Atanih23

    [..YouTube..] @JakeHaydenDJ Just get some hamburgers and over level a bit with the sharks, then when you get to the next boss fight *Yes he has another* just follow it’s pattern :P

  1177. 1177 weaponsofsalvation

    [..YouTube..] well as long as i can play it on ZSNES im cool.oh and btw how do u beat Belch? i used Fly honey on him, but how do u beat him?

  1178. 1178 Morbidcrab

    [..YouTube..] @weaponsofsalvation Easy while he’s Doing the sick things he’s doing use fly honey and just Psi Fire or Bash him Just keep Doing this Until He dies he Has a Lot of Hp That’s Probably why It takes Some Time Jst keep Trying Speed the game up you should eventually kill Him

  1179. 1179 weaponsofsalvation

    [..YouTube..] sick stuff…..k!thanks, i’ll try that!

  1180. 1180 SparrowHeart1

    [..YouTube..] Why do I listen to the theme songs of children that I hate, again?!

  1181. 1181 Maxelguai1125

    [..YouTube..] #LOL

  1182. 1182 darkhedgehog45678

    [..YouTube..] 19 people don’t like this…Pokey will now send Giygas after them XD

  1183. 1183 EvilCrash3000

    [..YouTube..] Isn’t his name Porky in Mother 2 as well? In japanese it would be Poki which could be translated to Porky OR Pokey. I guess it’s the translator’s mistake.

  1184. 1184 AdmiralBobbery123

    [..YouTube..] This song is called “Cease to Exist”. Some site just gave it this name because they didn’t know the actual name.

  1185. 1185 zolfingtons

    [..YouTube..] Oh this seems like a very normal SNES son–SUDDENLY, GUITARS.

  1186. 1186 Grungie

    [..YouTube..] IMO the best final boss music ever in a game.

  1187. 1187 slitheryjuggler94

    [..YouTube..] i love how it goes all 8 bit then rock, thats badass

  1188. 1188 xXMethodKidXx

    [..YouTube..] Who the fuck are the 19 douche bags who disliked this video!? They probably masturbate to Halo and Call of Duty.

  1189. 1189 blackychiny

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx hahah!

  1190. 1190 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx They probably are also Guitar Hero/Final Fantasy music fanboys as well…I like this…

  1191. 1191 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] At least there are 658 people who like Pokey Means Business…

  1192. 1192 waterrod6

    [..YouTube..] this video has 666 likes now…

  1193. 1193 birdlover5

    [..YouTube..] @ damn right!!!!!!

  1194. 1194 kimflodin

    [..YouTube..] yup the 19 peoples who don’t like this will be haunted by giygas 4ever :P

  1195. 1195 kimflodin

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx probably the best comment by a youtuber ever :P

  1196. 1196 MastermewtwoALPHA

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 It’s already been confirmed that it won’t be on the VC. The very nature of the game made it impossible.

  1197. 1197 TheRpgDude

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx the 19 douche bags you mentioned are just people whit no life and think they’r funny by rating the video bad. >_>

  1198. 1198 theeclipse120

    [..YouTube..] !*$£!* awsome chuggaaconroy was right this song is awsome

  1199. 1199 supersonicseed

    [..YouTube..] @waterrod6 679. =D

  1200. 1200 supersonicseed

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 111 thumbs up? Holy crap.

  1201. 1201 dragonsword777

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 This is what emulators are for.

  1202. 1202 LuigiFan128

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 Its on my Wii, People Lean how to hack

  1203. 1203 cosmostupid123

    [..YouTube..] @waterrod6 It’s actualy the Giygas vote

  1204. 1204 Oathblivion

    [..YouTube..] Setting a Chuck Norris or Kamina fight sequence to this music just *might* make the universe implode. Giga Drill Break Means Business. ^_^;

  1205. 1205 Th3Skull3r

    [..YouTube..] @Oathblivion chuck norris vs ultimate chimera…oh wait we all know how that ends..CHOMP CHOMP =)

  1206. 1206 YTPrule

    [..YouTube..] @Th3Skull3r No CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK CHUCK!

  1207. 1207 j4jackpot

    [..YouTube..] goodness me the riffs at 1:28 and 2:48 sound straight from a death metal song

  1208. 1208 CrackKillerPro

    [..YouTube..] @Th3Skull3r Why would a pet attack his master?

  1209. 1209 Th3Skull3r

    [..YouTube..] @CrackKillerPro your right, there is no reason why chuck would ever attack the ultimate chimera… the master of all men.

  1210. 1210 CrackKillerPro

    [..YouTube..] @Th3Skull3r Nope. UC is fake and gay.

  1211. 1211 Th3Skull3r

    [..YouTube..] @CrackKillerPro huh? “fake and gay”? Have you played M3? Chuck would be on his knees begging to just lick the feet of Ultimate Chimera.

  1212. 1212 CrackKillerPro

    [..YouTube..] @Th3Skull3r Yes I have. Beat it without dying once. And never have I been intimidated by the stupid fucking pink dog known as the Ultimate Chimera. Stupid Fanboy. Why would you even LIKE the Ultimate Chimerea? You’re worse that Final Fantasy Fanboys.

  1213. 1213 Th3Skull3r

    [..YouTube..] @CrackKillerPro 1 LOL @ E-R4G3.And power =/= intimidation, talk about a non-sequitur. The bite is unrelated to the bark, and yes chuck would not live from a UC bite.Chuck is in a very good shape for a middle-aged man, but I don’t know why the internet likes to give him a collective feet kissing 24/7. It’s old anyway.Why do I LIKE the UC? Why not? The art design is inspired, especially with the contrast between the vicious chimera and the little bird, an interesting symbiosis.

  1214. 1214 chuggajamo

    [..YouTube..] best music ever chuggaconroy agrees

  1215. 1215 SatanMickey

    [..YouTube..] @Th3Skull3r or the dog

  1216. 1216 CrackKillerPro

    [..YouTube..] @Th3Skull3r Sigh… Dude… I like making friends on YouTube. Let’s stop arguing. I’m really tired and I can’t type right now. Okay?

  1217. 1217 Th3Skull3r

    [..YouTube..] @CrackKillerPro consider it done =)

  1218. 1218 axlar1

    [..YouTube..] poRRRRRkey.

  1219. 1219 YTPrule

    [..YouTube..] Boney( surviving getting hit by a speeding train DAM) is Flint Norris’s dog, The UC is Chuck Norris’s…. dog?

  1220. 1220 kimflodin

    [..YouTube..] this song is psi rockin’

  1221. 1221 linkjtd5

    [..YouTube..] @Th3Skull3r The UC IS handmade technically, so it IS fake.. As for gay, I agree with Killer.

  1222. 1222 thomas1999

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 WOW 208 Thumbs up Send this to nintendo IMIDETLY

  1223. 1223 that1guywhoknows

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 getting thumbs up won’t make it get a virtual consol

  1224. 1224 ravonosify

    [..YouTube..] Porky is taking a crap!

  1225. 1225 kimflodin

    [..YouTube..] @thomas1999 make that 224 thumbs up :P

  1226. 1226 GoWeegee

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx “*fap fap fap* OH CHIEF,YOU AND INFINITY WARD MAKE ME HORNY”Creepy thought.

  1227. 1227 EvilUrago

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXxHalo and Call of Duty haters, SHUT UP ALREADY!

  1228. 1228 dddddmmm777

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 Earthbound is on VC btw :$

  1229. 1229 legofanatic1

    [..YouTube..] @EvilUrago HOW ABOUT YOU LEAVE OUR NINTENDO GAMES ALONE! Then, we’ll leave your shit shooters alone. How does that sound?

  1230. 1230 posiedien3

    [..YouTube..] Wow, I can’t believe 21 people missed the like button.

  1231. 1231 EvilUrago

    [..YouTube..] @legofanatic1Hey! I NEVER played those shooters in first place to have a positive or negative opinion about them. It’s just that people that are NORMAL FANS, that are far from being fanboys, receive the same hate. Why can’t people respect other people’s tastes?I don’t understand this.

  1232. 1232 PKFreakz

    [..YouTube..] @chuggajamo But Chuggaconroy SUCKS, well I dont like him a lot that we say =P

  1233. 1233 PKFreakz

    [..YouTube..] @CrackKillerPro The Ultimate Chimera is awesome, and NO, theres no nothing worst than Sonic and Cloud FanBoys, and if someboy needs ULTIMATE RESPECT those are Loid and Teddy from MOTHER

  1234. 1234 legofanatic1

    [..YouTube..] @EvilUrago Because Halo fans flame us first usually, so we flame them. Simple as that.

  1235. 1235 EvilUrago

    [..YouTube..] @legofanatic1Sorry.

  1236. 1236 doomfire978

    [..YouTube..] @rayden1212 Yeah, VC would be good but imagine the 3DS O_e

  1237. 1237 Blazerman9000

    [..YouTube..] @PKFreakz ….. Really Dude just shut up before a whole swarm Of ChuggaConroy Fans come and kill you

  1238. 1238 PKFreakz

    [..YouTube..] @Blazerman9000 I AM PREPARED*PK COUNTER SHIELD*

  1239. 1239 Blazerman9000

    [..YouTube..] @PKFreakz oh look here they comeArmy:*mostly consists of bunchs of teens pre teens and some old people….And A WHOLE LOT OF FANGIRLS ZOMG!!!!*There was probley gonna be more but those where guys in college and stuff who probley said “ah Screw it”and continued on…Army:*after a whole lot of pre teens attack and are damaged and go home the fangirls come*You:Counter disapers….Me: should have used Omega dude…

  1240. 1240 PKFreakz

    [..YouTube..] @Blazerman9000 *Lays in the floor* *Grabs OREO* HMM… How you like that!

  1241. 1241 AD8965

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx Now Who Were The 2 Other Fu*ks Who Dislike This?

  1242. 1242 LeMadness

    [..YouTube..] This video means business.

  1243. 1243 xXMethodKidXx

    [..YouTube..] @AD8965 Probably Master Chief and Kratos.

  1244. 1244 hypersonic64

    [..YouTube..] I FUCKING mean business when 21 people dislike this song.(probably because they forgot to hear 0:54)

  1245. 1245 JoltieFace

    [..YouTube..] I love this song. :D

  1246. 1246 evainfrenchli

    [..YouTube..] @weaponsofsalvation continue bashing him either that or your level is too low

  1247. 1247 mattiathekaiju

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx amd god of war.

  1248. 1248 thechanman16

    [..YouTube..] if they ever made a remake on the ds,dsi,and dsixl woulda it be able to handle it’s music because my cousin said ds could “Eat these songs up” please reply.

  1249. 1249 AaronAndersonRWP

    [..YouTube..] @hypersonic64 I suppose one could think back to the horror of Giygas and just how unsettling it was, if this music reminded you of that somewhat traumatising experience then you could dislike the music for that reason, otherwise the audio itself is quite exceptional and the only other reason you could ‘miss’ the like button is because you’re extremely cold hearted.

  1250. 1250 nikijuice32

    [..YouTube..] im officially going 2 listen 2 EVERY track i can find. this would be my 2nd so far. This def brings me back. I think i’m getting a little emotional and I’m not ashamed to say it. EARTHBOUND FTW

  1251. 1251 tehjonbro

    [..YouTube..] The first 53 seconds are actually my favorite part of the whole song.

  1252. 1252 Willowhick56

    [..YouTube..] i like it and yet it makes me sad…

  1253. 1253 TaleOfNobody

    [..YouTube..] This song is awesome with headphones. That is, even more awesome than it already is, which is hard to do.

  1254. 1254 ravonosify


  1255. 1255 OmniscientGamer

    [..YouTube..] @tehjonbro I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I forget there is even more to the song when I’m not listening to it.

  1256. 1256 goldentailsXD

    [..YouTube..] those 24 idiots who hate this can make a hate video about this and shove it up there ass

  1257. 1257 goldentailsXD

    [..YouTube..] those 24 idiots who hate this can make a hate video about this and shove it up there ass

  1258. 1258 LaughJester9000

    [..YouTube..] porky is an obese brat and the reason i hate him is because in earthbound he is such a DOUCHEBAG, i mean every single word out of his mouth in the entire game is a fat load of shit. (love this song though, and i admit hes a great villian because the best villians are the ones who piss you off.)

  1259. 1259 XMETALGEARS59X

    [..YouTube..] This is like the ONLY Nintendo RPG game that ISN’T Pokemon with 16-bit graphics well dispite Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario other wise what is there?

  1260. 1260 shardray

    [..YouTube..] @XMETALGEARS59X Final fantasy, fire emblem, seiken densetsu

  1261. 1261 kimflodin

    [..YouTube..] my favourite part was 0:00-3:40

  1262. 1262 BTTBfromTPC

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx As much as I love this music, let me say this. You’re a retard of the worst kind. What you are hating on is called an opinion. Maybe you should realize that it is indeed possible for someone to not like something that you do.

  1263. 1263 fdnfdjnedb

    [..YouTube..] 26 people are going to get their minds raped by Giygas

  1264. 1264 Qdude10


  1265. 1265 Voldemortfan675

    [..YouTube..] you can tell this is from an old game

  1266. 1266 ramblinevilmushroom

    [..YouTube..] @Voldemortfan675 age means nothing, this game was a masterpiece.

  1267. 1267 Voldemortfan675

    [..YouTube..] @ramblinevilmushroom i know being old makes it a masterpeice

  1268. 1268 mrsoniclover333

    [..YouTube..] 26 who disliked this cannot grasp the true form of giygas attack Giygas will rape there minds

  1269. 1269 yodawgmudkipz

    [..YouTube..] @XMETALGEARS59X Final Fantasy IV, V and VI, Chrono Trigger, Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3, Lufia, Breath of Fire 1 and 2, Dragon Quest 3, 5 and 6.All for the SNES. Final Fantasy VI is a much better game than Earthbound.Please don’t talk about things when you don’t know anything about them. Paper Mario isn’t even fucking 16bit.

  1270. 1270 primalgiratina

    [..YouTube..] When I showed this to my mom and sister they were like “It has a good beat!” Then when 00:53 came they were like O_O XD.

  1271. 1271 pokemonmasterxful

    [..YouTube..] is this from the first earthbound?….. im kinda new to this whole series

  1272. 1272 imraw17

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx damnit pokey!!!! i hated this fight..kicked my ass kinda.

  1273. 1273 sabombardonist

    [..YouTube..] @yodawgmudkipz Dragon Quest 3 was originally for the Famicom…

  1274. 1274 shadowphantom2

    [..YouTube..] @yodawgmudkipz Its based around taste really. Earthbound did a great job of being a unique RPG in my views.

  1275. 1275 kimflodin

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx sorry to say this but…make that 26 :(

  1276. 1276 RandomPro2000

    [..YouTube..] @darkhedgehog45678 They can’t comprehend the true epicness of this song! >=D

  1277. 1277 SephirothVsKratos

    [..YouTube..] @yodawgmudkipz FFVI being a better game than Earthbound is a matter of preference. Sure FFVI had a more “epic” feel and higher production values, but I prefer Earthbound’s sense of humor and overall lighthearted tone. It’s incorrect to say that FFVI is hands down a better game than Earthbound, though if that is your preference I have no problem with you liking FFVI better than Earthbound, just don’t go around stating your opinion as an irrefutable fact. Good day.

  1278. 1278 BlackDebo777

    [..YouTube..] I was bored with the first 53 seconds but then my mind was blown. Total eargasm.

  1279. 1279 toyotasupramaster

    [..YouTube..] wtf now 26 douche bags dislikes it, Pokey is very mad, those people will never grasp the true form of Pokey and Giygas’ attack!

  1280. 1280 yodawgmudkipz

    [..YouTube..] @SephirothVsKratos It is an irrefutable fact :3

  1281. 1281 TheUltimateGamer9001

    [..YouTube..] Epic, Have it as my Ring Tone

  1282. 1282 danobou

    [..YouTube..] What do you guys think? Is it worth $100 to get this game since it’s so rare?

  1283. 1283 darkhedgehog45678

    [..YouTube..] @danobou It’s worth a thousand fucking dollars man….If you found it and u have the money to buy it….Consider yourself lucky.

  1284. 1284 AzurePhantom47

    [..YouTube..] The 26 people who disliked this will be haunted by giygas

  1285. 1285 Deathlord10PS3

    [..YouTube..] @danobou I would, but I live in Europe so i need an adaptor aswell but I do plan on buying it. If you’ve got the money then go for it.

  1286. 1286 64supermarioreturns

    [..YouTube..] @danobou Not as rare as just treasured by everyone

  1287. 1287 ChrisRedfield1991

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx Don’t worry… in time they’ll be just another meal to “him”

  1288. 1288 thebiolizard

    [..YouTube..] @xXMethodKidXx make that 26…. wankers =( this song is awesome

  1289. 1289 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] Why isn’t EarthBound on the VC?

  1290. 1290 MolotovCTail

    [..YouTube..] @CaioNV Because Nintendo hates all living beings other then themselves. Also some law issues that I didn’t pay attention to and do not matter.

  1291. 1291 sonicdsfan1

    [..YouTube..] @danobou not when you can emulate it for free

  1292. 1292 Spagettieater9000

    [..YouTube..] @CaioNV Cos Nintendo hates us Euros T_T

  1293. 1293 thebiolizard

    [..YouTube..] this song is too good

  1294. 1294 PlayerPandu

    [..YouTube..] Ok… who wishes they could have combo’d to this song?

  1295. 1295 bigcritic69

    [..YouTube..] @danobou yes this game is worth ur soul

  1296. 1296 doc105

    [..YouTube..] most kick ass snes game i ever played EVER DO YOU GOT THAT?EVER!

  1297. 1297 xXslyferskyXx

    [..YouTube..] @PlayerPandu If only comboing was in Earthbound this would be freaking amazing…

  1298. 1298 RavenFinsternis

    [..YouTube..] I love how the first 53 are like a ”normal” fight, and then the produce came in and said “hey, it’s the fight before giygas!” and than they made it fucking 16-bit metal. xD

  1299. 1299 Hemley1

    [..YouTube..] This is the real final Pokemon battle!

  1300. 1300 0ndkh

    [..YouTube..] I love the sudden change from 0:53 to 0:54.

  1301. 1301 littlemacaddict

    [..YouTube..] This would also be the battle theme between Ness and Miles “Tails” Prower, as well as Ness and Tails vs. most popular video game antagonists possessed by Giygas…

  1302. 1302 ChessPieceRook

    [..YouTube..] @tehjonbro i agree

  1303. 1303 b14hb14h14

    [..YouTube..] SSBB is lacking this music…because I demolish my opponents with this theme blaring. As Ness.

  1304. 1304 Karsynable

    [..YouTube..] whats weird is if u listen to the giygas encounter theme and this while playing it it sounds better while playing it not recording it

  1305. 1305 Megafan96Owns

    [..YouTube..] @b14hb14h14 Yes.I have a hacked brawl, so it already does.

  1306. 1306 CaioNV

    [..YouTube..] Ness disliked this 28 times

  1307. 1307 e69alpha

    [..YouTube..] i knew the snes had good music capabilities but damn

  1308. 1308 n00bplayer

    [..YouTube..] @0:23Ran Ran ra-RUUU!!Ran Ran ra-RUUU!!Ran Ran ra-RUU!! RUUU!!Hoo-Hoo-Haa-Haa Wa ha-ha-ha!

  1309. 1309 snesjenn

    [..YouTube..] Ness has a rock-off against Giygas.

  1310. 1310 Karsynable

    [..YouTube..] ness forever i always use ness or lucas on brawl it be cool if ninten came in

  1311. 1311 SolstaceWinters

    [..YouTube..] Ness is lacking the power he used to have in the SSB series. I used him exclusively in Melee and SSB, but in Brawl, he’s pathetically incompetent compared to Lucas, as painful as that is for me to say, losing to someone we in America will never know.However it doesn’t matter, as in Brawl, they all lose to the great Zelda, the Evil Priestess of the Great Dark Goddess Rosalina! Waaahahahahaha! *.*

  1312. 1312 meavor

    [..YouTube..] 28 people were unable to understand the very nature of this theme.

  1313. 1313 SparrowHeart1

    [..YouTube..] I hate you, Pokey.BUT I LOVE YOUR SONG ToT

  1314. 1314 BowserKoopaFTW

    [..YouTube..] @fdnfdjnedb I’m… H..A..P..P..Y….

  1315. 1315 BowserKoopaFTW

    [..YouTube..] @hypersonic64 Yea! Why do ppl watch a video if they already know they won’t enjoy it? Because they are just ignorant!

  1316. 1316 xSUPERSONICx99

    [..YouTube..] Pokey Reaaally means business from 1:09 to 1:23

  1317. 1317 Hydroxoid

    [..YouTube..] 28 people cannot grasp the true form of this song

  1318. 1318 Zapalta

    [..YouTube..] @SolstaceWinters He’s a completely different fighter than Lucas. I used to feel the same way as you until I sat down and taught myself to play as him. The thing is that he’s light but attacks slowly; his ranged attacks are far more powerful than Lucas’, aside from Ness’ PK Fire (which you should use to set up his bat). Also, his grabs are far better than Lucas’ and fasterThat being said, I’m still better with Lucas, in fact he’s my best character. Btw, if you want, we can brawl sometime :D

  1319. 1319 SolstaceWinters

    [..YouTube..] @Zapalta I dunno bout that. Besides my SSBB connection is always so laggy, I don’t trust it, you’d probably whup my rear just from lag alone. ^.^’ Meebe if I got my connection better… but other than that, I dunno, dood!

  1320. 1320 kimflodin

    [..YouTube..] @xSUPERSONICx99 or 0:00 to 3:40

  1321. 1321 NoodlesKiller95

    [..YouTube..] @pokemonmasterxful Nope, this is from the second installment in the series I believe, also known as “Mother 2″ :3

  1322. 1322 Zapalta

    [..YouTube..] @SolstaceWinters Awwwww D: Well i’m always up for one if you fix your connection

  1323. 1323 technopixie96

    [..YouTube..] Pokey (Or porky in the japanese version)I loved kicking your ass in earthbound and mother 3.

  1324. 1324 TheCruePerson

    [..YouTube..] @Zapalta I feel the same way as you do. I like Ness because of his throws, his easy spikes, and his PK Thunder power. I like Lucas because of his specials power, and PK Thunder range (Mainly because it reminds me of the olden days in SSB64 when Ness had range and power). I like to try to balance myself between Ness and Lucas without forgetting how to use the other. But sometimes when I play as one of them too much I forget how to use the other and play with Ness as Lucas and vice-versa. :)

  1325. 1325 TheCruePerson

    [..YouTube..] @Zapalta And sometimes I suck online with Ness and Lucas if there’s lag because I can’t aim PK Thunder right. D:

  1326. 1326 SolstaceWinters

    [..YouTube..] @Zapalta Trust me Zap, I’d love to play with anyone on Brawl Online… but from what I’ve seen, the connection for me, OR ANY OF MY FRIENDS, always seems to be mega laggy! You’d rip me a new one before I got to give you the Stelleto of Doom! >:DIf I can get it going right, I’d be happy to thrash ya! *overconfident*

  1327. 1327 RaTcHeT302


  1328. 1328 Zapalta

    [..YouTube..] @SolstaceWinters I hope you do get it going, so I can give you the PSI Backthrow of DEATHHHHHHH

  1329. 1329 cuyboya

    [..YouTube..] @SolstaceWinters get verizon FIOS it is amazing! Xfinity sucks ass… i had it and it sucked real bad… but FIOS is much faster than that Xfuckity crap by Comcast/Comfuck; Verizon is way better and faster than Comcast and much better quality… hope this help make you choose Verizon over Comcast, because i like verizon… plus my mom works for verizon SO CHOOSE VERIZON FIOS OR DIE!!! jk

  1330. 1330 Zapalta

    [..YouTube..] @TheCruePerson I like Lucas because of his Smashes, Pk Freeze’s awesomeness, and PK Fire’susefulness on the approach :D I really main Lucas, but I love Earthbound so much I wanted to teach myself Ness, so I’ve been maining ness for like a week now

  1331. 1331 Zapalta

    [..YouTube..] @TheCruePerson I know, U hate that >.<

  1332. 1332 StarNexXus

    [..YouTube..] After 53 seconds the producer found himself suitable to give those children a heart attack.

  1333. 1333 StarNexXus

    [..YouTube..] After 53 seconds the producer found himself suitable to give those children a heart attack.

  1334. 1334 ShupaRoeh

    [..YouTube..] 16 bit, more like 8 bit.

  1335. 1335 link43123

    [..YouTube..] Guys the gamespot greatest villian is coming up vote GIYGAS!!!

  1336. 1336 96Nathan96

    [..YouTube..] @Zapalta funny I was the same with you but as ness originally when I was like 5 I liked Ice climbers then we moved my brother’s friend that had melee wdidnt ang out with my brother that much so I didnt play melee so Brawl came with my wii so I was playing as Zero suit Samus / Samus when I saw Ness & lucas since a long time ago I though wow they’re so cute & innocent so that caused my love for earthbound

  1337. 1337 masterkokiri9

    [..YouTube..] First it’s 8bit metal. Then 16bit metal. Makes sense because when you fight Giygas you’re made of metal.

  1338. 1338 DrRobotniksPingas

    [..YouTube..] Giygas came and disliked the video 28 times.

  1339. 1339 Zapalta

    [..YouTube..] @96Nathan96 lol for ness it went the opposite way kinda. I used ness back in the original SSB because i was really good with him, but then I forgot about him. but then it was loving Earthbound that made me play as Ness in Brawl.

  1340. 1340 TheKeybladeWar

    [..YouTube..] this CANT be 16 bit!!!!1 this is too much for 16 bit!!!!!!!

  1341. 1341 EvilLurker121

    [..YouTube..] Dude you can’t beat this song.. It’s like the most intense SNES song xD

  1342. 1342 EvilLurker121

    [..YouTube..] This song MEANS BUSINESS

  1343. 1343 SuperSunyD

    [..YouTube..] even GIGYAS cannot Grasp the true form of awesoem radiating from this song Chuck Norris now feels SHAMED

  1344. 1344 masterkokiri9

    [..YouTube..] The 8bit part of this song is probably my favorite part.

  1345. 1345 xSUPERSONICx99

    [..YouTube..] @link43123 I Root for both Giygas and Ganon

  1346. 1346 simonalamona345

    [..YouTube..] @masterkokiri9 DO HO HO HOI laughed i must admit

  1347. 1347 simonalamona345

    [..YouTube..] @CaioNV Nintendo loves his costumers don’t you think?

  1348. 1348 xXslyferskyXx

    [..YouTube..] 0:31 is insane :D

  1349. 1349 MistaRoburtz

    [..YouTube..] the 28 dislikes where just another meal to giygas :D

  1350. 1350 original21011

    [..YouTube..] Pokey…what a fat asshole…

  1351. 1351 kirumikun

    [..YouTube..] @original21011 ikr? XD

  1352. 1352 technopixie96

    [..YouTube..] RAN RAN RUU XD

  1353. 1353 takemeHOME102493

    [..YouTube..] 28 people cannot grasp the true power of Pokey’s attack

  1354. 1354 takemeHOME102493

    [..YouTube..] 28 people cannot grasp the true power of Pokey’s attack

  1355. 1355 LovecraftianToenail

    [..YouTube..] I love this song because you’re never quite sure whether to start headbanging or shivering…

  1356. 1356 TheCrashfan1999

    [..YouTube..] I never thought putting metal & guitar sounds in a 16-bit game was even possible!!!!

  1357. 1357 LeftForPillz

    [..YouTube..] 28 People died from pokey

  1358. 1358 85ihateposeurs

    [..YouTube..] Is that Dave Lombardo on drums? hahaha

  1359. 1359 Ironstringz

    [..YouTube..] Just so all you Earthbound fans know…ED (Encyclopedia Dramatica) now has an Earthbound article, and it’s HILARIOUS. I read it and I was literally ROFLing. You should seriously check it out. (Be wary of Rule 34 tho)

  1360. 1360 simonalamona345

    [..YouTube..] @Ironstringz Godamnit, why a Earthbound article would contain Mother 3 Spoilers? ;_;

  1361. 1361 Bricksandgamesstudio

    [..YouTube..] @RavenFinsternis LOL exactly

  1362. 1362 Ironstringz

    [..YouTube..] @simonalamona345 The article covers both Mother 3 and Earthbound.

  1363. 1363 zadixmadololombax

    [..YouTube..] @CaioNV no, it was reggie

  1364. 1364 aquelescaraaaaaaaaaa

    [..YouTube..] the first part is 8 bit goodness, then, it’fucking 16 HEAVY METAL! OH FUCK YEA!!!

  1365. 1365 TakOMega

    [..YouTube..] The 29 people who dislike this will be killed by Pokey and/or Giygas.

  1366. 1366 PKLove10000

    [..YouTube..] Although I hate Pokey, I love this theme.I wonder why.

  1367. 1367 Aldaraia666

    [..YouTube..] I just beat this game last week and hell I already want to play it again.

  1368. 1368 EggManStudio

    [..YouTube..] @CaioNV Now 29 times.

  1369. 1369 SuperDuperSonicSpeed

    [..YouTube..] POKEY. MEANS. SRS. BSNS.

  1370. 1370 mindzombi3

    [..YouTube..] Would a movie of any part of the Earthbound series be…out of the question? xD

  1371. 1371 TheMaximuskb1

    [..YouTube..] 29 people are another meal to Giygas

  1372. 1372 pokefreakbror

    [..YouTube..] @PKLove10000 Maybe because it kicks ass?

  1373. 1373 AwshomeneshShquared

    [..YouTube..] @mindzombi3 There’s gonna be a movie.

  1374. 1374 AwshomeneshShquared

    [..YouTube..] @mindzombi3 Nevermind what I said before.

  1375. 1375 foxskywalker64

    [..YouTube..] 30 people could not grasp the true awesome of Giygas’ awesome music.

  1376. 1376 StarNexXus

    [..YouTube..] I think the 30 people got a heart attack after 52 seconds.

  1377. 1377 masterkokiri9

    [..YouTube..] Pokey is srs. bsns.

  1378. 1378 whoamicrap

    [..YouTube..] i made the mistake of mentioning “mother” to my friend. she keeps calling it motherfucker now >.< shoulda said “earthbound” first …

  1379. 1379 blockmariolink42

    [..YouTube..] is that ness in the starmans visors

  1380. 1380 didowexbox

    [..YouTube..] @PlayerPandu They should have made a remix for Porky’s battle in Mother 3

  1381. 1381 didowexbox

    [..YouTube..] @poopmanyes I made that joke on another game :p .

  1382. 1382 reybill007

    [..YouTube..] amazing!!!!!! I love this song and Giygas is my favorite final boss!!!!

  1383. 1383 2Glaser2

    [..YouTube..] This wasn’t in Brawl because it was too good for Brawl.

  1384. 1384 deathbydolphin

    [..YouTube..] @blockmariolink42 yea but they made it so unnotisible

  1385. 1385 lilamah

    [..YouTube..] you know, if they released a sequal to earthbound for the wii or the ds, it would probably sell very well with its cult following, ness being in all the ssb games, and the scarcity of rpgs for either system. just something to consider.

  1386. 1386 unclejimbo888

    [..YouTube..] @lilamah Are you serious about the DS not having enough RPGs thing? The DS probably has the most RPGs of any console since the SNES.

  1387. 1387 lilamah

    [..YouTube..] @unclejimbo888 i meant the wii. dont know why i put either.

  1388. 1388 devilhedgehog

    [..YouTube..] I have just noticed that Ness is in that top bit. :D

  1389. 1389 lilwyvern4

    [..YouTube..] @RavenFinsternis Yeah. It’s pretty amazing how they were able to fit so much METAL into 16 bits. One more reason why Earthbound is fuckin’ boss and will never be topped. Except by Skies of Arcadia 2, but it has just as much chance of appearing ANYWHERE as Mother 3 getting a western release. >.<

  1390. 1390 luckjes112

    [..YouTube..] @lilwyvern4 Mother 3 is Better And The Walking Animation Is Better In Mother 3! Agree?

  1391. 1391 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @luckjes112 Fuck you, Mother 3 was never as good as Mother 2

  1392. 1392 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @lilwyvern4 Skies of Arcadia 2 can suck my balls, its about gameplay, not graphics or bhm

  1393. 1393 dabuizel

    [..YouTube..] 0:54 is when u suddenly die from epicness overdose!!

  1394. 1394 GameFreak982928

    [..YouTube..] I had this stuck in my head all day.

  1395. 1395 breloom657

    [..YouTube..] youtube seriously needs a loop buttonthumbs up if you agree :)

  1396. 1396 Sagemaster00


  1397. 1397 cyclos12

    [..YouTube..] Thumbs up for metal out of nowhere!

  1398. 1398 REDDOD56

    [..YouTube..] Ness disliked this 32 times.

  1399. 1399 mrhabbo464

    [..YouTube..] Pokey means SRS BSNS

  1400. 1400 aquelescaraaaaaaaaaa

    [..YouTube..] the 8 bit part here is more superior than the GBA version, that is slower and smoother

  1401. 1401 aquelescaraaaaaaaaaa

    [..YouTube..] it makes 3 years and this music still fucking rocks to me.

  1402. 1402 wildchildjf143

    [..YouTube..] 32 people didn’t listen to 0:54

  1403. 1403 ClubPenguinCorreen

    [..YouTube..] amazing, how long ago did this game come out? if its as long as i think it is, its amazing how primitive music still sounds better then justin bieber

  1404. 1404 kccheesepie

    [..YouTube..] @ClubPenguinCorreen I TOTALY AGREE and this game was made around 1995-96-ish still it’s older than me! XD

  1405. 1405 matthorn611

    [..YouTube..] @breloom657 Just make a playlist and put this video in it 5 times and hit “Play All” or whatever.

  1406. 1406 ClubPenguinCorreen

    [..YouTube..] @kccheesepie wow xD wat r humans listening to these days?pop, rap? all that lame crap dosnt even make sence, its just a bunch of words some guys came up with to rhyme with. =/and bieber sings about love, he dosnt no shit about luv, then again i thought i did and got dumped for a guy with a last name with withersworth -_-*

  1407. 1407 Chikun382

    [..YouTube..] @breloom657 I don’t like these kind of thumbs up comments, but you’re right :P That would be awesome :D

  1408. 1408 kccheesepie

    [..YouTube..] @ClubPenguinCorreen I agree….but rap is actually just a bunch of guys who are phat trying to be cool by talking about stuff that sould NOT be said 0_o and justin beiber was mean to a five year old and so THAT PROVES HE HAS NO HEART XD

  1409. 1409 afrojayjay

    [..YouTube..] @ClubPenguinCorreen Earthbound is about love.

  1410. 1410 afrojayjay

    [..YouTube..] @kccheesepie Some rap is good, some rap is bad. Same with vidya music. There are a whole lotta bad video game soundtracks out there, you’d be surprised.

  1411. 1411 OgnarPliskin

    [..YouTube..] 1:50 got me dancing

  1412. 1412 ClubPenguinCorreen

    [..YouTube..] @kccheesepie u said “he” has no heart… xD last i checked bieber’s a girl, his voice sounds just like a girl xD

  1413. 1413 ClubPenguinCorreen

    [..YouTube..] @afrojayjay i thought it was about giygas and the chosen 4, and also i thought it was giygas who just wanted a friend and porky lied about him, giygas only fought to defend himself i believe

  1414. 1414 crazy1111111111

    [..YouTube..] “head bangs and throws the devil horns up in honor of this masterpiece”

  1415. 1415 DFMike73

    [..YouTube..] 1:22-1:42 and 2:42-3:02=The most epic thing in the universe!

  1416. 1416 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @ClubPenguinCorreen You fail at following a story

  1417. 1417 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] They need to make a version of this song with only the drums playing

  1418. 1418 ClubPenguinCorreen

    [..YouTube..] @kbd668 look i just started to see the earthbound games o, u dont have 2 be a dick about it >_>

  1419. 1419 starhida

    [..YouTube..] Heavily armed Fatass means business!

  1420. 1420 ttisawolf

    [..YouTube..] it becomes even mor eawsome when the rock part come up

  1421. 1421 ardepapi42

    [..YouTube..] justin bieber disliked this 33 times

  1422. 1422 xarab4lyfex

    [..YouTube..] 0:52 <3

  1423. 1423 Swotsy

    [..YouTube..] Whenever it gets to :53, it scares me. xD; It’s all FDSAFDS POKEY REALLY FRIGGIN MEANS BUSINESS. Jeez, this game really freaks me out sometimes.

  1424. 1424 luckjes112

    [..YouTube..] 1:30 Mani Mani Passes By!

  1425. 1425 luckjes112

    [..YouTube..] it starts with how i say epic 8-bit-nes AIGHTBITAWESOMENES and then you get HEAVY METAL ROBOT NESS!

  1426. 1426 brawldude23

    [..YouTube..] Ness bashes the coil snake!Pokey plays dead.Pokey means business alright

  1427. 1427 Henkco

    [..YouTube..] Giygas used PSI Metal Ω!Nobody cares about the war versus Giygas anymore!Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo and Giygas started the band Ness and the Embodiments of evil!Pokey tried to sneak into another era but got caught by the power of metal!Everybody happy! :D

  1428. 1428 SkellionPowalskiz

    [..YouTube..] This fight was almost anticlimactic though, the song was amazing, but chances were you’d be so panicked you’d just go all out on Giygas and Pokey and the song wouldn’t even start up.Plus I was like level 90 with Ness after Magicant and everyone else was at least 80 thanks to farming for the SoK…….

  1429. 1429 jonpaze

    [..YouTube..] i realized….this music keeps coming louder and louder o_Ogiygas is closing in!!!

  1430. 1430 jonpaze

    [..YouTube..] i realized….this music keeps coming louder and louder o_Ogiygas is closing in!!!

  1431. 1431 jonpaze

    [..YouTube..] i realized….this music keeps coming louder and louder o_Ogiygas is closing in!!!

  1432. 1432 TakOMega

    [..YouTube..] You cannot grasp the true form of how the metal was epic!

  1433. 1433 benlaneconnor

    [..YouTube..] i was like DUHHH CUTE LITTLE BLEEP BLOOP until 0:53 then i was like oh shit….O.O

  1434. 1434 CKruler

    [..YouTube..] If you were to imagine two of Nintendo’s greatest villains battling each other, who would you think of while listening to this song?My personal answer is an Army-on-Army match: Subspace Army (from Super Smash Bros. Brawl) against Bulblin Army (from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess). I said “personal”, by the way.


    [..YouTube..] It’s impossible to unhear Ran Ran Ruu whenever I listen to this now… XD

  1436. 1436 OsakaKirby

    [..YouTube..] @breloom657 That’s what Youtube Enhancer is for :D

  1437. 1437 SuperNintendoGameboy

    [..YouTube..] @YAYFORCHICKENSLOL For me it’s impossible to unhear PINGAS when I listen to this

  1438. 1438 dashwarts

    [..YouTube..] SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING:EarthBound products are addictive. Overexposure to EarthBound will mindrape you the point your judgement is impared. In extreme cases, PTSD, comas, and even death are possible. APE, Inc. is not responsible for expulsion, loss of profits, or loss of employment resulting from this game.

  1439. 1439 Andy23497

    [..YouTube..] if justin bieber plays earthbound…giygas would rape her to death

  1440. 1440 MrSaturn33

    [..YouTube..] @breloom657 Just add repeat after Youtube to the URL.

  1441. 1441 breloom657

    [..YouTube..] @MrSaturn33 wow i never knew that. thank you! :D

  1442. 1442 OD78891

    [..YouTube..] Gotta say, I’ve been playing this together with The Adventures of Duane & Brando’s cover, and it’s the most orgasmic thing I’ve heard in a while.

  1443. 1443 Polarbomb15

    [..YouTube..] the top 5 greatest evil people everhitler

  1444. 1444 LucarioRulez75

    [..YouTube..] This is probally the best song on the snes. thumbs up if you agree.

  1445. 1445 TheBurgerboyeatsfood

    [..YouTube..] @AwshomeneshShquared how u know? :?

  1446. 1446 Andrewxx20

    [..YouTube..] @brawldude23 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL YOUR FUCKEN AWESOME! im crying now cause of that comment LOOOOOOOOOL

  1447. 1447 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @Polarbomb15 Chuck Norris created Giygas. You fail

  1448. 1448 EOCB

    [..YouTube..] it seems like they put 1:22 to 1:26 in the final battle with the masked man in mother 3

  1449. 1449 Polarbomb15

    [..YouTube..] @kbd668 gygas created chuck norris. he also killed him. chuck norris is nothing more then whiny beat up shit. and he won’t do anything to me, cause like i said gygas already killed him. actually, chuck norris killed himself as soon as he saw gygas cause he’s that suckish

  1450. 1450 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @Polarbomb15 Are you 8 or something? If you don’t know how to behave on YouTube, gtfo

  1451. 1451 Polarbomb15

    [..YouTube..] @kbd668 um..what??

  1452. 1452 kutegurl67

    [..YouTube..] @Polarbomb15 And besides, Flint Norris is better than Chuck anyway, so…

  1453. 1453 ipodluigi505

    [..YouTube..] @Polarbomb15 he said GTFO

  1454. 1454 Polarbomb15

    [..YouTube..] @ipodluigi505 i know that, i said what because i have no idea what he ment by if u don’t know how to behave on yt then gtfo

  1455. 1455 aporoid

    [..YouTube..] is ness… INSIDE THE STARMAN?

  1456. 1456 GildedAlien

    [..YouTube..] @aporoid No, it’s his reflection. -___-

  1457. 1457 TheBurgerboyeatsfood

    [..YouTube..] head explodes from epicness

  1458. 1458 wiidude000

    [..YouTube..] Porky: Do you want me to turn off the Devil’s Machine?Entire Population who bought this game: NO!!!!!!!!!!

  1459. 1459 Phoohy698

    [..YouTube..] @wiidude000 In earthbound his name is ‘Pokey’

  1460. 1460 OrgoDemila

    [..YouTube..] new favorite boss battle music and another reason to get me to finally beat Earthbound.

  1461. 1461 MrMilo13

    [..YouTube..] Thumbs up for thumbs up out of thumbs up!!!!!!1

  1462. 1462 Chrono355

    [..YouTube..] @breloom657 Copy the URL of this video and add the word repeat directly after the word youtube, and bam

  1463. 1463 HolyTopples4604

    [..YouTube..] You have no idea how many times I just go to the end of the game just to listen to this song.

  1464. 1464 MrGhostCookie

    [..YouTube..] @kutegurl67 I agree :D

  1465. 1465 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @Phoohy698 nobody gives a hoot

  1466. 1466 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @Polarbomb15 you know you suck if you misspell giygas and say that he created chuck norris

  1467. 1467 Polarbomb15

    [..YouTube..] @kbd668 i can understand the mispelling giygas thing but i just said that he created chuck norris cuz every1 always says he supirior to everybody and that he can do all these amazing things that he can’t so i decided to say something the opposite of that for once

  1468. 1468 metroid885

    [..YouTube..] Pokey did and left his business in Scarabia if you know what i mean

  1469. 1469 Phoohy698

    [..YouTube..] @kbd668 well then why did you comment?

  1470. 1470 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @Phoohy698 to show that nobody gives a hoot

  1471. 1471 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @metroid885 This song came before Mother 3, so i don’t know what you mean

  1472. 1472 Phoohy698

    [..YouTube..] @kbd668 that seems pretty pointless….

  1473. 1473 mattiathekaiju

    [..YouTube..] I think Porky means some business…

  1474. 1474 didowexbox

    [..YouTube..] @GildedAlien He I thought he was inside too :P .

  1475. 1475 MattDuesk

    [..YouTube..] great without metal greatest with metal

  1476. 1476 Grakkis

    [..YouTube..] Double bass drumming? in MY SNES game?!

  1477. 1477 HAMMlicius

    [..YouTube..] @cyclos12 LOL as soon as i scrolled down and read this it got to that part

  1478. 1478 gamegod9000

    [..YouTube..] Friggin EPIC!Then when the Guitar comes in, and Giygas is afterwards fought, you just know you are fucked.

  1479. 1479 MrHeavenlyhell

    [..YouTube..] 34 people didn’t wait for the metal

  1480. 1480 WheelerWorks

    [..YouTube..] Duane and Brando made a great unsynthesized version of this song

  1481. 1481 Fudgepudding3

    [..YouTube..] 34 people have never played Earthbound on the Snes.

  1482. 1482 FroberryProductions

    [..YouTube..] @breloom657 endlessyoutube () com, enjoy.

  1483. 1483 TheDARKYOSHI64

    [..YouTube..] cannot believe this wasnt in brawl

  1484. 1484 darthivory

    [..YouTube..] @Grakkis It’s more likely than you think.

  1485. 1485 vera881

    [..YouTube..] 1:32 Mosh

  1486. 1486 100PurpleCoins

    [..YouTube..] @Fudgepudding3, I haven’t, and I love this music

  1487. 1487 Fudgepudding3

    [..YouTube..] I know, I know.

  1488. 1488 ghostfacedude93

    [..YouTube..] @Fudgepudding3 i havint but i still gave it a thumbs up!

  1489. 1489 kbd668

    [..YouTube..] @Fudgepudding3 ive never played earthbound but i still liked it

  1490. 1490 ipodluigi505

    [..YouTube..] @Fudgepudding3 oi, i’ve never played earthbound, but i love this song. to hell with your claim

  1491. 1491 gamegod9000

    [..YouTube..] Muthufuckinawesomebitchez

  1492. 1492 Fudgepudding3

    [..YouTube..] @IpodluigiWhy don’t you?

  1493. 1493 HyperKadaj

    [..YouTube..] 34 ppl didn’t take porky seriously and live to tell the tale

  1494. 1494 LordSaber

    [..YouTube..] @HyperKadaj HAHAHAHAHA!!! PORKY!! SO TRUE!! His name is Pokey btw.

  1495. 1495 LordSaber

    [..YouTube..] You cannot comprehend the epicness of this music.-Ness started rocking out-Paula started rocking out-Jeff started rocking out-Poo started rocking out

  1496. 1496 THeMrSsAtUrN

    [..YouTube..] @LordSaber pokeys japanese name was Porky

  1497. 1497 LordSaber

    [..YouTube..] @THeMrSsAtUrN Now that’s something I didn’t know. They shouldn’t have changed it. Though I imagine they felt that there would be some sensitive ass-hats on this side of the world who would take offense.

  1498. 1498 big67355737718113

    [..YouTube..] i dont care what people say porky is awsome

  1499. 1499 mariomaniac5632

    [..YouTube..] 0:53 PSI ROCKIN’!

  1500. 1500 cooldude8830

    [..YouTube..] @LordSaber no it was because NOA translated it wrong it was supposed to be porky to in earthbound

  1501. 1501 LordSaber

    [..YouTube..] @cooldude8830 Damn, well that sucks.

  1502. 1502 cooldude8830

    [..YouTube..] @LordSaber i know right

  1503. 1503 jonpaze

    [..YouTube..] you cannot grasp the true form of giygas’ attack!giegue’s attack was inexplicable!pick your favourite

  1504. 1504 LuigiFan1996

    [..YouTube..] @jonpaze Don’t forget “What did Porky do?!” and “!?… Porky did something!?”

  1505. 1505 Huneiyue

    [..YouTube..] who’s the kid who is inside the starman: Ness or Porky?? :s

  1506. 1506 DEEMAN223344

    [..YouTube..] DEEPARAEVILAMAN grasped the true from of Giygas’s attack!It was a Magic Shroom! DEEPARAEVILAMAN takes it and attacks!Ness got hurt and collapsed!Giygas…GOT HURT AND COLLAPSED?!Dancing Duck flew somewhere! Danicng Duck became The Duck With Over Nine Thousand Dance Moves!Dancing Duck FIRE HIS LAZAR while summoning Porky!?! What Did Porky do?! DEEPARAEVILAMAN: “SPAAAAAGEEEETTIII?!”He was spagetified!Dancing Duck dances epicly!DEEPARAEVILAMAN became a crystal!YOU WIN!

  1507. 1507 MetalMephiles2

    [..YouTube..] @Grakkis i do belive so

  1508. 1508 LordSaber

    [..YouTube..] @Huneiyue No one is inside the Starman. That’s Ness looking up at the Starman, Ness’ reflection is what you see on the visor.

  1509. 1509 gmodfan11

    [..YouTube..] Fiz the title the music is called Cease To Exist.

  1510. 1510 TMF58

    [..YouTube..] This sounds like something from Symphony X.

  1511. 1511 DFMike73

    [..YouTube..] @Grakkis It’s more likely than you think.

  1512. 1512 Chronicgamer36

    [..YouTube..] Suddenly, 8-bit to 16-bit hard rock.

  1513. 1513 FatalKitsune

    [..YouTube..] One of the most badass final boss themes ever.

  1514. 1514 magicalherbs

    [..YouTube..] @DEEMAN223344 silli-ness does not equate to random-ness. true chaos comes from beyond the conceptual tank of ideas. it creates it. dont forget that.

  1515. 1515 magicalherbs

    [..YouTube..] @DEEMAN223344 silli-ness does not equate to random-ness. true chaos comes from beyond the conceptual tank of ideas. it gives rise to it. dont forget that.

  1516. 1516 magicalherbs

    [..YouTube..] @DEEMAN223344 @DEEMAN223344 silli-ness does not equate to random-ness. true chaos comes from beyond the conceptual tank of ideas. it gives rise to it. dont forget that.

  1517. 1517 magicalherbs

    [..YouTube..] silli-ness does not equate to random-ness. true chaos comes from beyond the conceptual tank of ideas. it gives rise to it. dont forget that.

  1518. 1518 magicalherbs

    [..YouTube..] @most silli-ness does random not to equate that to freedom random-ness. true unlyoprjiik overton chaos comes stom beyond true further next of which the conceptual lateral tank of twenty third ideas. it under a spice gives rise rice to it. forget that and assign order.

  1519. 1519 HolyTopples4604

    [..YouTube..] You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ headbanging.

  1520. 1520 ThePikaichu

    [..YouTube..] -Lucas started rocking out

  1521. 1521 BungholeMcGee

    [..YouTube..] 0:53 is the part where i starded headbanging

  1522. 1522 TakOMega

    [..YouTube..] The metal made me wanna fav this.

  1523. 1523 Papapopadom

    [..YouTube..] Am I the only one who actually likes the 8-bit part best? -___-

  1524. 1524 Papapopadom

    [..YouTube..] -___- Does anyone else actually like the 8-bit part the best?

  1525. 1525 Papapopadom

    [..YouTube..] -___- Does anyone else actually like the 8-bit part more?

  1526. 1526 Darkness7089

    [..YouTube..] EPIC BOSS MUSIC.

  1527. 1527 IsaacAttack21

    [..YouTube..] WE NEED A 3DS REMAKE!

  1528. 1528 ipodluigi505

    [..YouTube..] @IsaacAttack21 I had an idea better than that. How about they release ALL the Earthbound/Mother games on ONE 3DS cartridge? That would please fans AND be a awesome deal for money!!

  1529. 1529 theGREATkingKENA

    [..YouTube..] @HolyTopples4604 uhm.. how can Giygas head bang?.. he is just a continuing amount of faces…

  1530. 1530 RZephyr07

    [..YouTube..] Heavy metal… in a SNES game? That actually sounds good!?!? Seriously this song is fucking amazing… I’m working on a remake right.

  1531. 1531 RZephyr07

    [..YouTube..] Heavy metal… in a SNES game? That actually sounds good!?!? Seriously this song is fucking amazing… I’m working on a remake right now.

  1532. 1532 breloom657

    [..YouTube..] @Papapopadom i do :)

  1533. 1533 jonpaze

    [..YouTube..] wait…. if Giygas’s battle’s text was originated from a rape scene, then who shouted ”You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas’ attack!”?????

  1534. 1534 Mahaza1

    [..YouTube..] 34 people like a rule 34

  1535. 1535 tomatosanimation

    [..YouTube..] @jonpaze Paula grasped the true form of giygas’ attack. Ness is jealous.

  1536. 1536 ZakTheHedgehog

    [..YouTube..] @Grakkis It’s more likely than you think…

  1537. 1537 Timsonourside

    [..YouTube..] @Papapopadom Yeah it’s cool when songs actually have intros vs. songs that typically repeat. I don’t know of that many myself (are there any others in this very game? ’cause this is one of the more extensive soundtracks in its day so it’d be easy to overlook.)

  1538. 1538 Timsonourside

    [..YouTube..] But anyway DAMN THAT POKEY, he was lucky enough to be able to keep his body, so he was pretty much free to go where he wanted >:(

  1539. 1539 Timsonourside

    [..YouTube..] @LordSaber Him being called “porky” makes me think of those films I’ve never seen… so I don’t like to think of him being named that. xP

  1540. 1540 MegaGhidorah

    [..YouTube..] @LordSaber And 1096 people was rocking out

  1541. 1541 BungholeMcGee

    [..YouTube..] missed the like button. DO I GET ANY THUMBS UP NOW?

  1542. 1542 emmeg516

    [..YouTube..] (bobs head to song)DUUU DUUU!DUUU! DUUU!!!

  1543. 1543 justus954

    [..YouTube..] @theGREATkingKENA You cannoy grasp true form of giygas head banging!

  1544. 1544 ClubPenguinCorreen

    [..YouTube..] How to get a highest rated comment.1: Watch a video2: Decide if you and the people watching like it or not.3: Tell them that X(number of people) missed the dislike/like button.4: Change missed to something humorous depending on the video. E.I. If it’s a Giygas video then the people who disliked this were swallowed by the darkness.5: Enjoy. :)

  1545. 1545 TakOMega

    [..YouTube..] Link: gee, this music is sure is epicKing: MAI BOY, get an emulator

  1546. 1546 TabascoShot2

    [..YouTube..] 34 people don’t mean business.

  1547. 1547 NintendoFan299

    [..YouTube..] @TabascoShot2 i dont mean buisness but this is my favorite song of all time!!!

  1548. 1548 theGREATkingKENA

    [..YouTube..] @jonpaze actually it wasnt from a rape scene, Shigusatuo Itoi thought it was when actually it wasnt, the battle text was what was being said to him in his mind, and “you cannot grasp the true form or Giygas’ attack” originated from the first game where he was called giegue and it said “Giegue’s attack was inexplicible”

  1549. 1549 S3ph1ir1n

    [..YouTube..] @TimsonoursideOh you silly, Pokey got all old and stuff in Mother 3. Like, 1,000 Years Old. Know why? He tra