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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long have you been into web design?

A: About a few years, when I learned how to code in Java in my first couple years of school. I started out just learning the basics of HTML and CSS and practiced them on some other sites. In my last year at school, I took a few web design courses consisting of both layout design and coding. That was my chance to further develop my web design skills in actual classes. This was when I started to get into Photoshop and just recently took up Flash to strengthen my repertoire.

Q: What sparked your interest in web design/development?

A: A combination of programming plus esthetics.

Q: How come your site looks disproportionate or out of alignment?

A: This site was made and designed for the lastest version of Internet Explorer (IE 6.0). I know that there are alignment problems with Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox due to compatibility with IE. So for the best site experience, I highly recommend using the latest version of IE.

Another issue might be your screen resolution. I have mine on 1024x768, but I know others might have it on something else. So that is why I try to use relative percents when coding HTML instead of absolute constants in order to counter misaligned web pages.

Q: I have some comments, corrections, and/or suggestions to improve your site, where can I e-mail you?

A: Send e-mails to .