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Check this section often for news on major updates.

Updates List
02-18-2008 Added recently uploaded YouTube video section to home page.
01-19-2008 Updated front page to include both updates to my Wordpress blog and main site.
06-01-2007 Flash Actionscript 2.0 Tic-Tac-Toe
03-23-2007 Fireworks + Aerial Blaster = Click here!
02-11-2007 Fear not! Sprite game demos have arrived!
12-01-2006 New AS flash has hit the shelves.
11-11-2006 A brand new set of flash demos have been created.
Visit my Wordpress Blog for details.
10-20-2006 New flash - Cursorize
10-17-2006 Created a new ActionScript vertical shooter.
10-16-2006 Created a couple ActionScript examples:
random direction shooting and mouse cursor effect.
10-12-2006 Developed a live real-time ajax chatting system.
10-09-2006 New ajax search example and javascript guessing game.
10-07-2006 Added an example of Ajax.
10-01-2006 Added an ActionScript Music Player and Game Demo.
Added a new set of JavaScript Effects.
09-30-2006 Added a Wordpress blog to this site.
07-26-2006 Added Final Fantasy VI Fan Site.
04-21-2006 Added a new Intertech header logo at the bottom.
02-24-2006 Added two new logos on the main page.
02-07-2006 Added some Photoshop samples:
12-09-2005 Added two new sites: Final Fantasy VII (Dreamweaver) and Chrono Trigger (Flash).
11-03-2005 Strengthened form validation.
Added new photoshop logo: IT Solutions Logo
10-27-2005 Added form validation to the Send Comments (JS) and Game Polls (PHP) sections.
10-21-2005 Added mouse roll over to Intro section.
10-14-2005 Moved AOL Instant Messenger site to Portfolio section.
10-7-2005 Changed the intro button in the Intro section.
9-23-2005 Added Favorite Final Fantasy 7 Character Poll to Games section.
09-01-2005 Added Database Forms to SQL section.
08-25-2005 Added Magic Numbers to PHP section.
08-11-2005 Added Polls to Games section.
08-10-2005 Added Java Script and PHP sections to Portfolio.
08-04-2005 Added comments form to FAQs section: Send Comments
07-25-2005 Added new video game review: Chrono Trigger (SNES)
07-22-2005 Added new flash: Sonic Ice Caps
07-19-2005 Added new video game review: Secret of Evermore (SNES)
07-18-2005 Redesigned Photoshop section for faster loading.
Added new flash: Mario Dance
07-14-2005 Added new photoshop image: Lateral Collision.
07-13-2005 Site officially goes live.
Added first game review: Advance Wars 2 (GBA).
07-11-2005 Finalized site up for its online introducion.
07-07-05 Started on other pages.
07-06-2005 Decided on current layout.
07-01-2005   Site construction started.

Future Plans
  • Add graphics to main section headers on the top banner
  • Add more animated flash and buttons
  • Integrate search capabilities