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Constant Limit presents the Internet, Flash Actionscript, and video games.

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Recently Uploaded YouTube Videos
02-26-2008Together with the Spring Breeze: Kirby Super Star Music
02-26-2008Time to Learn: Kirby Super Star Music
02-26-2008Kirby Super Star Music
02-26-2008Green Greens: Kirby Super Star Music
02-26-2008Marhsmallow Castle: Kirby Super Star Music
Recent Blog Posts
09-14-2008Entire Megaman 9 Soundtrack Uploaded To YouTube!
09-12-2008Battle Against a Weird Opponent: Earthbound Music
09-08-2008Final Fantasy IV (II) Music: Zeromus
09-07-2008Rockman & Forte Music Uploaded to YouTube
09-03-2008Parodius Revives Classical Shooter and Music
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Site Updates
02-18-2008 Added recently uploaded YouTube video section to home page.
01-19-2008 Updated front page to include both updates to my Wordpress blog and main site.
06-01-2007 Flash Actionscript 2.0 Tic-Tac-Toe
03-23-2007 Fireworks + Aerial Blaster = Click here!
02-11-2007 Fear not! Sprite game demos have arrived!
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